How To Import Spotify Playlist To Amazon Music

What about the Spotify playlists after you decided to cancel Spotify Premium and begin to use Amazon Music? What will you do to share your Spotify playlist with a friend who is using Amazon Music? We’d like to bring up a solution for you to import Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music.

Part 1. How to Transfer Your Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music with Third-party Service

Since there is not an official service to help user transfer their playlist cross-platform, provided we want to import Spotify playlist to Amazon music, the soft option is to operate a third-party web tool.

As a matter of fact, Tune My Music is an efficient web tool that enables users to transfer their playlist from Spotify to Amazon. Also, it is available to sync the playlist automatically. Besides, you are able to create a share link of the playlist, with which your friend can copy your playlist to another streaming platform that they are using.

But there is a thing you should know: the web tool will ask you to sign in to your Spotify account and Amazon account before the transferring process. If you are no longer use it, you can go to these two websites (Spotify, Amazon Music) to manage the access. Suppose you are still worried about privacy concerns, maybe you should try it another way — locally listening to Spotify music on your devices.

These are transferring steps:

Step 1: Open Tune My Music and Choose a Source

Open Tune My Music on a browser, and click the Let’s Start button. You will be directed to the Select the source page, press Spotify to set a source. A pop-up window will require you to sign in to Spotify.

Choose A Import Source Spotify Tune My Music

Step 2: Select Moving Playlist

Press the Load from your Spotify account button, choose the converting playlists, then tap the Next: Select Destination button.

Select Playlist To Move Tune My Music

Step 3: Set Destination Platform and Start Moving the Playlist

Then you will see a page that asks you to set the destination. Click the Amazon Music icon to settle the destination, it will request you to sign in to Amazon Music if you haven’t done it before. After that, you will see a page that requires confirmation, tap the Start Moving My Music button to start moving. When the transferring process ends, you will see a page telling you “TRANSFER COMPLETE”. Now, you can go to Amazon Music and enjoy the song.

The Transferring Finished Page Of Tune My Music

Part 2. Keep Spotify Music locally and Listen to Them on Your Devices

If you don’t want to sign in to Spotify account on a third-party service but desire to keep those playlists on Spotify, you should use a music downloader to save them by downloading music from Spotify.

Musify Music Downloader is the best one that has a killer feature. It allows downloading music only with a share link, so you don’t have to launch the Spotify program during the downloading process. And users have the ability to download greyed out songs on Spotify due to Musify is also compatible with Soundcloud, YouTube Music, etc. Additionally, it supports converting online (YouTube, Facebook or other popular sites) video to a music file. So, when you are really into an online video, it is capable to save it with Musify.


Suppose you have decided to move Spotify playlist to Amazon Music, we have introduced a way to do it — transferring them through a third-party web tool. It will help a lot for the users who want an easier solution. However, for the users who reject to sign in to their account on a third-party web tool, downloading the tracks on the Spotify playlist would be a wise choice. Anyway, have fun with your music.