How to Make Ringtone from Apple Music, Spotify or Other Music Service

“I love One More Time by Daft Punk very much, I think it is the best ringtone song ever. How can I set my favorite song as a ringtone on my iPhone?” – normal comment on a forum.

A ringtone aiming to get your attention so that you can answer the phone call or reply message in time. But most users don’t change their default ringtone, which will absolutely confuse us from time to time “Does the sound come from my phone?”.

Definitely, it will decrease productivity when you’re studying/working, since we have to stop to check our phones, and it takes time and energy to switch between different tasks. Besides, the same ringtone won’t be able to show our personality, which is quite boring.

How about creating a special ringtone for yourself? Setting your favourite song from streaming platforms (such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc) as your ringtone, then you will be able to recognize it immediately, and show your taste at the same time.

Generally speaking, you can’t directly set a song from a streaming service as your ringtone since the streaming companies don’t offer this feature. So, you need to download songs and make them into playable ringtones, then transfer them to your smartphone and change the device’s settings.

Part 1. How to Download Ringtone Songs from Apple Music, Spotify, and More

To download ringtone songs from streaming platforms, you need to select a corresponding downloader, since different downloader usually fits for different platform:

Let’s get into the detailed steps of downloading music from streaming platforms, we assume that your favorite ringtone song is on Spotify.

How to Download Music File from Spotify

You can not only download songs from various platforms, but also convert online videos on YouTube (or other popular websites) to music files. As a result, if your favorite songs greyed out on Spotify, download them from another platform.

Furthermore, the downloading steps of Musify Music Downloader are pretty friendly.

Step 1: Download and Install the Musify Music Downloader

Step 2: Copy the Share Link from Spotify Song

Open Spotify, right-click the song/playlist/album, you will see a menu pops up. Select Share > Copy Song Link.

Get a Share Link from Spotify Platform by Right Click the Song

Step 3: Download the song and Find the Music Files

Launch Musify, click the Paste URL button, the downloading process will begin (if it is the link includes more than one song, and a list will pop to require your confirmation, click the Download button)

Pasting by Pressing Paste Url to Downloader Song with Musify

After the Spotify music files have been downloaded, press the Downloaded tab. You can see those files, select the folder button on the right of the song. And you will open the folder that contains downloaded Spotify songs.

Click the Icon to Open the Musify Out-put Folder

Part 2. How to Create and Transfer a Ringtone

If you have got the music files from Spotify/Apple Music, let’s create your ringtone and copy it to your phone now.

There are many ways to transfer audio files to your smartphone, however, using Dr.Fone Phone manager is the most time-saving method. Because you can use it to cut out the clip of a song you want and transfer the clip to your devices after a click.

The making procedure is the same between Android phone or iPhone.

Step 1: Connect Your Device to Computer

Launch Dr.Fone, click Phone Manager, then use a USB cable to connect your device and computer.

When your phone asks for your permission to connect to the computer, click OK /Trust. Then, you will see your phone showing on the interface once it is connected.

Step 2: Make the Spotify Ringtone File and Transfer It to Your Smartphone

First: Go to the Music tab, click a bell icon on the sidebar, the ringtone maker will show. When you see it, press the Local music button. Then, select a Spotify song we have downloaded.

Second: Set the start time and finish time by clicking the Set to start and Set to finish button. Keeping the ringtone’s length in 30s will be best since the ringtone usually plays the first min on Android phones and iPhone only allow ringtone length in 30s.

Third: Next, press the Save to Device button, then the ringtone will be stored in your phone.

Ringtone Maker of Phone Manager

It is not done yet, you have successfully made the Spotify ringtone, and you should change the phone’s settings to set it as a new ringtone.

Part 3. How to Set Downloaded Ringtone Song as Ringtone on your iPhone

Now, the Spotify ringtone song has been transferred to your phone, you can make it to be your ringtone by changing the smartphone’s settings.

For Android users:

Unlock your Android phone, open Settings app, tap Sound & Notifications > Phone Ringtone. Then, choose the ringtone we made. Click Save to settle the change.

Change Ringtone on Android Device

For iOS users:

Open your iPhone, touch Settings > Sounds & Haptics Ringtone > Ringtone, hit the ringtone we import. And you will hear the Spotify song playing, which means you have successfully changed the ringtone.

Change Ringtone on Your iPhone


A similar ringtone playing will absolutely disturb us, since we need to check whether it comes from our phone, which will be quite annoying especially while we’re working.

However, this incident can be avoided by making a Spotify ringtone, in 3 procedure and you will get a Spotify ringtone:

First, download songs from Apple Music/Spotify with a music downloader.

Second, make a ringtone in the ringtone maker and send the Spotify ringtone to your phone.

Third, set the Spotify ringtone in the settings app on your phone.

After setting your personal ringtone, your Spotify ringtone will ring to remind you to pick up the phone call, and you will get rid of the confusion and become more productive.