Reading a paper in PDF format can be hard sometimes, especially when you need to note down important points. But then you can’t escape from interacting with such document because they are the most used format in sharing electronic communication. Workers share essential documents using this format, and even official messages are mostly in PDF. You have to think of a way to make important notes or changes on the PDF document without converting it to a different format. Well, if you’re reading this then your search is over because we’re going to show you how to write notes on PDF file with a fast, secure, and easy-to-use PDF editing tool – PDFelement, which can also help you view, create, convert, edit, annotate, protect, insert, merge, split, watermark, compress, and sign PDF document in a better way.

Step 1. Open and Edit Your PDF File

Assuming you’ve already downloaded and installed your PDFelement software which is compatible with windows operating system and macOS, you need to open PDF to start using it.

The “Open” option is located under the File tab.

You can then edit your file by clicking the “Edit” tab located at the toolbar on top.

You have different editing options, and you can even change the font color, size, and type. You also have the option to choose two editing modes which are Paragraph Mode and Line Mode. Choose the one you need and add or remove notes on PDF as you wish.

Step 2. Add Notes to PDF

PDFelement gives you the various options to make notes on your PDF file.

To do this perfectly, you can go to the “Comment” tab,


where you will have options such as:

  • Add comments: Insert sticky notes, Add a line of text,  Insert Callout, Insert text box, or Make an area look like it was marked with a highlighter pen.
  • Markup text content: Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline, Squiggly line, or Caret.
  • Drawing and handwriting: Draw a shape like a rectangle, oval, cloud, line, polygon, connected lines, and arrow. Use your mouse as a pencil and eraser.
  • Add preset or custom stamps
  • Add attachments as comments

All these tools provide you a perfect way to write notes on PDF and make your document appear professional and presentable.

You also have access to a host of features that can help you work on your PDF file a lot more pleasure.

Step 3. Annotation Adjustment

After adding notes to your PDF file, you can also make an annotation to each of your notes, so that other people who get this marked pdf file can understand your intension of making notes.

To add “note” to your note, simply select and right-click the comment, then click the “Open pop-up Note“. Also, right-clicking the notes and comment boxes offer you the option to copy, paste, cut, or delete any of your comments.

If you need, you can also set the Properties of each annotation you made.

Step 4. Format your File

If you don’t like how your PDF document looks; you should not worry about that if you have PDFelement by your side. You can always make changes to it as you wish. You have different formatting options and layout you can use to make your file appear more presentable or professional. It all depends on what you want to achieve. You can change the font, color, and anything else at your convenience.

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PDFelement introduces you to a world of limitless possibilities with your PDF file. You’re no longer restricted to what you can or cannot do with your document as long as you have this software by your side. Don’t scratch your head wondering how to take notes on PDF because you now have the solution. If you don’t know, it doesn’t all end at editing and adding notes. PDFelement also allows you to protect your document by adding a Permission Password or Open Password. As if that’s not enough, you can also convert your file to different formats or change the quality of your document to suit your needs.