Top 6 Music Download Services For Downloading Songs Offline

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Music streaming has drastically evolved throughout the years. From vinyl disks to MP3 players, iPods, and now music is widely available thanks to the music streaming sites on the web.

If you love listening to music, you are probably planning to store songs on your device. Well, in order to do that you will need the help of music download services. And as I’ve said above, different genres of music from different artists can now be easily accessed and downloaded.

If you are looking for the best music streaming and downloader sites, you are in the right place. Below, we listed the top 6 sites where you can music stream and download. And for your convenience, we categorized the sites into two parts. Check them out!

Top Paid Music Streaming and Downloader Sites

In order to music stream and download without limitations, sites offer paid subscriptions and membership to their users. Now, even if you don’t avail of these subscriptions, you can still listen to songs, but a ton of ads may interrupt your experience. And streaming music offline will not be an option.

Still these sites offer great service and have a large music library. So if you happen to have extra cash, paying for a good music streaming site won’t hurt. Below, we listed the top paid music streaming and downloader sites.

1. iTunes

Considered one of the most popular music streaming and downloader site/app, Apple’s iTunes has continued to wow its users with its top-notch service.

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This offers a wide collection of songs from different artists and genres. And you can listen and have access to all these offline by purchasing a song or availing the membership subscription for only $9.99 a month.

However, you can listen to a few free songs thanks to the newly added “Free on iTunes” feature. You can check out this tab and see what you can get for free.

2. Spotify

When we talk about music streams and downloads, one name that everybody knows is Spotify. Unlike iTunes, you can listen to all the songs on Spotify for free, but you also have to listen to the numerous ads that will pop out in between songs.

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In order to skip those annoying ads and download your favorite songs offline, you can avail the premium subscription that starts at $9.99 a month. Another helpful feature of Spotify is that it lets you share a playlist you created with other users. Fun right?

3. Amazon Music

Amazon’s music streaming site is considered one of the largest digital stores for music. And when I say Amazon Music is large, I mean it. With over 30 million tracks, you can listen to and download songs from famous names and bands to rookie and independent artists. How cool is that?

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From a subscription fee of $8.99 to $9.99 per month, users can enjoy undisturbed music streaming and unlimited downloads. And speaking of downloads, all downloaded tracks from Amazon will be in the MP3 format, which is compatible with most devices and can easily be shared.

Top Free Music Streaming and Downloader Sites

Music doesn’t need to be expensive, and there are actually sites on the web where you can enjoy free music without spending a dime. Yes! Below, we listed the top 3 free music stream and download sites. Check them out!

1. SoundClick

If you are into Indie music, you might want to try SoundClick. This site holds millions of songs from independent artists that you can freely listen to. One fun feature of SoundClick is that you can also upload your own songs. This site is good for starting artists that are trying to get their music discovered.

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Listening to songs on SoundClick is free and it has no ads. Pretty great right? You can also download selected songs offline for free.

2. DatPiff

DatPiff is a site with a ton of Mixtape collections from known and independent artists. It allows artists to share and let their fans listen to their new Mixtapes, it’s also a way to get their name known in public.

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Now, if you like listening to Mixtape from rising artists, DatPiff is a pretty good option. What’s more amazing is that you listen to all these songs and download selected Mixtapes (which are the majority of the tracks) free of charge!

3. Musify

Now I will guarantee that this last one will absolutely blow your mind. Musify is one heck of a music streaming and downloader tool. Yes! It lets you access all the sites mentioned above and more, and listen to tracks for free. And when it comes to music download services, Musify can help you download all your favorite songs from different sites for free!

You read that right! Musify is not an ordinary tool, it is a music stream and download program that makes streaming music offline possible by downloading them without paying any membership subscription.

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And just like the sites mentioned above, rest assured that you can still enjoy the same high audio quality but without ads and limitations. It also supports multiple audio formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, and more. With Musify you can easily stream and download songs with ease with the help of its user-friendly interface.

Now you can enjoy songs offline without having to bust your pockets and deal with annoying ads. Get Musify now!

Author’s Note

Music is a universal language and it unites people and nobility can put a price on that. Now, there’s no issue with whichever site or tool you use to listen to the songs you like. We all have our own taste in music, and it’s our choice on how and where we want to get it.


MP3 and .MP4 are the recommended formats to use on websites. This is because all browsers support these formats.

A lossless audio file format is recommended if you want to listen to audio tracks with good quality. Formats like OGG, FLAC, WAV, or AIFF have lossless compressions.

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