DVD stores everything like movies, music, software packages.How to Rip DVD

  • However, DVD is never the synonym for durability whilst a single bending or scratch may damage the storage layer of the disc surface, leaving the DVD disabled.
  • To avoid the loss of the DVD content, try to rip the DVD as digital files to your computer. Moreover, after ripping a movie DVD as digital files to a computer, you’re available to enjoy the movie as a local file without inserting the disc anymore.

Having piles of DVD collection? Don’t hesitate, let’s start to rip a DVD as digital files to your computer.

Why do we need to rip a DVD?

As mentioned, the DVD is fragile. To avoid data loss due to a damaged DVD, ripping the DVD content to the computer for data backup becomes vital.

Better yet, you’re available to watch the movie or listen to the music ripped from a DVD on your computer directly. If you fancy a mobile viewing, transfer the movie to your phone or tablet then.

What does ripping a DVD do?

Why don’t we right-click on the DVD folder and choose Copy, then paste it on the computer?

Some may ask that question. Well, we have tried and that’s not going to work since most commercial DVDs are copy-protected.

DVD Copy Protected

DVD publishers will install some DVD protection methods on the disc to protect against piracy, which makes it impossible to make a copy of the DVD by just clicking the Copy and Paste.

In this case, DVD ripping is the only way to make a copy of a DVD. There are some professional tools called DVD ripper that can do you the favour.

And ripping a DVD means to use a DVD ripper tool to bypass the DVD copy-protection and then copy the DVD content in a preferred format.

What is the best DVD ripper?

To rip a DVD, the priority is to install a professional DVD ripper on your computer because both Windows and macOS are not pre-installed with DVD ripper software.
Among countless DVD ripper software, it’s indeed hard to narrow down the best one since there isn’t anyone who can be called the best but only the most suitable.

Here, one of the most popular DVD ripper tools may help you well, Tipard DVD Ripper.

Splendid decryption feature:

Unlike many other DVD rippers that are unable to rip copy-protected DVDs, Tipard DVD Ripper is unstoppable. No matter what kind of DVD encryption method, Tipard will bypass it once encountered.

Various output format:

Tipard DVD Ripper supports multiple output formats, including that regular MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, MP3. ISO images and DVD Folders are included as well.

Easy-to-navigate interface:

Even though you’re new to DVD ripping and the Tipard DVD Ripper, you can get hang of the program and finish a DVD ripping in minutes with just a handful of clicks.

Adjustable configuration:

Say you’re ripping a movie DVD, you’re available to decide which title you need. Then, the subtitle, audio, resolution, format, quality of the output movie are all up to you.

More are waiting for your explore, click the button and let’s start to rip a DVD to your computer.

How to rip a DVD to a computer?

Step 1 Import the DVD to DVD Creator

Pop the DVD into the disc drive on your computer and launch Tipard DVD Ripper. On the interface, choose Load DVD to import the disc content to the program.

tipard dvd ripper interface

Step 2 Decide the profile parameters for the digital files

Here, take a film DVD as an example.

After Tipard successfully analyzes the disc content, you’ll see the main movie of the disc.

Then, you need to decide on the audio channel and subtitle track for the ripped DVD movie.

By default, Tipard will rip the movie as an MKV video losslessly. If you have any other better option, click the Rip All to button and apply to other formats.

Convert DVD to iTunes Decide Parameters

Next, you may click Edit to beautify the movie and hit Trim to clip the motion picture.

  • Tip1: You may click Full Movie List to rip some or all the DVD movies.
  • Tip2: As for ISO image and DVD Folder conversion, hit the Rip to Video/Audio button first. Then, choose the target format.

Rip DVD to Computer as ISO DVD folder

Step 3 Start to rip the DVD

When all parameters are set, it’s time to start the ripping. Hit Rip All to proceed.

Step 4 Preview the output

When the ripping is complete, hit Open Output Folder to locate the ripped DVD file. Double click on the movie to play it. Now, the DVD content is available to transfer, edit, play without restrictions.

Open Output AVI Folder

To warp up:

Follow the steps above and you’ll have all the DVD files storing on your computer in digital formats.


If ripping a DVD legal?

Theoretically speaking, ripping a DVD is illegal. However, if you just want to rip the DVD for personal use like DVD backup and mobile viewing, both the feds and the DVD publishers will not give a thing about your action.

So, if you decide to rip a DVD, don’t resell the ripped copy and share it online. Just keep it private.

Does Windows 10 have a DVD Ripper?

No, there isn’t a DVD ripper on Windows 10.

Does ripping a DVD ruin it?

Ripping a DVD will not ruin it. Actually, there are no side effects on the disc at all.

What is the difference between ripping and copying a DVD?

Ripping a DVD requires to bypass the DVD protection methods and successfully make a readable duplicate.

And copying a DVD means to make a copy of a DVD without bypassing the protections. If the DVD is copy-protected, the duplicate is unavailable to play.

How to rip DVD with VLC and Handbrake?

VLC and Handbrake are very useful freeware to rip DVDs as well. To find out the details, check out the following two tutorials.