Windows Media Player has always been a useful tool to play and burn DVDs. Also, some music fans will use it to rip songs out of a music CD. So some Windows Media Player users are wondering whether this Windows built-in tool can be used to rip a DVD.

So today, we’ll be discussing if you can rip a DVD using Windows Media Player.

How to Rip DVD with Windows Media Player

Part 1 Can Windows Media Player rip a DVD

Will it surprise you that if I say Windows Media Player is incapable of ripping a DVD? You may ask that Windows Media Player can rip a CD and play a DVD, why can’t it rip a DVD? Well, the reasons are quite easy to find.

Why Windows Media Player cannot rip a DVD

  1. Unlike CDs, the DVD format (.vob) is a lot more complicated than its predecessor and WMP lacks the codec of converting the .vob file to digital files.
  2. Besides, most commercial DVDs are copy-protected to stop piracy or any other unauthorized copy. Certainly, Windows Media Player cannot bypass any of these DVD copy protection methods.

Let’s not forget Windows Media Player is just a built-in media player program in Windows OS its primary mission is to help play media files and discs for Windows users. If you still want to rip a DVD on your Windows computer, I suggest you find a professional DVD ripper program.

Download a professional DVD ripper to rip DVD

If you Google ‘DVD ripper software’, you may find some DVD rippers like the freeware – Handbrake and a paid tool – DVDFab. Undoubtedly, they are good, but somehow, they’re flawed.

Case in point:

  • Handbrake cannot rip those copy-protected DVDs while most commercial discs are copy-protected.
  • DVDFab charges higher than most paid DVD ripper programs.

I guess we all want to solve the problem with minimized cost while having the best result. Then, the Tipard DVD Ripper is exactly what you need to replace Windows Media Player.

About Tipard DVD Ripper

  • Different from many DVD ripper tools, Tipard DVD Ripper costs you so little to rip those copy-protected DVDs.
  • And you should never have any doubts about Tipard’s ripping ability. No matter what DVD you import, Tipard can easily decrypt the copy protection methods and convert the disc content into digital files within minutes.
  • Besides, you’re available to decide the quality of the output video and audio. If you hate quality loss, Tipard supports lossless ripping. And when you don’t have enough valid space on your hard drive, you can customize the quality profile to meet your need.
  • As for the later playback, Tipard provides users with dozens of output formats like the common MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, etc. You can choose from one depending on the media player or device for later viewing.

Windows Media Player Alternative to Rip DVD

To find out more detail, download the program from the button below and have a go.

Part 2 How to rip a DVD in Windows 10

Though Windows Media Player cannot help us rip a DVD, we can still use Tipard DVD Ripper to finish the task. Now, check out the detailed steps, and let’s start to rip a DVD in Windows 10.

Step 1 Import the DVD to Tipard DVD Ripper

On your computer, pop in the disc to the tray and launch Tipard DVD Ripper. On the initial interface, hit the big blue plus button in the middle to start loading the disc to Tipard.

Step 2 Set up for the DVD ripping

Tipard will take a second or two to analyze and decrypt the disc. Then, Tipard will display the main title of the DVD on its interface, you may:

  • Click Full Title List to rip some or all contents of the disc;
  • Locate Rip All to and choose one from multiple formats. Here, for a movie DVD, I suggest you select MP4 – Same as Source to rip the DVD video without quality loss. As for a music DVD, the  MP3 – Same as Source option is pretty great.
  • Not fond of digital formats? Click the Rip to Video/Audio tab and choose Rip to ISO or Folder.

Rip DVD to Computer as ISO DVD folder

  • Decide the audio and subtitle for the output.
  • Set up a new destination folder to save the output file or keep the default one.
  • Tick the Merge into one file when you want to combine all disc content into one media file.

Tip: The best format to rip a DVDHave no idea how to choose the right format to rip your DVD? Check this out:

  • WMV & MP4: The most compatible 2 video formats that can play on almost every device;
  • MKV: Contributes high-quality frames, contains multiple audios channel and subtitle tracks, but the file size is pretty large;
  • AVI: An old-fashion video format that was commonly used in the 2000s and 2010s. Contributes medium-quality frames while producing large files;
  • FLV: The one that when we want to upload videos to YouTube or other live streaming sites via a browser. Now, it’s pretty out-of-date since Flash Player has been shut down in 2020.
  • ISO & DVD Folder: The formats that copy the entire disc content without quality or data loss.

To find out more information, read: What’s the Best Format to Rip a DVD – MP4/MKV/Folder/ISO.

Step 3 Start to rip the DVD

When you finish the setup, hit Rip All to start ripping the disc.

Within minutes, the process will be done and Tipard will open the output folder for you automatically. You may find the DVD video or music there, preview it and see if it pleases you.

Locate Copy Protected DVD Output

FAQ: Where is the rip CD button in Windows Media Player

Some say they cannot find the Rip CD button while ripping a CD with Windows Media Player. If you confront this issue, this is how you can find the Rip CD button on Windows Media Player.

Step 1 Insert a CD into the disc tray

Step 2 Launch Windows Media Player and go to the Library

Step 3 Locate the CD in Windows Media Player

Step 4 Find the Rip CD button on the menu list above

Rip CD Button in Windows Media Player

To rip a CD, you need to select the music titles and then click the Rip CD button.