Convert MXF to MP4 Video at a Super Fast Speed (No Quality Loss)

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How to convert MXF to MP4, when you receive videos in MXF format? Yes, you may say, why bother? Just open it! Unfortunately, there are no preset software in Windows and Mac OS PC. Even if you download some kind of software that can playback MXF videos on PC, troubles are going to come when you want to share them with your friends or upload them on YouTube. The reason is simple that MXF is not a commonly used format. Normally, MXF is widely used in the production, edition, publication, and storage in the professional film industry. Therefore, converting MXF to MP4 is a good choice.

Here, two ways to convert MXF to MP4 are provided. You can choose the online MXF to MP4 converter and software that can convert MXF to MP4.mxf to mp4 banner

Part 1: Convert Small MXF to MP4 with Online Converter

If you have an urgent need to convert MXF to MP4 and the video is in small size, then Bingo, the online MXF to MP4 Converter is your best choice. I’m sure you can find lots of online MXF to MP4 converters after googling, but here I recommend an online MXF to MP4 converter—Online Uniconverter

Online Uniconverter

Online Uniconverter is a convenient and powerful online MXF to MP4 converter. It supports format conversion between most of the video formats. And it has no restriction on OS. Both Windows and Mac OS support it. You just need to enter the website address in your browser and then you can start your MXF to MP4 video conversion. The user-friendly interface is simple and clean.

There are some tips for you before you start.

  • First, it only supports 2 files at one time.
  • Second, the maximum of data is 100 MB which should be split into two different files.
  • Third, after the conversion, you have to download the file from the website.

Here is the Online Uniconverter website link:

After coming into this interface, click the purple “plus” and choose the MXF video that you want to convert to MP4. Once the conversion is finished, download the file from the website.

Online MXF to MP4 video converter is a good choice for small size MXF video. And the speed of the conversion largely depends on your internet speed. So when you have several big-size MXF videos to be converted, an online MXF to MP4 video converter can’t meet your needs. At this time, software MXF to MP4 video converter is your best choice.

Part 2: Convert MXF to MP4 Using Professional Video Converter with No Quality Loss

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

MXF to MP4 video converter is another way for you to convert MXF to MP4. It is suitable for large-size files and can deal with multiple files at one time. Besides, there’s no restriction on the number of files converted in 24 hours. I’m sure you can find several kinds of software that can convert MXF to MP4 after searching on the internet, but here I recommend the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.

This converter supports Windows and Mac OS and the most important thing is the super fast speed. Don’t worry about quality loss. You can choose the resolution of the output video and there’s no quality loss during the conversion. Simple video editing is also available in Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Another issue that you may be concerned about is the size of the output MP4 video. It depends on the resolution you choose and the edition that you do to the video. Moreover, the operation interface is simple and clean and you can be a good user after some instruction.

Click the button below and get a free copy of the program.

Step 1: Add Video Files to the MXF to MP4 Converter

Find the “Add Files” on the top left corner and click the pull-down mark beside. Now you can choose where to add your MXF files. Or you can simply drag the to be converted MXF files to the operation interface.aiseesoft-video-converter

Step 2: Set the MP4 as Target Format

After successfully adding your MXF files to this MXF to MP4 converter, now are you ready to set the output format? Find the “Convert all files to:” section on the top-right place ( here you can refer to the picture in Step 1) and click the pull-down mark and then you will get the interface like below. Click “Video” and choose the MP4 format. There are different resolutions for you to select. You can choose according to your needs. If you have no specific needs or requests, I suggest you choose the resolution from the preset ones.Convert Videos to MP4 Via Video Converter Ultimate

Step 3: Set the Customized Settings

After choosing the output format, you can do simple editing to your MXF to MP4 video. There are three small marks under the video that you add to the converter. You can trim, crop, and add effect to the video as you like.

Step 4: Start the Conversion

After your edition to the MXF video, you can start your conversion. Now find the purple button “Convert All” on the bottom right corner of the interface and click it. Wait for the conversion.

In a Nutshell

Two ways of converting MXF to MP4 video are provided above. Online MXF to MP4 video converter is a good choice for small size MXF video. If the MXF video is a big-sized one, the software MXF to MP4 is your best choice. After all, the MXF video is normally in big size. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful converter that can convert the MXF video to MP4 at super-fast speed with no quality loss and without an internet connection.


Finding a player to open an MXF file on your computer is not that easy. A more feasible way to play MXF files on pc is to convert MXF files to a playable file format, such as MP4 or MOV.

MXF, the abbreviation of “Material eXchange Format”, is an “actual video tape” file but in digital format.