Do you have a PDF that has some highlighted sections that you want to remove? You will probably notice that you can’t remove the highlighted sections in your typical PDF reader. If you tried to open up the file in your standard word processor, then you will completely mess up the formatting of the file. Thankfully, learning how to unhighlight in PDF is not all that difficult. You just need to have the right software at your disposal.

Remove Highlight from PDF with Professional PDF Editor

If you want to learn how to unhighlight in PDF, then you will need to get your hands on the PDFelement software. This step-by-step guide will be using this piece of software. This is because PDFelement makes it ridiculously easy (and fast) to remove highlighted text in a PDF document. In fact, it works in pretty much the same way as a word processor. This means that you will be able to remove highlighted text in no more than a few seconds once you have the software downloaded and, of course, know exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

There are a few different methods for removing highlights from a PDF document with PDFelement. We are going to detail the fastest possible method.

Step 1. Open up the file in PDFelement

Once you have downloaded and installed PDFelement on your computer, load it up.


Click ‘File‘ at the top. From here select ‘Open‘. You can now browse to where your file is located. Click it to open it up. The exact process you will use will be different depending on whether you are using PC or Mac, but the process will not be any different from how you normally open up files.

Step 2. Click the ‘Comment’ icon

At the left sidebar of the page, you will see the ‘Comment’ icon. Click this.

This will open up a new sidebar which will list all of the individual comments on the page.

Step 3. Unhighlight PDF

This new sidebar will give you a list of all of the individual comments on the page. Those with the bold H symbolspdfelement highlight symbol are the highlighted text.

Here, you can sort the annotations by type, author, date, or page.

Right-Click on the one that you want to delete and click the ‘Delete‘ button. This will remove the highlighted.

If you have multiple highlights that you want to delete, then hold down the CTRL button as you click on each of the individual comments. You can also press CTRL+A to highlight all of them at once. Once you have highlighted everything that you want to highlight, then simply press the DEL on your keyboard (or the backspace, if your keyboard does not have a DEL button). There will be a small window to confirm. Hit yes. The highlights will now be removed.

Step 4. Save the PDF

After that, it is simply a case of saving your PDF. Hit the File and “save” button at the top. You can give it a new file name if you want.

You may want to load up the newly saved file to ensure that all of the highlights have been removed, however, there is no reason why they shouldn’t have been if you followed these steps.

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