DVD is a very convenient way for movie and music lovers to enjoy visual and auditory feasts. However, DVDs and the DVD player is not always there with you, which means when you’re away from home, it’s so hard to watch DVD movies or listen to virtual disc music with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

It kills your data plan when watching the movie or listening to music on some streaming apps. Pre-download the item? Very limited choices though.

To enjoy the DVD content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, try importing the DVD to your iTunes Library so that you can sync an iOS device to iTunes to access the movie or music for mobile appreciation.

Download Put Import Transfer DVD to iTunes

iTunes in Windows and Mac computers

iTunes is the iOS manager app for users to manage the data as well as music, movies, podcast, and audiobooks on their iOS devices.

For Windows computers, every time you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to the machine with a USB accessory, iTunes will automatically launch and sync to the inserted iDevice. Then, you’re available to back up, restore, and manage the above categories of items on the device.

Use iTunes Watch DVD on iPhone

But on macOS Catalina and Big Sur, the iTunes app has been replaced with Apple TV(Videos), Music, and Podcasts. For Macbook and iMac users, after connecting your mobile iDevice to the machine, you need to manually locate a certain tool to manage the data on the iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Transfer DVD to iTunes 3 Apps

For instance:

  • Locate Music when you want to purchase, download, delete, add music, and audiobooks on the device.
  • Launch Apple TV(Videos) to manage the videos, TV shows, and movies on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Use Podcasts to add and remove radio programs on the inserted device.

About importing DVD to iTunes

iTunes can store movies and music on its Library and once you sync a mobile device to iTunes, you’re available to upload the pre-added movies or music to the device.

In this way, you can watch the DVD on your iPhone/iPad by importing the DVD to iTunes. However, it’s not an easy task.

DVD publishers will apply some copy protection methods to the commercial DVDs to stem piracy. As a result, you’re unavailable to copy or transfer the DVD to your iTunes with normal methods.

You will need a professional DVD converter program to bypass the copy protection on the disk first. Then, you’re available to transform the DVD to digital files for later import.

How to rip DVD to iTunes Library

Now, let’s see how to convert the DVD to an iTunes-compatible digital file for later import.

Step 1 Download and launch the DVD converter program on your computer.

Step 2 Pop in the DVD to your computer disk drive.

Note: If you’re using a Mac computer without the external SuperDrive of Apple, read the following post to find yourself the perfect disk drive.

  • Read: 

Step 3 Hit the Load DVD button to import the DVD to the converter first. Then, a few seconds later, the program will finish analyzing the disk content and display the main title on the interface.

Step 4 Now, you should decide the profile parameters of the output. Take a film DVD as an example:

Convert DVD to iTunes Decide Parameters

Step 5 After you finish the preset, hit Rip All to initiate the DVD-to-iTunes conversion. When the process is complete, click the Open Output Folder to preview the movies.

Now, if the output pleases you, we can move to the next step to import the DVD to iTunes.

How to put DVD onto iTunes

Depending on the operating system your computer is running on, there are different steps to import the DVD to your iTunes Library.

1. Importing DVD to iTunes on Windows 7/8/10

First thing first, launch iTunes on your Windows machine. Then, hit File and choose Add File to Library. You’re available to browse and select the converted DVD content, click Open to confirm.

Importing DVD to iTunes

Next, set the Media Kind as Music or Movies depending on the content you added.

Transferring DVD to iTunes Movie Library

2. How to transfer DVD to iTunes on macOS Catalina/Big Sur

As mentioned, on this new Mac operation system, the iTunes is gone. So, depending on the DVD content you have just converted, locate Music or Apple TV(Videos).

And pleasingly, both the apps will automatically upload all the videos and audios on your computer to their libraries. Once you open the target app, you will see the DVD content lying still on the list.

3. Transferring DVD to iTunes on macOS Mojave, High Sierra, or earlier

Anything earlier than the Catalina still has an iTunes app installed. Launch it and go to the Media Kind that you prefer, Movies or Music.

You will find the DVD content in the Library due to the auto-backup.

After the successful import, you may sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to iTunes and transfer the DVD movie/music to the mobile device. Later, enjoy the DVD on your device.

To warp up:

It’s never a tough one to rip DVD to iTunes library as long as you follow the steps above. And don’t forget that new latest macOS doesn’t have an iTunes installed but its successors.

Also, here are some very useful tips for iTunes tutorials, you may check out more to manage your iTunes.