Nero Burning ROM Review, Tutorial, & 2 Alternatives

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Speaking of disc burning, Nero Burning ROM is always on the list. It has been a top seller for 20 years. But lately, Nero users have found issues. The Nero burner doesn’t actually update its features for burning. Instead, it keeps putting on unnecessary features, making it bulky. In addition, the cost is scary.

But some users and professionals have had one solid view: Nero Burning ROM is the best without a doubt.

This may puzzle those who want to download the Nero Burning ROM on their computer. If you have no idea if you should use the Nero burner, don’t worry. Read on, you will find a complete review of the program. Also, we will teach you how to burn with Nero Burning ROM if you like it.

Nero Burning ROM Review

Review: Is Nero Burning ROM Good

The Nero burning software is a decent disc-burning program. It lets you add video, audio, and data files of multiple formats to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

Nero DVD Burner Main Interface

For the past few weeks, we’ve tested this program, clicked every button, and seen every screen of the program. Finally, we’ve come up with the review below:

Review Summary of Nero Burning ROM:


  • Erase, Rip, Burn, Copy, and Protect CD, DVD, and Blu-ray
  • Makes Audio CDs, Video DVDs, Movie BDs,
  • Supports making UDF, ISO, Video, Audio, AVCHD, Secure Disc
  • Live Guide & Quick-response customer support
  • Simplified version: Nero Express
  • Built-in editing tool for audio, videos, and subtitles
  • 7-Day free trial


  • Suite: Bulky and Second-time download
  • Complex interface & terms
  • Free trial with conditions
  • High expense
  • No Mac version

Nero Burning ROM Is A Decent Burning Software

Once you start using it, you will soon know why it becomes the “king”.

Shining Point #1 of Nero Burning ROM: Nero Express

Even with Live Guide, the complex interface and the terms of buttons will still stop new users from burning a disc. To help them, the company made the simplified Nero Express. It provides all the features of Nero Burning ROM with an easy UI.

Shining Point #2 of Nero Burning ROM: Built-in Editing Tools

During burning, you will find a wide range of audio and video editing features. You won’t apply a third-party file editor program.

Shining Point #3 of Nero Burning ROM: Various Disc Output

It supports all kinds of CD, DVD, and BD formats: ROM (Read-only-memory), R(Recordable), and RW (Rewritable).

You will find a decryption method (AES 256 encryption: Used by the White House too). To protect your privacy, set a lock and only you or anyone with the key can view the burned content.

AVCHD (Digital Recording), ISO (Disc Image), Folder (BDMV, Video_TS), Boot Disc, and UDF (Upgrade version of ISO) are all available

Nero Burning ROM Is Not Perfect

The complaints we read online are real. Nero Burning ROM has many things that make users unhappy.

The Bulky Suite Software

To begin with, we can’t download and install the burner software separately. Nero provides only the bulk software: Nero Platinum Suite. You need to download the Suite and then install the Nero burner within the Suite.

The Steep Learning Curve

Even the Nero official knows that the Nero burner is hard to use. That’s why they’ve developed a simplified version: Nero Express.

Still, this doesn’t mean anyone can start burning with Nero’s burner right away. There are still some difficult names on the Express version. You will need some research and practice.

Annoying Install & Free Trial

When I installed the program, the wizard ticked “Always open multimedia Files with Nero programs”. You’d better turn that off unless you want Nero to mess up the launch methods on your computer.

Then, you need to subscribe to the newsletter of Nero to get the qualification for a free trial.

High expense

$55.95 is the price to get the license, nearly twice the cost of other DVD-burning software. The only good news is that the license is forever.

No Mac Version

The latest version works only on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 8. No Mac availability.

Is Nero Burning ROM Worthy?

To be straight, if you have the budget and are willing to spend time practicing, the Nero burner is perfect.

Instead, buy another burning program to have a quick and efficient burning.

Tutorial: How to Burn CD, DVD, or Blu-ray with Nero Burning ROM

You may use the free trial to burn a disc and see the result. Only experiment helps you make the call.

Step 1:

Download and install Nero Burning ROM for free.

Loading the Suite, find Nero Burning ROM (or Express), and install the program.

Step 2:

Start the burner program.

Now, insert a writable disc into the ROM drive. Here, I will burn a movie DVD.

On the program, select DVD and choose DVD-Video. Hit New and select the files from the computer.

Step 3:

Then, drag all the source files into the Video TS folder on the left panel.

Click the Edit button to do some editing on the clips first. (Optional)

Click Burn to proceed.

Step 4:

Lastly, on a session window:

  • Decide the Write speed (keep it default or set faster based on the capacity of the inserted DVD).
  • You may verify the burned data as well.
  • This will take a while. Go to Label to add labels and cover to the disc.

Hit Burn and Nero will start writing the files into the disc.

Alternatives: Top 2 Nero Alternative Burning Software

Nero is too expensive, complex, or unfriendly? Try another DVD burner. Here are three alternatives to Nero Burning ROM that have easier interfaces, lower costs, and similar functionalities. And they work for both Windows and Mac.

A Personalized DVD Burner: echoshare DVD Creator

echoshare DVD Creator is a free tool that helps you make and burn high-quality DVD videos at home. All echoshare’s reliable features will surely help you create your signature DVD.

DVD Creator Burner

echoshare DVD Creator

Creator Homemade DVDs with Video and Audio Files

  • Burn MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more to DVD
  • Manage Chapters and Titles of DVD Movie
  • Customize Disc Menu with songs, films, photos

*Supports DVD-5&9, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM

Supports a Wide Selection of Media Formats

If you like a simple but powerful DVD creator, then echoshare DVD Creator is the perfect partner for you. echoshare converts and burns popular video and audio formats such as MP4, AVI, VOB, MKV, and more. This program can convert files into an ISO file, helping you organize your computer and reduce clutter.

Enhance Video Performance

In addition, echoshare DVD Creator is more than just a DVD creator program. This program helps you make and customize DVDs using its handy video editing tools. Enhancing your videos is now easier with the help of echoshare.

Create Your Own Disc Menu

Should you desire a more personalized DVD, echoshare can certainly assist you with that. You can add your background image and music and select from a variety of in-app menu templates. Amaze your family and friends by creating a commercial-like DVD by adding an opening film to your DVDs.

Burn your videos with no quality loss guaranteed at high speed. With its amazing and helpful features, echoshare DVD Creator is surely one heck of a program.

What we like:

  • Burn and create DVDs and Blu-rays without quality loss
  • Compatible with most audio and video formats
  • Create/convert ISO files and DVD folder
  • Wide variety of menu templates
  • Nifty video editing features
  • Flexible menu creation including adding opening film, background images, and photos.
  • User-friendly interface

What it can improve:

  • Only lets you burn up to 1080p

A Professional DVD and Blu-ray Manager: Leawo Prof Media

Leawo Prof Media will help you with all of your disc-related tasks for DVD and Blu-ray. Like Nero, Leawo has a lot of features like ripping, burning, copying, and converting DVDs and Blu-rays.

Leawo Prof. Media

Leawo Prof. Media

Multimedia Converter for Blu-rays, DVDs, and Digital Files

  • One-click Rip Blu-ray & DVD to Media File
  • Decrypt Blu-ray & DVD DRM: BD+, AACS, Cinavia
  • Burn 500+ Files to Blu-ray Discs & DVDs
  • 1:1 Copy BD & DVD Movies and Music

*Supports more than 500+ digital formats, Blu-rays & DVDs

Reliable DVD Burner

Keep your precious videos on a DVD, and cherish them with family and friends. This amazing program assures you to help you create a commercial quality DVD with superb resolution.

Media Toolbox

This flexible program helps:

  • Copy, burn, and create DVDs and Blu-rays;
  • Convert files to ISO, AVCHD, BDMV or Video_TS;

Leawo supports a variety of audio and video formats, never worry if you have multiple files with different formats.

Also, when you want to copy music or movies from an encrypted commercial disc, Leawo helps. It will remove protections like Cinavia, BD+, or AACS and duplicate the disc movie/music. And finally, write to another disc in original quality.

Photo Slideshow Creation

One of Leawo’s unique features is photo slideshow creation. Users can compile their photos with these formats JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF. You can create your own photo album and add the amazing effects that Leawo provides.

Nifty Video Editing Features

Leawo provides a theatre-like experience to its users with 4K compatibility and 3D enhancement. Users may also upgrade their videos with in-app editing features to crop, add filters, change ratio, and more.

Customized Menu

Leawo provides a bunch of stylish menu templates in different themes. You may choose one and create a themed album for all your memorable videos.

What we like:

  • Supports over 180 media formats
  • Converts videos to SD/HD/4K and more
  • Provides 6 different 3D effects for all DVD/BD features
  • Burn video to Blu-ray
  • Creates photo slideshows

What it can improve:

  • Complicated interface


In order to extract music on your disc, you will need a powerful DVD ripper program that can rip/extract your favorite songs from a DVD and turn them into a digital format. Read How to extract music from DVD to learn more.

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