Help! My PC Freezes Randomly! How To Fix It

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Our PCs are tough and reliable, but sometimes they go through some errors. Most of us might have already experienced freezing computers. It is when you are busy finishing your work but your pc freezes randomly or stops functioning and some of your work is closed or left unsaved.

And sometimes you question yourself “why does my computer keep freezing on Windows 10?” and if there’s any way to fix it, well if you are desperate to know, don’t worry as we will help you.

In this article, we have provided the reasons why your computer freezes randomly on Windows 10 and the solutions to fix it!

Reasons Why Your Computer is Freezing Randomly

Knowing the source of the error will help us figure out the right approach to get rid of it. Now, to know why your PC freezes randomly, check out these 4 possible reasons.

  • Your PC might be overheating causing the system to malfunction and freeze.
  • Opening too many programs at a time can also be the cause of why your computer freezes randomly on Windows 10. It’s possible that your PC can’t handle or process multiple data at once.
  • Issues with your Drivers could also cause this error. Drivers won’t function well when they are out of date or damaged.
  • You might have installed new hardware that could be incompatible with your PC.

Disregarding these causes will lead to more errors and damage to your PC, dealing with them immediately is highly recommended. Below, we listed some fixes you can try to repair your computer freezing randomly.

Method 1: Check and Monitor PC Temperature to Fix PC Freezes Randomly

High temperature can affect your PC’s performance causing it to lag or freeze. To stop this error, checking and monitoring your computer’s temperature is a must. Here are two ways to do so;

A. Replace Thermal Paste

A thermal paste’s function is to ensure you can transfer heat from a high-temperature component to the surfaces designed to lessen it. But over time, the thermal paste loses its cooling effect and is required to be re-applied.

Add Thermal Paste

Now, if your PC is constantly freezing and you notice its unusually high temperature, you may need to apply thermal paste to your CPU.

B. Avoid Using Heavy Programs

Every app you open consumes a specific amount of data. Your PC might not be able to handle heavy apps causing your system to be worn out and overheat. We suggest closing the app, restarting your PC, and try using lighter apps and see if it overheats. If your PC works fine and does not freeze when using lighter apps, then the bulky app is the culprit.

Method 2: Clean your PC to Fix PC Freezes Randomly

Clutters on your computer make it bulky and slow, and the dirt on your hardware causes the same. And eventually, you will notice your computer freezing randomly. It’s important to keep your PC clean on the inside and outside, here’s how;

A. Clean PC Parts

Over time, your PC will accumulate dust and dirt. And although this is only on the exterior part, this will still affect your computer’s performance. To properly clean your computer, you have to take out its parts and use a brush or a hair dryer to remove the dirt. If you don’t know how to do it, you can take it to a professional PC cleaner.

Clean CPU

B. Remove Unnecessary Files

Try to open every file and folder on your computer and delete the ones that you don’t need. Keeping unused files will only add up to the clutter and slow down your PC causing it to randomly freeze. You may also delete unused applications.

Delete Files On PC

Method 3: Update Drivers to Fix PC Freezes Randomly

As I’ve mentioned above, outdated or damaged drivers can cause Windows 10 to freeze. So here’s how to update the drivers on your PC.

  1. Hit the Windows + X on your keyboard and choose Device Manager.
  2. From there, select a driver then right-click.
  3. Choose Update Driver and follow the following instructions.
Update PC Drivers

Method 4: Get your Computer Checked to Fix PC Freezes Randomly

If the error still occurs after trying out the solutions mentioned above, try to bring your PC to the repair shop. This issue might be something more serious, letting a professional check your PC’s hardware will lessen the risk of creating more damage.

My PC Freezes Randomly and My File is Unsaved! What to do?

Because of the “Windows 10 freezing” error, some people are unable to finish their tasks. This is because this error will freeze up your screen and will eventually close your current tab or Window leaving your work unfinished and unsaved.

We know it’s horrible and disappointing, but seeing all your efforts go to waste because of an unexpected error is aggravating. If you’re in the same situation, we will share with you a way to retrieve your unsaved file due to the “Windows 10 freezing” error. Continue reading.

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It’s best to get rid of any errors on your PC immediately. This will prevent any more damage from occurring. Remember to be cautious about what methods you use and read the instructions thoroughly.


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