How to Unlock iPhone with a Broken/Unresponsive Screen

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While we are tapping and scrolling on the iPhone, a broken screen is the thing that can get us out of the joy and happiness of using the iPhone.

When the iPhone accidentally clatters to the ground, drops in water, or a bug strikes, the screen may be unresponsive. No matter how hard you tap, there’s no response at all.

In this case, you may be wondering if it’s possible to unlock this iPhone so that you can extract some data that are badly needed now. Also, you may want to back up your iPhone data before sending it to the repair center.

Read on and I will tell you everything you need to know when you have an iPhone with an unresponsive screen.

How to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen

Method: Unlock An iPhone with A Broken or Unresponsive Screen via OGT Adapter

The iPhone screen is the only access to control this device. When a broken screen disables this only access, we need to find a way to add another access like plugging a mouse or keyboard to the iPhone.

However, the plug of almost every mouse and keyboard in the market is incompatible with the cord of an Apple device.

Use Mouse on iPhone

Here, to connect the USB device to your iPhone with a broken screen, we need help from an OGT adapter. It can be the perfect bridge to your iPhone-USB connection.

This is how it works:

First of all, connect a mouse or keyboard to the USB cord of the adapter. Then, connect the USB lightning plug to the iPhone.

OTG for iPhone

Your iPhone will process this connection and then you can use the mouse or keyboard to control your iPhone screen. Enter the passcode and unlock your iPhone even if the screen is broken and unresponsive.

More info about An OTG Adapter:

If there’re some files in this iPhone that are very important or in urgent need, you may purchase an OTG adapter with multiple cords. Then, connect a mouse and a USB flash drive together. Transfer the data from your iPhone to this USB drive via the adapter.

This is, I’m afraid, the only helpful method that can really unlock your iPhone without tapping a thing on the screen.

iOS Data Recovery

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FYI: Can I Unlock An iPhone with iTunes/iCloud When Screen Is Broken

There’re some online tutorials teaching iPhone owners to unlock their iPhones using iTunes or iCloud (Find My iPhone) when their iPhone screen is broken. This is actually wrong.

iTunes and iCloud will never unlock your iPhone but restore the device back to factory settings. The lock screen security feature is disabled. Of course, you can surely get into the iPhone without the passcode anymore.

Restore iPad iPhone with iTunes

However, all the previous traces of you using this iPhone including data and settings will be gone in the wind as well. To get them back, the iCloud and iTunes backup will be your only choices.

So, unless there’s no other way out or the data inside is just a waste to you, a factory reset implemented by iTunes or iCloud is surely one handy method to “unlock” your iPhone.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

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Tip: Factory Reset Your iPhone Before Sending It to Repair

When the OTG has done helping you unlock the iPhone with a broken screen and extract the needed data, it’s time to consider resetting this iPhone.

Why do we need to reset your iPhone with a broken screen?

The answer is easy, to protect your privacy. When you send this iPhone to a repair center, you’re going to leave your iPhone there for a couple of hours or even days. Well, you hand a gadget that keeps everything of yours to someone you never know.

You have no idea if the staff of the center will scan your data and peak on your privacy or not. To avoid this embarrassment, a factory reset that wipes out everything is a good option.

iTunes and iCloud can help. However,

  • iTunes needs you to turn off Find My iPhone first.
  • iCloud needs you to complete the verification with a code that you can only get after the iPhone screen is unlocked.

iTunes Cannot Restore iPhone

A broken screen kills both solutions. In this case, a tool that can unlock your iPhone without touching the broken screen helps.

4uKey, a third-party iPhone unlocker app will help you remove everything on the iPhone as well. From the lock screen to the personal data, 4uKey will erase them all and give you an iPhone that’s ready to be sent to repair.

4uKey never asks you to tap anything on the broken iPhone screen. You just need to click some buttons on the program interface to complete the unlock. Now, download it on your computer, let’s start to get your broken iPhone unlocked.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

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  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
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*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Step 1:

After loading this unlocker program on your computer, launch it and hit Start on the initial screen.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Interface

Step 2:

Next, 4uKey will list some notes for this unlocking process. You may take a look and hit Next to proceed.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Connect Device

Step 3:

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable now. 4uKey will start to detect your iPhone and sync to it.

However, if the detection takes too long and the program says “No Device Detected“, don’t worry. Simply follow the on-screen instruction to enable the connection.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Prompt DFU Mode

Step 4:

The connection will be done in seconds. After that, click the Download button on the program interface to get the suitable firmware on this computer.

4uKey iOS Unlocker start to Download

Step 5:

4uKey will start to download the firmware that will be used to factory reset your iPhone. In just a few minutes, the process will be done and you can hit Start Remove right away.

4uKey will unlock your iPhone and erase everything from it.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Remove Successfully


On a locked iPhone, you can enter the wrong passcodes 10 times. You will see a sign “iPhone is disabled Try Again 1 hour”. Then, any more wrong passcode entries will disable this iPhone completely.

Need to know that all the passcodes you enter need to be different. So, your iPhone will be disabled for 60 minutes once 10 wrong combinations are typed in. You enter 1 wrong passcode on this iPhone for 100 times, it won’t get your device disabled.

Once this happens, only a factory reset can bring this iPhone back to normal.


There’s no such default passcode for iPhone. Every iPhone is shipped out without a screen lock.

When you buy an iPhone and start to activate it, it will prompt you to add a screen lock and create a screen passcode. And you can choose not to add any.

Yes, we can bypass the iPhone passcode with Siri in some early models running iOS 8.1 to iOS 10.1. For some new iPhones like iPhone 13, 14, and any newer, Siri cannot help bypass the passcode.

When you forget the passcode on an iPhone 14, the only way to get into it is through a factory reset and this is inevitable.

It depends on which kind of factory reset you’re talking about. A complete and thorough reset is surely enough to wipe an iPhone or iPad for sale. On the contrary, if an incomplete reset is done, this device is not suitable to give away.

  • Complete Factory Reset: Enter the iCloud password on the Settings app to turn off Apple ID and Find My first;
  • Incomplete Factory Reset: Boot iPhone to Recovery mode and reset it via iTunes or any third-party app.

When an iPhone is reset while the Find My iPhone is not signed off, an Activation lock will appear and block any access. Only the correct Apple ID and password can disable this restriction. So, if you know the password of the associated iCloud account, a factory reset is surely enough to prepare your iPhone for sale.

To soft reset an iPhone/iPad when you encounter bugs like a frozen screen or boot loop, try this:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Side buttons at the same time. Don’t release them till you see the White Apple screen.

Yes, you can boot your iPhone or iPad to Recovery mode and connect the Apple device to iTunes. Then, you can factory reset the iPhone/iPad via iTunes.

To enter Recovery mode, you need to power off your device first. Then,

  • for iPhone: press and release Volume Up, press and release Volume Down, long press the Side button;
  • for iPad: long press the Side button.

Release the button when the Recovery mode screen appears. Connect it to iTunes now.

Then, you can hit the Restore button on iTunes to factory reset your iPhone without touching the screen.

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