A Full Tutorial On How To Save Amazon Music To SD Card

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How To Save Amazon Music To SD Card

Amazon Music has a lot of tracks to choose from. From different artists to various genres, it’s guaranteed that you can find your favorite tune or even discover a new one. In order to listen to these songs hassle-free, we want to download them offline and export them on SD Cards. That way, we can freely listen to music on devices without any distractions.

But here’s the thing, even if you are a premium subscriber, the songs you download from Amazon Prime Music only stay within the app. This means that you won’t be able to export them on SD Cards and share them on other devices.

In this article, we will show you the easiest way to save music to SD Card from Amazon Prime Music. Read on!

Can I Move Amazon Prime Music to SD Card

Most devices we use to listen to music require SD Cards, such as phones, MP3 players, Wireless Headphones, and more. Although the plan to move Amazon Prime Music to SD Card sounds complicated to execute, with the right tool, you can export any song that you like without issues.

By using a reliable download tool, you will have unlimited audio and video downloads on Amazon Music and enjoy the tracks on your devices.

Move Amazon Music To SD Card

But looking for a trustworthy Amazon Prime Music downloader is not an easy task. There are a lot of downloader tools and sites on the market that promise fast and high-quality downloads. But in reality, some of theme are just false claims. But you don’t have to worry about that, we have discovered the best Amazon Prime downloader in the market! This amazing tool is reviewed below, check it out!

Save Music to SD Card via Musify

Musify is a sophisticated tool packed with reliable features to help you move Amazon Prime Music to SD Card without the hassle and with amazing results.

This tool can download songs on Amazon Music and other music streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and more! Apart from that it also supports multiple audio formats like MP3, ACC, OGG, FLAC, etc.

Musify Poster

If you’re planning to download a whole playlist, Musify can help you with that. It has a batch download feature to help you speed up your task and save you tons of time. In addition, Musify guarantees no quality loss on all your downloaded tracks! How great is that? Experience high-speed download with high-quality output via Musify!

To add up, Musify has a user-friendly interface, this will help users with little to no tech experience to easily navigate and perform their download tasks. Pretty convenient right?

Your options are not limited when you use Musify and there are still a lot of amazing features that you should check out! So grab this tool now!

Steps to Save Music to SD Card

Before we move Amazon Prime Music to SD Card, we should first download the tracks from the site using Musify. Check out the steps below.

  1. First, download Musify to your PC by hitting the button below. When it’s done, install and launch the program.
  2. Go to Amazon Music, locate your song, and copy the URL.
  3. On Musify, open the Download tab and hit the Paste URL button. After that, your download will begin immediately.
Paste the Share Link to Musify Music Downloader
  1. When the download is done, hit the Folder icon beside the track to check the destination folder.

After successfully downloading songs from Amazon it’s no time to move Amazon Prime Music to SD Card.

  1. Insert your SD into your PC’s SD Card slot. If your computer doesn’t have one use an SD Card reader. Go to My PC and see if your SD card shows up,
    if not re-insert your card and make sure your PC reads it.
  2. Next, locate the download’s destination folder and copy the tracks you want to export.
  3. Go back to My PC and open your SD Card. From there, paste the files.

And just like that, you have successfully moved Amazon Prime Music songs on your SD Card.

Final Thoughts

Now that your favorite songs on Amazon Music can now easily be accessed on your SD Card, you can now freely listen to them on any device without any distractions. And that is all thanks to Musify!


Can we store songs on an SD Card?2022-07-13T09:26:03+08:00

Well of course yes. You can store any type of file on an SD Card. But you have to consider that the file size should not be greater than your card’s available storage.

How many songs will a 32GB SD Card hold?2022-07-13T09:24:41+08:00

If we calculate, there is 1028MB in 1GB, so if we divide 1028MB by 4MB (estimated file size per song) that will lead us to 250 songs per 1GB. So if that’s the case, a 32GB SD Card can roughly hold 8000 songs.

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