Play Audible on Google Home

I got a Google Home Mini last week. Everything is great except I don’t know how to play Audible on it. You may also find that playing audiobooks isn’t as easy as playing Spotify music on Google Home speakers.

As a audiobook fan, I used to play Audible before sleeping. If the Google Home speaker can play my Audible book, then I will leave the iPhone away when I go to bed, so I keep wondering whether I can play Audible or not.

Although I found Google Home can’t directly play Audible, there are 7 working ways to play Audible on Google Home, and I am about to share it all with you.

We will go through 5 ways to play Audible on Google home and 2 workarounds for those who want to play a free audiobook or Google play audiobook. Let’s go through it right now.

Method 1. How to Convert Audible Book to MP3 for Directly Playing on Google Home

Audible is not compatible with Google Home. The book bought on Audible is DRM-protected so it can’t be transferred to Google Play Books.

Nonetheless, to instantly play an Audible book on Google Home, you can also convert the Audible book to MP3 then upload it to YouTube music. Yes, it sounds a bit weird.

Leawo Prof. DRM Audible Converter will save your time with its intuitive design and simpler steps.

Step 1: Download Audible Books to Your Desktop

Open on the browser. Sign in to your amazon account, go to the Library and choose a book to download.

Step 2: Convert the Audible Books

Launch program, press Audible Converter > Add Files. Then, you will see a popping window, click the sync icon to detect the books.

When you see the books, choose those you want to convert and press the Add button. Then, click the Convert button and the conversion will begin.

Add Audible Book to Audible Converter

Step 3: Open the Output Folder

Click the Converted tab, select the book and press the folder icon, you will see the output folder in a second.

Open the Output Folder of Audible Converter

Now you have the audio files, you can play on Google Home via bluetooth or upload to YouTube Music.

How to Upload the Audio Files to YouTube Music

Open YouTube Music web player, click your profile photo. Select Upload music, then navigate the popping folder explorer to the output folder, select the audible book files and press the Open button.

Upload Music Files To Youtube Music

Then, you can ask Google Home Assistant to play those books from YouTube music right now.

Tip: How to set YouTube music as the default streaming service?

Touch Google Home app, sign in to Google account (linked to Google Home). Tap Media > Music > Check, then you can ask the Google Home Assistant to play the audible book you uploaded. (each time you link your google account to Google Home, the uploaded files will automatically sync)

If you can’t play the uploaded songs, you need to allow personal results.

Method 2. How to Play Audible Books on Google Home with Bluetooth

This method is the most universal one. Whether you’re using the Kindle Tablet, iOS device or Android Device you can use.

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth on the Smart Device

Step 2: Pair Bluetooth

To make sure the speaker is in the pairing mode, pressing the pairing button on the speaker.

Step 3: Connect the Devices to Your Google Home Speaker

Step 4: Play a Audio Books on the Smart Device

Method 3. How to Play Audible Books on Google Home with Google Home App

If you want to use this method, here are two things you need to know:

1. Your Google Home app has the access of the speaker you’re trying to use.

2. The smart devices and speaker should be under the same WiFi.

Here are the steps to play Audible on Google Home with Google Home app:

First, open the Google Home app, touch the Google home speaker (if there are more than one devices, press the one you want) > Cast my audio > Cast audio > Start now.

Second, play an audiobook in an audible app. Then, the audio book will be cast to your speaker.

Tips: The book doesn’t play on your speaker?

Swipe down the screen from top, make sure it is still casting screen and connected to the speaker you want.

Method 4. How to Play Audible Books on Google Home with Kindle Reader

First of all, check whether Audible books are compatible with your Kindle.

Unlock your Kindle, touch a book with a headphone icon on the cover, and tap the top of the screen. Next, touch the headphones icon, follow the instructions. (if it is the first time to play that Audible book you should wait for it to be downloaded at least 5%.)

Tap Connect to .. on the bottom, connect to the Google Home speaker. Then, press the playback icon on the Kindle to play the audible book.

Method 5. How to Play Audible Books on Google Home by Casting from a Desktop

Make sure the Desktop and Speaker are connecting to the same network.

Visit the on the Chrome browser, play an Audible book you love. You will see a window present, right click it and select Cast. Choose one speaker that you want to play the audible book on. Then, the speaker will play the Audible book via casting.

(if you see “no devices found”, which means there are no devices under your account, you should make sure google account has got access to the Google Home speaker.)

Workaround 1. How to Play Free Audiobooks on Librivox with Google Home

For those who love reading classical books, Librivox may become their paradise, where over 10 thousand free audiobooks are stored.

When you say “Hey, Google, talk to Book Reader” to the Google speaker, then it will assess the Librivox.

Next, you can tell which book you want to play, for example, “OK, Google, ask the Book Reader to play The Gift of the Magi”.

Then, you can vocally ask Google Home to pause, stop, play faster and play slower.

Workaround 2. How to Play Google Audiobooks with Google Home

Users can also play the audiobooks purchased from Google Play Store via voice command. If you have purchased the Google Audiobooks, say “OK, Google, read (the book’s title)”. However, if you don’t have one, just visit Google Play Store to buy one.

With the following commands, you can control the speed, the location, or volume:
“OK, Google, pause”
“OK, Google, resume”
“OK, Google, stop”
“OK, Google, play faster”
“OK, Google, play slower”
“OK, Google, next chapter”
“OK, Google, previous chapter”
“OK, Google, set volume to 50%”


With 7 methods above, playing Audible on Google Home will not be a difficult task anymore. Meanwhile, you can pick the best one that fits your situation most.

For instance, if you want to originally play the audible book, you can convert them from Audible and upload the audio files to YouTube Music.

Perhaps you prefer connecting the speaker via bluetooth, then you can use the smart devices or Kindle reader to play the Audible book.

Or casting the audio is also a good choice for those who want to play the Audible book via Google Home app/Chrome browser.

Even you can straightly play the librivox free audiobook or paid google play book on Google Home.

It will be pretty calm while listening to the Audiobook book, whether you are alone or with people around. The Google home speaker will lead you through a journey in the nice sound.