How to Unlock Android Phone in 5 Easy Ways

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Nowadays, you must secure your Android phone with passwords, PINs, or patterns so no one can access it but you. Sometimes, you may need to make them long and complicated, because the last thing you’d want is for someone to get your data. You may even change your security details from time to time.

But if you’re a forgetful person like me, you may get locked out of your phone often. You won’t be able to use it for a time until you remember your password or whatnot. But if you’re unlucky and you’ve already tried all the possible combinations you could recall, we have your back!

In this article, I’m going to share with you some solutions on how to unlock Android phone that I’ve tried. They’ve worked for my locked phone before and maybe they can unlock yours, too. Read on for more details.

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Method 1: Unlock Android Phone using Find My Device (All Android Phones)

Android phones with version 5 and up can be unlocked remotely using Find My Device. It’s a Google service that allows you to track, lock, and even erase your phone’s data remotely. So, this can work if you have signed in to your Google account on your locked Android phone. All you need to do is open the Find My Device website on another phone or PC web browser.

But if the Google Account has been removed or not activated on the target phone, or perhaps you’ve forgotten the account’s password, this solution won’t work for you.

Step 1

On the Find My Device website, sign in with the Google account that’s linked to the locked phone.

Step 2

There, you will see all the devices connected to the same Google account. Select your locked Android device.

Step 3

Then, scroll down and hit the ERASE DEVICE option.

Google Find My Device

After that, your phone will be reset to factory settings, erasing all of the data and removing the lock screen password. Yes! This method involves deleting all your data. So, if you have nothing to lose and you just want to unlock your phone, this could work for you.

And if you happen to forget your phone’s password/pattern often and you always resort to this method, I recommend that you activate Google Backup on your phone. That way, it will be easier for you to restore your data after a reset.

4uKey Android Unlocker

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Method 2: Unlock Android Phone using Find My Mobile (Samsung)

Samsung has a version of Find My Device called Find My Mobile. It’s a service that’s similar to Google Find My. It can be used to manage a Samsung phone remotely. The only difference is that the Samsung Find My Mobile has the option to UNLOCK the phone remotely instead of just ERASE DATA. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

On a computer or mobile browser, go to the Find My Mobile website.

Step 2

Log in with your Samsung account or the Google account linked to your Samsung device.

Find My Mobile Samsung

Step 3

Hit the locked Samsung phone in the list. Then, click on the Unlock option on the device window’s right side.

Step 4

A prompt will appear afterward to confirm your action. Click Unlock to complete the process.

After that, your Samsung phone’s lock screen will be reset, and you can set up a new one that you can easily remember.

Method 3: Unlock Android Phone via Face Recognition/Fingerprint

This solution is common sense. However, if you have set up Face Recognition or Fingerprint as alternative security measures, this is certainly your best shot at accessing your password-locked Android phone. Try to press any of your fingers (especially the thumb) on the Fingerprint sensor. It could be located at the back of your phone, on the side, or on the screen. You may also face the camera sensor whenever the lock screen lights up.

However, this trick only works temporarily. Most Android phones these days require you to input your lock screen PIN or password every 72 hours. So, you still need to find a way to remember your password. But at least, you have the chance to back up your files in case resetting your phone is your best option to unlock the device.

Method 4: Unlock Android Phone by Performing a Factory Reset

How will you access the Factory Reset option if your Android phone is locked? Well, that’s not a problem for Android phones at all. There’s a way to get to the Factory Recovery settings even when the phone is locked – Recovery Mode. All you need to do is press a few physical buttons.

Step 1

Turn off your Android phone completely.

Step 2

Then, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down simultaneously for 10 seconds (I suggest you search for ways to enter Recovery settings as this step varies depending on your phone).

Step 3

When the phone vibrates and you see the phone’s logo, release the buttons. After that, you should see your phone’s recovery settings on the screen.

Samsung Recovery Mode

Step 4

Use the Volume Up and Down to navigate through the list and the Power button to select options.

Step 5

Look for Wipe Data or Factory Reset and hit it. Then, confirm the reset and wait until your phone boots up.

After resetting the locked Android phone, the lock screen should no longer appear when turning it on. However, there are times when the Google FRP prompt requiring you to enter your Google Account password appears. This happens when you’ve signed in to your Gmail with the phone.

Method 5: Unlock Android Phone with Tenorshare 4uKey

If the official methods above are not working for your locked Android phone, you can try third-party apps. There are powerful lock screen removal tools out there that you can use on your PC to unlock your Android phone. One of the most reliable Android Unlock programs I’ve tried is Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

This software is like a master key for all Android smartphones. I’ve used it and it unlocked my Android phone in just a few clicks.

4uKey Android Unlocker

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Remove Lock Screen

4uKey supports unlocking Android phones regardless of the type of screen lock features used. It can get through Passwords, PINs, Pattens, and even biometrics such as Face or Fingerprints. The removal process has two options: remove the screen lock on most Android phones,b>with data loss or remove the screen lock without data loss (for Samsung S5 and earlier models).

Yes! If you have a different brand of Android phone or a later Samsung device, 4uKey will need to reset it in order to completely remove the lock screen. Well, the good thing about this program is the Auto System Detection. It ensures your device is ready for the unlock process so it will not get bricked

Moreover, the lock screen removal feature supports over 6000 Android phones, both older and newer Android OS. So, compatibility is not an issue with this app.


Besides getting rid of lock screens, you may also use 4uKey if you encounter Google FRP after a reset.

How to Unlock Android Phone with 4uKey

Now, here are the steps you need to follow to unlock your Android phone. This method may involve data loss depending on your Android phone.

Step 1: Download and Install Tenorshare 4uKey

On your computer, download and install the 4uKey installer. Click on the banner above to get it.

Step 2: Launch 4uKey

When installed, launch the program. Then, select the Remove Screen Lock option and attach your locked Android phone to your PC using a compatible USB cable. But if your phone is not recognized, just click on the option: Device is connected but not recognized? Please remove the screen lock directly.

4ukey Remove Screen Lock

Then. check if your phone brand is supported by the direct screen lock removal feature. Select the brand if supported. After that, the software will set up the relevant driver that’s compatible with your phone.

Step 3: Get Rid of The Screen Lock

There are two scenarios when unlocking an Android phone with 4uKey according to your device’s brand and OS version.

Scenario 1: Remove Lock Screen for Newer Samsung Phones/Other Brands

ChooseRemove Screen Lock”. The program will then identify the brand and the model of your phone. If it’s wrong, just click on the “Is your phone not from this brand?” option.

Then, manually select your phone’s device info. Hit the Start button after you’ve confirmed your selection.

4uKey Unlock Warning

A confirmation prompt will appear on the screen that says the program will erase all the phone data. If you’ve made up your mind, just clickYes” to start the process (for Samsung phones, the process would most likely be complete at this point).

After that, you will be required to get your phone to Recovery Mode and reset it. There will be a series of instructions on the screen. Just follow them from left to right.

When the reset is successful, 4uKey will proceed to remove the lock screen and wait for a while until you see “Removed the Screen Lock Successfully”. Click Done.

PC Data Recovery Select Scan

Scenario 2: Remove Lock Screen for Earlier Samsung Phones (without data loss)

Select “Remove Lock Screen without Data Loss” Then, hit the Start button.

Next, enter or choose your device’s name and model. But if you are not sure about the device info, just click on “Don’t know the device model” to learn how to get the correct one.

4ukey Remove Lock Screen Without Data Loss

If your Samsung device is not supported, perform the steps in Scenario 1.

In case, your phone is compatible. Confirm the device information and click Next. A prompt will appear for you to check one last time if the phone’s name and model are correct. Then, click Continue.

4uKey will then download a data package for your phone. It may take a few minutes. After that, click Next and enter Samsung Download Mode by hitting the Start button. Just follow the on-screen guide to do it.

4uKey Download Package

When the phone successfully boots into Download Mode, the program will start removing the lock screen. After a few minutes, the process should be finished and your Android phone should be completely unlocked.

That’s how easy it is to unlock Android phones by removing the screen lock with 4uKey.

4uKey Android Unlocker

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Perfect Solution for Android Lock Screen and Google FRP

  • Erase Pin, patterns, Fingerprints, and face recognition
  • Remove early Samsung lock screen without data loss
  • Bypass Google FRP lock on Samsung in a minute
  • Unlock 6000+ Android mobiles (up to Android 13)


Getting locked out of your phone because you forgot your password or whatnot is frustrating. However, you no longer have to worry about that anymore. You’re dealing with a locked Android phone issue right now, just try the methods I’ve provided above. They’ve worked for my phone, and I believe they could be of help to yours as well.


A password is more secure than a pattern. The former can be done in many combinations of numbers, letters, and other characters, which makes it more secure and impossible to crack. On the other hand, the latter can be made complicated, but it’s easier to remember. So, anyone who can see your pattern may be able to recall it after a glance or two.

Yes! It’s possible to unlock a locked Android phone without using any password, PIN, pattern, etc. There are a few methods you can try, but the most effective one is through performing a factory reset. You may also use a screen lock remover like Tenorshare 4uKey to make the whole process safe and easier.

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