Best Two Methods about How to Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify

Last week, I turned to Spotify from iTunes music, then I tried to import my whole iTunes playlists to Spotify.

The bad news is that directly importing the iTunes playlist on Spotify is not available anymore. You can imagine how exhausting it can be to re-create all playlists once again one by one.

Then I kept wondering whether there is still any simple way that can transfer the playlist from iTunes to Spotify? To find the effective solution, I have tried many methods. Eventually, I have found the best 2 of them. Now, let’s start.

1. How to Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify through Adding Music Files from iTunes

As we mentioned, Spotify canceled the import playlist feature. Then, adding music files to Spoify will be the only method if you want to do it on the Spotify application.

Here is the procedure:

Step 1: Add Song to Spotify

Launch Spotify on your desktop, click the three-dot button on the top left of the interface.

And choose Edit > Preference > Local Files, turn on Show Local Files.

Then, there will be present Show songs from, select iTunes, you can also press the Add A SOURCE button to add another folder.

After that, the local files on iTunes can be played on the Spotify library.

Add iTunes Song to Spotify

Click Your Library on the left sidebar, and select Local Files on the right of the interface.

(Suppose you only see the words “Create your first playlist” that means there isn’t a playlist in the library, click the CREATE PLAYLIST button on the centre. Then click Your Library, you will see the Local Files.)

Local Music Files on Spotify

Tips: Why do some songs not show in Spotify?

Spotify only supports 3 formats: MP3, M4P, MP4.(It doesn’t support M4A). To make sure all the songs are playable, you had better convert those songs into .mp3 with Leawo Prof.DRM in advance.

With which, the whole conversion’s process is user-friendly. For example, you don’t have to import the playlist in the converter, it will automatically detect all your music files on iTunes. Also, it supports converting many songs at a time.

Besides, Prof.DRM also can help you remove the restrictions of Apple Music songs, then you can freely play the converted Apple Music songs on Spotify.

iTunes Music Converter of Leawo Prof.DRM

Step 2: Create a New Playlist on Spotify

After adding the resource, click Your Library on the left of the interface. Select Local Files on the Playlist tab, you can see all the music from iTunes.

Select those songs you want. Then, right-click them and choose Add to playlist > New playlist, and select it on the list of playlist.

Click the New Playlist on the page, you can edit the playlist’s details.

Create a New Playlist on Spotify

Suppose you have successfully imported the playlist on your desktop, you can enjoy songs right now, but if you want to listen to these songs on your mobile devices there are few steps you need to accomplish.

How to Play iTunes Playlist on Mobile Devices

And, if you want to play the local files on mobile devices, (for Premium users) it is possible to sync the songs to your devices from the Spotify software on the desktop.

Before talking the steps, there are 3 things need to ensure:

1. The devices have to connect to the same WiFi.

2. App and device have been updated to the latest version.

3. The account of the Spotify app on the devices and Spotify platform on the desktop is the same.

How to Play iTunes Playlist on iOS Devices

First: Open Spotify app, touch the settings icon on the top right of the interface, then tap Local Files and turn on Local audio files.

Turn on the Local Audio Files Access of Spotify

Second: There will be a prompt asking you to allow Spotify to find other devices (your desktop) on the same WiFi, click Allow.

Third: Then, find the playlist that includes local music files, download it. The songs will show in the playlist if they have already been downloaded.

How to Play iTunes playlist on Android Devices

Open the Spotify app, download the playlist that contains the local songs. After a while, you will see the songs on the playlist.

2. How to Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify with an Online Tool

If you don’t want to lose the iTunes playlist, utilizing a tool which helps you transfer iTunes playlist is necessary. (Because Spotify does not support importing iTunes playlist anymore)

I suggest Soundiiz because it is a powerful tool I have ever used, which is compatible with many platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Tidal, etc.

These tools will ask you to connect your Spotify account before transferring, if you are unwilling to do it, just try another method.

Step 1: Connect the Spotify Account to Soundiiz

Open Soundiiz on a browser. Sign up an account of soundiiz . Then, select the Spotify icon on the left sidebar.

Connect Spotify Account to Soundiiz

Then, sign in to your Spotify account in the pop-up window. (If you finished transferring, you can click the icon again to disconnect your Spotify account.)

Step 2: Copy the Link of Playlist from iTunes

Launch iTunes on your PC, right-click a playlist. Then move the mouse on Share Playlist on the drop-down list, click Copy Link on the submenu.

Copy Link of Playlist from iTunes

Step 3: Start to Import Playlist

Switch to Soundiiz, scroll down and find iTunes on the left sidebar. Click Export my playlists, and paste the link in the address bar on the window that pops up. Then, go through the whole process with the guidelines. You will find the playlist already shown on Spotify.

Start the Importing Process (Soundiiz)


As a user who has built many playlists on iTunes, when I begin to use Spotify, transferring iTunes playlist to Spotify is an essential action. What a pity Spotify does not provide importing playlist from iTunes anymore.

Fortunately, there are some methods that still work such as adding local files to Spotify and transferring playlist via a web tool.

Try out the methods mentioned above then you can import iTunes playlist to Spotify quickly and efficiently.