Which Minecraft video recorder is the best to capture moments you found most interesting and fun? No matter whether you are an experienced gamer who wants to share your expertise or a novice player, you may have searched for a screen recorder for Minecraft that is not chopping or a Minecraft video recorder that can generate smaller output files which you can easily upload to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter? However, finding a Minecraft recorder that satisfies your needs is no easy task!

I have used several screen recorders for Minecraft in the past. In this article, I will share my experience using one Minecraft video recorder I personally rank the top. The program runs smoothly, does not lag game experience, and produces high-quality images that go beyond my expectation.

best screen recorder for minecraft

Amazing Versatile Professional Recorder Chosen by Youtbers – Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for Minecraft

One lightweight Minecraft video recorder I enjoy using most is Aiseesoft. Compared to Bandicam that only works on Windows operating system, Aiseesoft screen recorder for Minecraft offers a range of easy-to-use functions that work on both Windows and Mac. More importantly, with high aesthetics in design, the Minecraft video recorder never crashes. I can smoothly run the software with other applications open on the computer.

Aiseesoft Minecraft screen recorder is one of the most easy-to-learn (only take less than 10 minutes) and easy-to-use with superb quality in the screen recorder lineup out there. Aiseesoft screen recorder for Minecraft serves as the best to record streaming screen activities with sounds. The Minecraft recorder also offers various advanced settings for high-quality video and audio recordings.

Here are Main Features of the Free Minecraft Recording Software

Capture your Moment! — Recoding Features with Ample Flexibility and Customization

  • Simultaneously accomplish the following while your game is in progress:
    • Recode Minecraft videos with audios.
    • Annotate your live Minecraft game activities (e.g., adding text, highlight images, airbrush).
    • Take a snapshot of your screen anytime during your Minecraft gaming.
  • Remove the running applications you do not want from a recording.
  • Capture videos and images without watermarks.
  • Output smaller recorded file sizes than other software like Fraps.
  • Offer a wide selection of output formats with high resolution of your choice, including but not limited to, MP4, AVI, WMV, and AAC.
  • Freely select hotkeys and the recording area (e.g., a full screen or a fixed region with varying size) with mouse recording permitted.
  • Record Minecraft screen activities with sounds from system audio (recommended) or external sources.
  • “Task Schedule” feature allows for automatic start and end of the Minecraft recording video at a set date and time.


Tell your Story! — Editing Features that Maximize your Creativity Potential

  • Free easy-to-use video editor linked to the Aiseesoft Minecraft screen recorder allows you to improve your Minecraft videos as you like.
  • Add a watermark where you want to identify your videos and claim your copyright.
  • Integrate the videos with audios via the “Video/Audio Joiner” feature to enrich the quality of Minecraft game activities.
  • Extra effects on audios and videos (e.g., brightness, saturation, and 3D) to maximize the quality of your creative work.
  • Rotate, crop, and clip your Minecraft screen videos to best present your skills and ideas to the audience.


Reach out and Connect! –  Sharing your Work with the Broader Minecraft Community

  • Just one click to share your videos on your social media.
  • Besides sharing on social media, you can also transfer your Minecraft videos to iOS devices.
  • Or, if you would like to own a hardcopy of your recordings, Aiseesoft screen recorder for Minecraft connects with other Aiseesoft products to burn your game activity sharing into DVDs or Blue-ray.
  • Make slideshows for multiple recordings to tell your unique story. Aiseesoft Minecraft recorder is more than a recorder. Instead, it provides a gateway for a suite of powerful free and paid tools you can access at your fingertips.


How to Record Minecraft GamePlay with Minecraft Recorder Without Lag

Step 1. Get ready with the best Minecraft recorder.

Download and install the Minecraft recorder here.

Run the program, then click the Video Recorder module from the interface.Screen Recorder

Step 2. Record Minecraft GamePlay with/without internal audio, microphone voiceover, and webcam. 

Open Minecraft. If you want a better capture, you can maximize the window. Then switch back to the Aiseesoft Minecraft Recorder and click the “REC” button. OR, you can press “Ctrl+Alt+S” to start recording.

A 3 seconds countdown will begin and then you can start recording your gameplay. When you are done playing, just press “Ctrl+Alt+S” again to stop.

Note: If the hotkeys don’t work,  that means the hotkeys are occupied by other programs.  You can change the hotkeys by going to Setting > Preferences > Hotkeys, then press the key combination that you prefer.

By the way, before recording, you can decide whether to recode the System Sound, Microphone, or webcam from the program interface. For those gamers who are recording themself and the screen at the same time, they can also mute the mic, turn off the webcam, capture screen, or add the annotation to the recording anytime during the Minecraft gameplay recording.

record minecraft

Step 3. Trim and Save your Minecraft video.

Your Minecraft recording will render to a pop-up window automatically, from which you can cut the beginning or the ending of the video that you don’t want. Then you can click the Save button and set the path to save your recording file.


Q: How to only record the Minecraft window?

A: If you do not maximize the window and want the recorder to record the specific window of Minecraft gameplay, you can run the Aiseesoft Minecraft Recorder.

Then select Video Recorder, click the Advanced Recorder button, and select Lock and Record window.Customize Advanced Recorder

Exclude Window and Record

From the pop-up window, click the dropdown menu from the bottom to select window to lock and click Record.

Q: How to schedule a Minecraft gameplay recording?

A: If you want to record in a fixed time, you can click the Task Schedule button from the Video Recorder interface.

Click the giant plus icon, name the task, and input the detail of the schedule. You can set the start time, record length, stop time, etc from that window.Set Up Task Schedule Recording Live TV


Q: Where to find the Minecraft gameplay recording?

A: By default, you can go to C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Aiseesoft Studio. You can also change the saving path from Preference >Ouput > Location of output files.

Q: Is Aiseesoft Minecraft Screen Recorder Free?

A: Aiseesoft Minecraft screen recorder offers a free trial, it provides one of the best Minecraft recorder experiences for its users. With affordable pricing, you can also upgrade to premium and get a licensed copy to unlock more advanced features.

Q: Is Aiseesoft Minecraft Screen Recorder Safe?

A: Aiseesoft Screen Recorder itself is safe and not malicious. However, to avoid being bundled with other malware, you should download the program in the right place.


Bottom Line

A powerful and efficient game recorder is a must for optimizing the Minecraft gaming experience. Recording with less lag, diversified output formats, and flexible editing tools are some of the key considerations for players. Aiseesof screen recorder can easily accommodate all your needs.