Things you Need to Know about Page Number on Kindle

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Things You Need to Know about Page Number on Kindle

An eBook is easier to carry but I love holding the paper book to read. So I have both ebooks and paper books of Harry Potter. However, when I read between paper books and Kindle books, I don’t know which page I should turn to.

The numbers I saw on the bottom left of the screen are not the same as the page number on the paper book. After searching online, the default number of Kindle is a location number, the one on a paper book is a page number.

To change the location number to page number, we need to change the settings on Kindle. Read this article, you will know things about how to view page numbers on Kindle. Besides, we will show you how to enable continuous scrolling features, so you scroll the page while reading an ebook.

Part 1. How to View or Hide Page Numbers on Kindle

We had better check whether the page numbers are available, since page numbers are not available for all the kindle ebooks.

Search the book on the Amazon, go to the selling page. Scroll down to find whether there is a print length section, select it then “Contains real page numbers based on the print edition” will show.

If yes, that means page numbers are available for that Kindle book.

Find the Print Length Section on the Selling Page

The way to View/Hide Page Numbers

First: Open the ebooks, hit the top of the Kindle/Touch the centre of the Kindle app.

Second: Tap Aa > More > Reading Progress.

If you want to view page numbers, you should press Page in Book. Then, you will see the real page numbers present on the bottom left of the screen.

(Also, touch the bottom left corner of the Kindle screen, you will be able to quickly view the other page information.)

But if you want to hide the numbers, select None / Hide Reading Progress.

Part 2. How to Enable or Disable Continuous Scrolling on Kindle App

We have already been used to scrolling the screen, when we read the ebook on smart devices, we would subconsciously scroll the screen.

Thus, the Kindle app supports scrolling the ebook: just open an ebook on the Kindle app, touch Aa > Layout > Continuous Scrolling.

However, if you want to turn on the page flip later, tap Aa > Layout, press the button beside the Continuous Scrolling. Then, you can flip the page by horizontally scrolling the page.

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Follow the method above, turning on/off the page number and strolling mode is a piece of the case.

Then, you will be able to easily read between Kindle books and paper books, since the page numbers will give you a clear location to the paper book.

After finishing the dinner, put the dishes into the dishwasher. Then, you can lay on the sofa, open the paper book to continue reading.


Follow the step below.

Kindle app:

First, open the book, hit the centre of the screen, tap the menu icon on the bar.

Next, press Location, then you will see a pop-up window, enter the numbers in it and touch Go. The page you want will show immediately.


Open the book, hit the top of the screen, tap Go To > Page or Location. Enter the number in the popping window and press PAGE. You will turn to the page you want.