No idea about how to open .ARF files on your computer or mobile device is totally normal. Before getting into how to open it, we have to figure out what it is.

WebEx is the first SaaS online video conferencing tool that is still the world’s number one in the market. You only need one account, whether it is IOS or Android, whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can launch HD video conferences with WebEx. You can share presentations, applications, documents, and desktops anytime, anywhere.

The most surprising thing, however, is that you can download these video conference records to your local device for later viewing. The downloaded video conference records are stored in .ARF file format.

.ARF is the format extension name of WebEx Advanced Recording File, you will see WebEx recordings in .wrf files. ARF is not quite popular since it is specially designed for WebEx webinar recordings, so if you want to open .ARF files on your Windows, macOS, iOS device or Android device, you need the right tools. Here I will show you how to play .ARF videos on your computer.

#1 How to open .ARF file with Webex Player (Network Recording Player)

Webex Player is created by the official for people who need to watch a .ARF or .WRF Webex video recording on their computer. While, please note that WebEx player is only available on Windows and macOS. If you want to play .ARF on other devices, you’d better convert them to a video format with better compatibility among various devices.

Steps to open .ARF file with Webex Player

First, you should download the Network Recording Player for .ARF File, there are Windows version and Mac OSX version. Then, install the player on your computer.

You will find the download links on this page:

Second, import your ARF file to the program and play it.

Failed to open your ARF files:

  • You have installed a wrong version of the Webex Player, try to install another one (the one that generated the ARF file will be the best).
  • Invalid ARF file reference in the Windows registry.
  • Unexpectedly deleting the description of the ARF file in the Windows registry.
  • The installation of software applications associated with the ARF format is incomplete or incorrect.
  • Your ARF file is corrupt (there is a problem with your WebEx Advanced Record file itself).
  • The device driver for the hardware associated with your ARF file is corrupt or has expired.

Don’t want to handle these problems, convert ARF to a more wide-used video format!

#2 How to convert .ARF file to other popular formats for playing on any device

Although, you can play .ARF file with Network Recording Player on computer mentioned above, it is still not easy for you to share to others or edit the video with video editors. I will suggest you to convert .ARF file to some popular formats like MP4 or WMV. The tool that we will utilize is Leawo Video Converter which is a very powerful and yet easy-to-use video codex conversion tool (a built-in module of Leawo Prof. Media). Let’s get into the guide on how to convert your .ARF file to MP4 or any other video formats.

Step 1 Download Leawo Prof. Media as below. Install it on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2 In the main panel, choose Video Converter module or click Convert tab on the top bar. Then you will be redirected to converting workspace.

Step 3 Add your .ARF files to the program (You can add by clicking Add Video button or dragging the file into the box in the middle).

Step 4 Choose output format for your .ARF files. As we said before, you are free to choose any video formats that you need for later sharing, watching, or editing. I will say MP4 is a wise choice for you. Then choose an output location and click Convert button, you can take a rest and let the program handle the conversion for you.

After the conversion, you can transfer them to any devices like your iPhone, iPad, and Android, you can stream them to Plex and KODI, you can import them to any video editing tools.