OBS is always the optimal choice for avid gamers to record the gameplay due to its splendid recording ability and outstanding video quality. However, OBS has bugs among which is the OBS Game Capture black screen issue.

This is a very frustrating issue that once you encounter, OBS will not record anything at all but to show you a screen of complete darkness.

To fix the error and take further advantage of OBS, you may read the following content to find out the reasons and solutions for the OBS Game Capture black screen issue.

1. Modify GPU settings for OBS

When you use OBS to record gameplay, your GPU has to run the gameplay perfectly and supports the OBS recording at the same time. The combination of a game and an OBS recording is a huge burden to your GPU.

If your GPU is not strong enough to handle both processes, it will only focus on displaying your gameplay and will not handle the OBS recording properly.

GPU OBS Game Capture

In this case, your OBS Game Capture will show you a black screen since it’s not supported by a strong graphics card.

All you have to do is to upgrade your graphics card, in other words, buy a high-end graphics card to fix the black screen issue.


You may say that your computer is installed with 2 graphics cards and one of which is super powerful. Then, the one that supports OBS recording is the inferior one on your computer.

You can change the graphics card for OBS recording to make your OBS record the game.


Right-click on your desktop, choose Display Settings from the list.

Open Display Settings

On the Display Settings window, scroll down and locate Graphics settings.

Open Graphics Settings

On the Graphics settings window, add OBS to the list and change the graphics processor with which it runs OBS.

  • Click Browse to search for OBS, go to This PC > C: > Program Files > obs-studio > bin > 64bit, and choose obs64 on the bin folder. Click Add to proceed.

OBS Modify Graphics Settings

  • Next, you will see the OBS icon on Graphics settings, click Options, and check High Performance on a pop-out. Click Save to apply to this change.

Set OBS Graphics Settings High Performance

After this, your OBS will adapt to the superior graphics processor and it will not show you a black screen anymore.

2. Turn your gameplay to windowed mode

OBS cannot capture an application with full-screen optimization which is to say when you use Game Capture to record full-screen gameplay, likely, OBS will not record the game and show you a black screen.

So, if you really set your game window as full-screen, your priority is to set it as a windowed mode.

Destiny 2 Window Mode

Then, you just need to open OBS and try to run a game recording to see if the problem is solved.

3. Shut Down the Game Bar recording

There’s a built-in recording tool called Game Bar on Windows 10 computer.

It’s not a desktop app, so you may never see or hear of it. But it always remains active in the background and takes up the game recording layout of your computer. As a result, your OBS is unable to use the game recording layout to record your gameplay successfully.

To fix the OBS Game Capture not recording issue, you need to shut down the Game Bar gameplay recording feature to stop its occupation of the layout.


On your desktop, click Start > Settings and choose Gaming from the Settings window.

Open Windows 10 Settings

Next, locate the option of Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar, turn it off.

Turn Off Game Bar Recording

Now, you can right-click on your OBS and choose to run as administrator, it should record your gameplay and create a nice video.

4. Re-install OBS

If the previous methods are incapable of solving the black screen issue and your OBS is still not recording a video, very possibly, an undefined bug occurs on your OBS.

In this case, a re-installation and removal of all cache from your computer driver will be the most proper way to get rid of the annoying bug.


First, you need to uninstall OBS.

On your computer, click Start and choose Settings. Then, on the Settings window, choose Apps.

Next, on the Apps window, locate OBS and click Uninstall to delete it.

Uninstall OBS

When the uninstallation is complete, open This PC and open the C:// folder to delete all the remaining cache of OBS files.

Type in OBS on the search bar and you can see all the detected OBS files. Right-click on each and delete all.

Search Delete All OBS Cache

When you delete all the OBS files, visit OBS’s official site and install the latest version on your computer.

5. Switch to an OBS alternative

There are countless screen recording apps you can find on the Internet to replace OBS. Here, you may use the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record your gameplay.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is an excellent video recording program just like OBS. It can help you record all your on-screen activities without complex preset and operation.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Let’s take a look at its considerate features:

  • Multi-sources recording;
  • Adjustable configurations;
  • Hardware acceleration;
  • Lossless video quality;
  • In-app editing/clipping feature;
  • Extreme lightweightness (no-lag recording);
  • Keyboard shortcuts;
  • Etc.

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