Netflix is no doubt the most popular streaming media platforms around the world which is famous for its fabulous and abundant TV shows and Movies, such as “The Tinder Swindler”, “The Adam Project”, “Stranger Things” and so on. With a paid subscription, you can enjoy watching Netflix videos anytime and anywhere. Even without internet connection, you can download those TV shows and Movies in advance within their offcial applications, so that you can watch them offline, although there are some limits.

  • Some Movies are not downloadable due to your trial account.
  • There is a expiry time for your download, which means you have to watch them before the deadline.
  • You can not watch those download Netflix videos with other applications.
  • You can not share them to use or import them to some video editors.
  • You can not keep them forever.

Apparently, you want to know if you can download Netflix videos to MP4 freely without any limits.

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Limits of Downloading Videos with Netflix Official Application

Netflix does allow users to download TV shows and movies to watch offline by using its app. But all files downloaded offline are saved as .nfv and named with figures. So you can neither play them with other players other than the Netflix app nor can you identify which is which movie you just downloaded.

netflix download folder

Can I find out the largest file and rename it from the “downloads” folder, so that I can play it on some nfv player?

No. The largest file needs to work with the smaller files, which might act as a directory file containing specific metadata, to make the video playing happen. And any modification on the “downloads” folder will cause recognition problems to the Netflix app.

Can I convert the nfv file to mp4?

Practically. It is possible, but due to the encryption, you may need to test a lot of nfv converters online, which is pretty time-consuming. So here is a workaround for you.

Tips: Learn how to download TV shows and movies to watch offline

There are many more limitations to download TV shows and movies with the Netflix app:

  • You can only use the Netflix app to download titles on iOS 9.0, Android4.4.2, Windows10 Version 1607, or later updates.
  • You can only download 100 titles on each device.
  • You can only watch the movie or series on the downloaded device.
  • You can only download selected titles.
  • Downloaded titles will be expired after a period of time. Some of them will expire 48 hours after you started to play.

For one reason or another, we may find those limitations really annoying. So, what are the best ways to download Netflix movies to MP4 so we could watch as many movies and series as we want, whenever we want and wherever we want?

There are two main ways to convert Netflix movies to MP4 on your PC:

How to Download Netflix Movies or TV Show to MP4 without Limit

There is a very easy and straightforward way to download Netflix movies. You may find different software to help you do that, but here I will recommend CleverGet Netflix Downloader, which is powerful and easy to use.

To download Netflix movies to MP4 with Cleverget, you shall download and install the program  as below first.

Step 1: Copy the URL link of the Netflix movie and open it within the program

After you have copied the URL link, move to SteamFab and click on the Downloading tab from the left. Then choose Paste URL and download. You can also download a pack of episodes at the same time. Just paste the URL link of each episode on a different line, you will be able to download them all together with one click.

iTubeGo Browser

Tips: Choose the video quality and format

Before start downloading Netflix movies, you can choose to download them in which resolution and format. All you need to do is click on the setting icon from the upper right corner and the “Download then Convert to” Section.iTubeGo Audio Output Settings

Higher the resolution, better the video quality, but also larger the file size. But don’t worry, CleverGet will also show the estimated file size so you can choose the one best fits your needs.  If you are not sure which format to choose, CleverGet will also prompt you to choose the right format according to which device you are using.

Step 2: Save the movie to your PC TV shows and movies

After the movie has been downloaded, you can find it in the “Downloaded” tab. Then you can click on the file button to find out where the movie is saved and move the downloaded movie to any other files as you like.

Method 2: Convert Netflix to MP4 by Screen Recording

Besides downloading the movie, you can also choose to convert the downloaded Netflix videos by recording them while playing. This method is especially useful when you wish to watch live streaming but not able to at the moment. By recording it, you can watch any Live program whenever you are free. To do that, I will recommend Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, which you can convert the Netflix lives or movies to Mp4 just by going through 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose record area and frame rate

After you have downloaded Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, there are two setups you need to do before starting the recording: choose the recording area: a full screen; a selected area; or a specific window, and which frame rate should the recording be.

Step 2: Choose the resolution and start to record

You can also choose the resolution of your recording during this step. As mentioned before, the higher the resolution, the better the quality and the larger the video size. After that, click on the start button to start recording and click on the same button to finish recording.

Step 3: Save the recording

After you finished recording, you will be directed back to Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. You can use the basic edit tool to cut off the unwanted part of the video on Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. After that, click on “File” and save the recorded Netflix movie to your PC.