[DONE]How to Rip A TV Series DVD as Whole or Into Individual Episode

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I’m a huge fan of old TV series like Friends and Simpsons. I love the times when I watched it at home with the DVD bought from stores which I still do and will continue till there’s no such thing called television.

My friends say that I’m out of date or something, sometimes they ask me why. Well, the reasons are pretty easy:

  • I hate ads before, amid, or after videos stream and paying for the movies;
  • A big TV screen is much better than a phone or tablet;
  • The connection in my place is devilishly bad, nothing can be worse than that.

So, I stick to my TV series DVD then. But bad thing happens occasionally, and this time, it finds me.

How to Rip TV Series DVD

What happened to my TV Series DVD

Not long ago, I found one of my Simpsons DVDs unplayable. After my checking, I realized that it was no longer shiny and became dull. Until then, I knew what’s a faded disc.

I tried to buy another TV series disc to replace that but I can’t buy just the related disc, instead, I have to buy the whole bundle that is too much for me.

I chose to rip the TV series DVD

Eventually, I borrowed the disc from a friend of mine who also loves old TV series DVDs. I ripped the TV series videos from the disc and burn them to a blank disc for storage and backup.

In this case, I skipped browsing online to find the stores or sellers that are willing to sell just one disc instead of all. Also, I saved some money because of the ripping – all I paid for is just a blank DVD that I bought years ago.

About ripping the TV series DVD

DVDs are fragile as scratches, bending, fading will all make the disc unplayable.

Through ripping, a process of extracting the disc content to your computer and other storage devices, you can still have the TV series perfectly backed up even if the disc becomes invalid later. All you need later is to burn the video files to a blank DVD.

However, to enjoy such benefits, you need to be fully prepared yourself with some kits, including a computer, a disc tray, and a DVD ripper program.

Choose a professional DVD ripper program

TV series DVDs are commercial discs on which the disc publishers have installed some copy-protection methods to stop piracy and personal copy. Without the proper tools and methods, you can hardly bypass those protections and get your hands on the TV series sources.

To successfully rip a TV series DVD, you will need a powerful copy protection cracker, the echoshare DVD Ripper.

Equipped with all the decryption methods for all copy protections, no matter what disc, Blu-ray or DVD, you insert, echoshare DVD Ripper will extract the content from the disc, be it a movie DVD, TV series DVD, or a music one.

Ripping your TV series DVD losslessly, you will have the videos extracted to your computer in full resolution, at the same bit rate, and with all audio & subtitles. You won’t need to worry about having a fuzzy picture, a stuttered playback, or unclear sound. Relax, you will only experience happiness.

Moreover, this is a highly flexible tool that allows you to rip the TV series separately. If you’d like to, you may choose to rip each episode into a single video file. Of course, you can rip all episodes into one big video file as well.

Let’s not mention the output formats it supports. There’s always one from the supported list that pleases you, like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, etc. By the way, depending on your playback device, like PS4, PS4, Xbox One, and LG TV, etc, you can choose a preset template without struggling to find the exact format.

For more details, you can experience the program after we finish ripping your TV series DVD.

How to rip TV series DVD with echoshare DVD Ripper

Now, download this DVD ripper software and let’s get started to rip your TV series DVD. Of course, if you have better options, choose whatever you like.

Step 1

Launch your computer and insert the TV series DVD. Then, launch the DVD ripper, click on the Load DVD option from the top left corner of the big blue plus icon in the middle. The loading starts. Wait for it to complete.

Select DVD Audio and Import

Step 2

As the loading completes, do the following stuff:

Decide Episode(s):

As the program will display the first file (Title 1) of the disc by default, you need to click on the Full Title List button to choose the episode(s) you love to rip. There, you can use the Preview feature to locate the episode(s).

Decide Format:

For multiple or single episodes, click on the Rip All to option there and choose the preferred format for all the videos.

Tipard File Set Up

Choose Audio & Subtitle:

Locate the audio and subtitle drop-down menus. Choose the audio channel and subtitle track for the episodes.


Actually, you can modify the TV series by adding filters, adjusting effects, etc. Just click on the Edit (Magic stick icon) or Cut (Scissors icon).

Step 3

Finally, locate the Merge into one file option next to the orange Rip All button. Tick it to combine all the episodes into one file. Leave it there to rip them separately.

DVD Ripper Rip TV Series Merge Episodes

Done with your selection, click on Rip All to start ripping your TV series DVD. Wait for a minute or two, the program will finish the process and open the output folder for you automatically.

Check your episodes there. Later you can choose to burn them to another DVD or upload them to the cloud.


To be clear with you all, it depends on what discs you’re copying.

For commercial DVDs, the ones you bought from local stores or online, yes, it’s illegal to make digital copies of them.

  • The releasers of the DVDs have the copyright of the DVDs, if you don’t get permission from the copyright owner and do the copy by yourself, you’re breaking the law.
  • But, to be honest, no one is going to sue you just because you do some backup of your DVD. Don’t worry if you did the copy or plan to do one.
  • Just pay attention to one thing: DO NOT share the duplicate of the DVD with others, even friends and family members.

For personal DVDs, as long as you get permission from the owner, you’re good to go. If you’re the owner, go ahead, no one can say a word about it.


Of course, you can upload DVD content to iCloud. But first, you need to digitize the DVD since iCloud can only save digital files.

Then, let’s see how to upload your DVD to iCloud.

Step 1 Digitize the DVD

Infor of echoshare DVD Ripper:

This is a very easy-to-use DVD ripper program for both newbies and professional DVD fans. With the program, you can digitize all your DVD collections, commercial and homemade ones, into a suitable digital format without any quality loss.

You’ll have a perfect video or audio file lying still on your computer hard drive and won’t need to worry about the content will go expired due to a damaged disc.

Hesitate no more, get it and start to convert your DVD for iCloud.

  • Insert the target DVD into your computer disc tray. Then, launch echoshare and click Load DVD to import the DVD to it.
  • Next, click Full Title List to decide which clips in the DVD you want to digitize. Then, decide the audio and subtitle for the DVD videos.
  • Locate Rip All to option and click on the drop-down menu to decide the format for the output. Go to MP4 and select Same as Source for lossless conversion.
  • After deciding all, click Rip All button to start. In just a few minutes, echoshare will finish digitizing your DVD and save it on the default folder.
  • It will launch the folder for you when the process is complete. Keep the folder active now.

Step 2 Upload the DVD to iCloud

Now, download the iCloud app on your computer. Don’t have one yet? For Windows users, go to Microsoft Store and get the app.

Later, drag the DVD movie from the folder to the iCloud app to complete the uploading.

When it’s complete, the DVD file will be perfectly saved on your iCloud.

The process is similar to the one we followed for DVDs.

  • Go to “Media”>”Convert/Save”.
  • On the next menu pick “CD” where you would pick “DVD”.
  • Then, press the “Convert/Save” button.

A 60-minute video could take VLC anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to rip depending on the video quality.

VLC doesn’t rip copy-protected DVDs. If VLC cannot rip your DVD, it is likely that it has some kind of DRM system on it.

Ripping DVDs you don’t own the copyrights to is illegal in many countries. Nonetheless, if it’s for personal use, copyright owners almost never bother to pursue the matter.