If you are a music lover or an anime addict, you are likely to watch the latest music video or anime in NicoNico, a popular Japanese video-sharing platform, which contains various channels of Anime, Music, Game, Entertainment, etc. However, when you are attracted by the background music of Nico Video, it is troublesome for you to enjoy it by playing the video over and over again. So, how to save high-quality audio from Nico Video? This article will provide you four methods as follow:

nico video to mp3 bannerThe below step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to save the BGM of Nico Video. At the same time, I hope it will be helpful for you to choose the best solution in different situations.

Method 1. Download NicoNico Video to Mp3 with NicoNico Downloader

To save audio from NicoNico without losing quality, a converter like NicoNico Video Downloader is a good choice. It is an all-in-one video converter with powerful functions including saving audio from more than ten thousand websites, and NicoNico is one of them. With 30X faster speed, it is able to download and convert Nico videos to MP3 with one click. Other formats such as WAV and AAC also are available, and it’s just based on the supported formats of your device.

Step 1: Open the web page of Nico Video and find the video you want to download, and then copy the URL.

Step 2: Launch NicoNico Video Downloader and click the Downloading tab on the main interface and then hit the Paste URL button.itubego-download-nicovideo-to-mp3

Step 3: Click on the “Download the Convert to” section and select your ideal audio quality (MP3, 320/256/128kbps) and click on the Download button to proceed.

Step 4: After the process finished, you can find the location of the audio file under the Downloaded tab.

Method 2. Get Anime Songs from NicoVideo with Audio Recorder

In most cases, NicoNico Video Downloader has already solved the saving problem except one situation. That is, what you desire to save is audio from Niconico live. When you can’t watch the live broadcast on time and be not willing to waste time searching its rebroadcast, then using a high-quality screen recorder is the most appropriate method for you. In this way, Aiseesoft Audio Recorder is absolutely an excellent tool for you to save audio. It’s the recording and editing software which is easy to use. Considering the long-time Niconico live program, you can record the entire live stream and edit your ideal clips quickly with a bunch of professional tools.

Step 1: Open the target webpage in Niconico as well as Aiseesoft Audio Recorder, then click Quick Capture for using the preset, or select Get started to set your recording parameters.


Step 2: Click Start recording or press Ctrl+Alt+S on your keyboard to start recording and press Ctrl+Alt+S again when you want to stop it. (Press Ctrl+Alt+R for pausing or resuming your recording, and you can drag the slider to adjust the volume.)


Step 3: After recording, you can trim or edit your recorded audio file. Then export your audio file and save it on your computer.


Method 3. Download NicoVideo as Mp3 with Online Converter

If you do not like to download and install any software, an online converter, such as https://audio.online-convert.com also can satisfy your needs. However, conversion efficiency is to a great extent affected by network speed. Meanwhile, you might take risks on phishing sites when you view these web pages filled with useless ads and sometimes errors of web pages also are inevitable.

Step 1: Enter the website (https://audio.online-convert.com.) on your computer browser.

Step 2: Find the Nico video URL and copy it in the bar which under the Enter file URL, then click Add URL to download the desired video.

Step 3: The video will be listed under the bar, then click Start conversion to convert the Nico video to MP3 automatically, and then click Download before waiting till it finished.

Method 4. Save Audio from NicoNico with a Chrome Extension

Despite the three solutions above, the Google Chrome extension like NicoNico Audio Extractor is a simple option for you to achieve the goal. However, the quality of audio files can’t be guaranteed and is usually lower than you listen to online.

Step 1: Install NicoNico Audio Extractor on the computer browser.

Step 2: Open the webpage of Nico video, click the icon next to the address bar, and select Download Audio.

Step 3: Select M4A as output format after showing “Complete!” and save it.


All these four methods are workable and you can choose the one you prefer. From my own experience, I recommend using Filmora Scrn when you want to enjoy the music from NicoNico live and use iTubego Video Downloader when you want to save the music from Nico video. Download them and start your musical trip right now!