What You Need to Know about Whispersync for Kindle

Reading with my Kindle before going to sleep is my daily routine. While I am reading, I will be able to escape from real life. Which is quite releasable, even though just for 15 minutes.

Nothing can stop this routine, even if the battery runs out, since I can continue reading in the Kindle app on my iPhone. At the same time, the reading progress, the notes and highlights will sync and show on the Kindle app.

Thanks to Whispersyc for Kindle, a feature makes users smoothly read Kindle books across different devices. And you may like to know some details about this feature. For example, how to turn it on or how to fix it when it doesn’t work.

Part 1. How to Turn on/off Whispersync for Kindle

Actually, you don’t have to turn it on if you haven’t turned it off before, since the default setting of Whispersync is on. However, maybe some users would want to know how to check if it is on or how to turn it off.

1. Turn on/off Whispersync for All Device

On Amazon:

Go to the Content and Devices and sign in to your account. Click Preferences > Device Synchronization. And select Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings) and you can turn on/off the Whispersync for Kindle by pressing the ON/OFF button.

Change the Status of Whispersync for Kindle

2. Turn on/off Whispersync for a Single Device

If you only want to change the status of Whispersync for a device, then you can find the precise step for your device.

On Kindle:

Open Kindle, on the menu bar, click Settings > Device Options > Advanced Options > Whispersync for Books > Enable / Disable.

On Kindle app for iOS:

Unlock your iPhone, tap Kindle app, go to Settings > Whispersync for Books.

Turn on Whispersync for Books

On Kindle app for Android / Fire tablet:

Open the device, hit Kindle app, touch Settings > Whispersync for Books.

Now, you have settled the change of the Whispersync, and you can enjoy your reading right now.

Part 2. How to Fix if Whispersync for Kindle Doesn’t Work

Is your content not syncing? Go through these tips, you will be able to fix this issue.

1. Turn on Whispersync

Make sure Whispersync has been turned on, the specific steps are here.

2. Check the Network Connection of Your Device

On Kindle:

  • Open Kindle Store, if you can search the ebooks in it, then the network is still working.
  • Check if you have opened the airplane mode. You will see an airplane icon next to the battery on the top of the screen if the airplane mode is on.

You can turn off this mode by: Open your Kindle, click the Settings on the panel and select the Airplane Mode.

Turn off Airplane Mode

On Mobile Devices (included Kindle Fire):

Visit any website to test whether the network is alright. If not, change to another Wi-Fi or turn on the mobile data.

When all the devices (even the PC) are disconnected from the Internet, the network may be down, just call the Internet provider’s service for professional help.

3. Sync Your Kindle Manually

Open your Kindle, click Settings > Sync Your Kindle. Then, the Kindle will start syncing.

4. Reset Kindle Devices

Some issues would be eliminated after resetting the Kindle. Long-press the power button for at least 40s to reset the Kindle. When you see a window shows, click RESTART.

Reset the Kindle

5. Re-sign in to your Amazon’s account

There is also a common way to troubleshoot problems on Kindle — logging out and re-signing in to your Amazon account. Because when you log out, Kindle will delete all the information with your account, and it will redownload it when you sign in to your account.

6. Reinstall the Kindle Application

Also, you can reinstall the Kindle application on your mobile devices and desktop.

On iOS Device:

Press and hold the Kindle icon on the screen, after a few seconds, you will find a floating menu. Tap Remove App. Then, open the App Store to install the Kindle app.

On Android Device:

Keep touching the Kindle icon on your screen until you find the App info shows with the menu, hit App info > Uninstall. And you can go to the Google Store, to install it back.

On Windows:

Open the search box by selecting the magnifier icon on the bar, type “kindle”, and click Uninstall Kindle. And you can download the software again from Amazon.

On Mac:

Depending where you download the Kindle app, the uninstall method will be different.

App Store: Click the spaceship icon to open the launchpad, find the Kindle app. Long-click it until the app shakes.

And the delete icon will show on the top right of the Kindle app. Choose it and press the Delete button.

Amazon website: Open the Finder, go to the Applications folder. Find the Kindle app, drag it to the Trash. If you find a pop-up window asking administrator account’s name and password, enter it.

After that, you can install the Kindle app from the App Store or Amazon.com.

If all those tips don’t fix your issue, then you should contact Amazon as soon as possible. You can choose the service via chatting or phone calls.

Part 3. Reading eBooks across Devices by Transferring

Are you finding other ways to read ebooks across devices except the Kindle app?

Don’t directly copy the ebooks files to your smartphone/PC. The ebook application won’t show you the Kindle ebooks, since Amazon limits their users to open ebooks on unauthorized applications or devices.

While every problem has a solution, eBooks Converter will help you get rid of the liminitation. The converter supports converting purchased Kindle ebooks to EPUB files, then you are able to copy the converted files to the device, and read the ebook in Apple Book or Google Play Books.

Moreover, the whole process is easy to operate. For instance, it will automatically find the eBook files. Press the sync icon and you will be able to view all the local Kindle eBooks. Of course, you can convert all of them with one-click.

The Interface of eBook Converter

Mac Download
Mac Download


As we mentioned, Whispersync for Kindle helps you synchronously read Kindle ebooks across each device. Wherever you have been, you can continue to read the last page and make notes on the ebooks.

And you already know how to turn on this feature. Following the tips above, troubleshooting and fixing the not syncing issues is a piece of case.

What is more, converting Kindle files is an alternative solution to read ebooks across your smart devices without Kindle app.

Now, it is time to enjoy reading!