The OBS is the most-downloaded screen recorder in the world by a large margin, and accordingly, as more people get to use the program, more errors start to show up and affect the normal recording process.

One of which is the OBS Display Capture Black Screen issue – when using the OBS Display Capture to record the desktop, it won’t work properly and only produce a black screen on the interface instead.  For avid OBS users who yearn for a perfect video, this hellish OBS malfeasance makes you unable to record anything. In order to create a video, fixing the issue has become the priority.

In the following content, you will be seeing 3 methods as well as the sources to fix the annoying OBS Display Capture not working issue.

Fix OBS Display Capture Not Working:

Try this if the black-screen problem remains after you try all the previous tricks.

1. Check your Graphics cards

Every PC has a Graphics card, some may have 2 or more. No matter how many graphics cards are installed on your PC, if the default one is so inferior that it does not support the OBS recording, your OBS is less likely to record properly.

To find out if your default display card is adequate for OBS recording, you need to open Device Manager and check your display card there.

On your desktop, click on the searching icon and type in Device Manager, open the panel.

Open Device Manager

Next, on the panel, locate Display adapters from which you can see the Graphics card installed on your PC.

When your computer is installed with a single Graphics card:

If the Graphics card is something earlier than the NVIDIA GeForce GT 700 series, the card is too low-end that OBS cannot work properly with it. You need to switch to a high-end one.

Given that most video games now are adapting to DirectX 12 – the latest graphics technique of Windows, you’d better purchase and install one that is newer than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900. One that is lower than that supports desktop recording but lacks the ability for gameplay recording.

Windows Display Adaptor

When your computer is inserted with 2 or more display cards:

When there are Graphics cards on your computer, your GPU system will apply to one default card which happens to be a low-end one, relatively, OBS Display Capture is not working correctly under this default ineligible Graphics card.

To gain the capacity of OBS recording, you can configure the high-end display card as default for OBS manually.

Here’s how:

  • Close OBS Studio first.
  • Right-click on your desktop, select Display Settings. Then, scroll down on the Display Settings tab and find the Graphics setting, click it.

Open Graphics Settings

  • The Graphics setting page will appear, here, you need to set your preferences on a high-end graphics card for OBS.

Click Browse, your system will prompt you to select an app. You need to go to This Computer > C:// > Program Files > obs studio > bin > 64bit, and select obs64 on the 64bit folder, this is the actual location of OBS application.

Click Add to confirm.

Graphics Settings Browse OBS

  • Now, back to the Graphics setting page, you will see OBS is displayed, click it and select Options. Choose High performance, click Save to apply.

Graphics Settings OBS High Performance
In this way, your OBS will no longer be restricted from the low-end display card and you can use it to begin Display Capture successfully.

2. Update your GPU driver

If you’re saying that OBS Display Capture shows a black screen, albeit, with an exclusive graphics card, that’s probably because your GPU driver is outdated.

That is to say, your CPU driver is incapable of connecting your Graphics hardware and your OBS well. What we need to do is to upgrade your driver. Follow these steps.

  • On your desktop, click on the searching icon and type in Device Manager, open the panel.

Open Device Manager

  • Locate Display adapters, right-click the Graphics card you set preference for OBS, choose Update Driver.

Update GPU Driver

  • The next thing you need to do is to finish the update.

Once updated, the OBS Display Capture not working issue is resolved. You can initiate a display capture with OBS then.

3. Update or re-install your OBS

Your OBS Studio is having some vague errors that we can hardly figure out and fix. So, you can just update your OBS or re-install it rather than fixing the undefined bugs that will be an ultra-long battle.

Update OBS:

To update your OBS, you need to launch the application and select Help from the toolbar. Select Check For Updates, OBS will search for the existing latest version and begin the process automatically.

OBS Check for Update

When the upgrade is complete, you can use the Display Capture feature to record.

If your OBS is already the newest, try re-installing it.

  • First, remove it from your PC. open This Computer, and go to C: > Program Files > obs studio, double-click uninstall to proceed.

Uninstall OBS

OBS alternative: Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

When the previous methods fail to solve what you google for, you can apply to another screen capturing tool to record your desktop. Personally speaking, I take Aiseesoft Screen Recorder as my optimal choice.

Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, similar to OBS, is a versatile utility for screen capture and audio recording. This hefty screen recorder is such a good solution to the display capture problem, with its lossless recording feature as well as multiple adjustable configurations, to those in need of high-quality and flexible recording.

Let’s take a peek at the key component features of the app.

  • Up-to-losses recording;
  • Multi-audio support;
  • Low CPU usage;
  • Low-spec requirement;
  • On-board editing tools;
  • Shortcuts to start;
  • Easy-to-navigate interface;
  • Etc.

Interested in it? Click the buttons above to download the program and start recording your display for free.


Answers about the “OBS Display Capture is not recording properly” are all clear now. Hopefully, my suggestions are helpful and you can have your OBS working successfully. Also, keep in thing in mind: switch to an alternative screen recorder like the recommended Aiseesoft Screen Recorder when the OBS Display Capture Black Screen issue remains.