When we watch movies, TV shows, and series in media players or through Netflix and Hulu, there are always some interesting lines and frames that we would like to share with friends, so as to YouTube videos. For those video frames that we don’t want to let go of, well, just take a screenshot of the video you’re watching.

After we take a screenshot from the pleasing video, we can share the captured image or make a meme based on the picture.

How to take a screenshot from a video

Now, one of the biggest questions you have here is: How to take a screenshot from a video? The answer is to use a snipping tool. With one, you can easily capture everything from the video or even your screen.

But there’re countless snipping tools on the internet, instead of being stuck in the endless snipping tools scroll, let me introduce one of the most popular snipping tools to you, the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

How to Take A Screenshot from A Video

How to take a screenshot of a video with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is an all-in-one tool for video capture, audio recording, and screen snipping. Once installed, you can use a hotkey to initiate a snapshot without any delays.

With the program installed, you can capture all the content from your screen, including desktop, applications, and videos running on a media player or browser.

Moreover, you can make your snapshot more productive. You may add annotations or draw on the captured image to create a funny meme with the in-app editing tools. Also, you can try to create a high-quality gif picture.

Now, let’s start to take a screenshot of a video with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1 Download the program on your PC and launch it

Step 2 Start taking a snapshot

You can start to capture frames on your video right away.

Minimize the program first and run your video, then, go to the desired frame in the video and pause the video.

On your keyboard, press the default hotkey “Ctrl + Alt + C” to take a snipping.

Then, your screen will grey out a bit and a giant cross will appear.

  • Move your cursor to the image, the cross will follow along with the cursor and help you lock the range of the screenshot. Click on the range to complete the screenshot
  • Or, you can use your mouse and drag the orange border to adjust the captured range, release the mouse to finish the process.

Taking Screenshot From A Video with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Step 3 Edit the picture

Next, the program will open a small panel where you can find some editing tools.

You may select one or some tools to add multiple markups on the captured picture, you’re available to decide the color of the annotations as well.

Edit Add Annotation on Captured Image

Step 4 Output the image

On the panel:

  • Click Save to save the image to a default or custom folder.
  • Click Copy to export the picture to the clipboard, you can paste it on social media apps and share it.


  • How to make a GIF screenshot from a video?

You can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to create a gif picture from a video. Here’s how:

Launch Screen Recorder and select Video Recorder. Then, click Output Settings from the Video Recorder window and set the video format to gif, click OK.

Set Video Format As GIF

Next, you can click REC or press Ctrl + Alt + S to capture the frames and create a gif snapshot from the video.

  • How do I record clips from a YouTube video or other online videos?

If you are not satisfied with just taking a snapshot, but to record segments from some online videos, you can use Screen Recorder to do that too.

Launch the program and click Video Recorder, minimize the window.

Video Recording Setup

Then, open the video you want to record and press Ctrl + Alt + S to activate a screen recording.

Once finished, click Stop to end the recording.

To warp up:

This is how you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to create a screenshot from the video and how you can make a meme. You can download the app on your computer and start your snapshot ASAP.

Windows Screenshot: