How To Reset A Stolen iPhone

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Nobody wants their iPhone to be stolen. However, bad luck just strikes us in an unexpected way and time.

To keep our iPhone data secured, you may consider resetting this stolen iPhone to erase all data personal information and data inside. In this case, whoever stoles your iPhone cannot unlock the iPhone and peak on your photos or WhatsApp chats.

Or on the contrary, if you’re a buyer who unfortunately bought a stolen iPhone from a bad seller, to make use of this iPhone, you will have to unlock this stolen iPhone that’s locked with someone’s passcode and Apple ID. Read on for methods to unlock this stolen iPhone.

Unlock A Stolen iPhone

Part 1: Reset A Stolen iPhone When You’re The Owner

It’s already a big misfortune when your iPhone is stolen, you must take attention to stop the thieves or later buyers from accessing your data. In this case, your loss will be limited to only financial loss – the iPhone, and no privacy leak.

To do that, you need to reset the stolen iPhone remotely to erase all the personal data. Also, you can activate the Lost Mode on this iPhone so that whoever buys this iPhone later will notice that this is a booty. If lucky, you may get the iPhone back.

Nonetheless, let’s see how to reset your stolen iPhone now.

Reset A Stolen iPhone using Find My iPhone

To reset an iPhone that’s no longer touchable to you, Find My iPhone is the only solution. To use this Apple security feature, you need to fulfill these:

  • You’ve logged in to your Apple account on the stolen iPhone;
  • The Find My iPhone feature is activated on the missing iPhone;
  • You have another Apple device or a trusted phone number or email;
  • You know the Apple account details.

Let’s see how to make use of Find My iPhone to help eliminate the chance of privacy leaks on the stolen iPhone.

Option 1: Reset The Stolen iPhone with iPhone/iPad

When you have another iPhone or iPad that’s associated with the same Apple account, follow this:

Launch the Find My app on the other Apple device and hit the Devices tab. Find the icon of your stolen iPhone from the list of all registered devices.

Erase This iPad or iPhone Via Find My

You will then see an option at the bottom of the screen – Erase This Device. Hit it to reset your lost iPhone.


Before resetting the stolen iPhone, you may activate the Lost Mode by tapping the Activate button. You can customize the text and add a phone number to display on the screen. Hopefully, there’s someone who buys this from the theft will give this back to you.

Option 2: Reset The Stolen iPhone with A Browser

We can take advantage of the remote reset feature of Find My iPhone through its web access. Follow this:

Launch iCloud Find My on any browser and enter your Apple credentials.

When the browser prompts you to enter a verification code to finish the login, you may click on Didn’t get a code and choose to receive the code on a phone number or email that you left before. Enter the digits to the browser then.

Two Factory Authentification iCloud Login

After login, you will see the location of your stolen iPhone on the map and even the address if lucky. You may report this to the police or pay a visit there with company.

Anyway, to reset the device, hit the Erase iPhone button. And hit Erase when there’s a pop-up.

If your iPhone is not returned, NEVER tap the Remove From Account. This will disable the Lost Mode.

Remove Apple Device from Apple Account


When your iPhone is stolen, put your frustration aside first. Reset it and erase all your personal information on the device. In this case, nobody can ever lay a hand on your data there. There’ll be no extra damage to you.

Note that Find My iPhone is the only way out for erasing an iPhone remotely. If this security feature is off or you can’t complete the login on a browser, the reset becomes hopeless. The only thing you can reply from then on will be luck. Hopefully, the thief is only interested in the iPhone itself, not anything inside.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Part 2: Unlock A Stolen iPhone When You Bought A Stolen iPhone

If you buy a secondhand iPhone</strongband it turns out to be a stolen iPhone, the situation will be pretty bad. Since the seller cannot remove the lock and Apple ID and refuses to refund you, you will have to unlock this stolen iPhone. Otherwise, your money will be wasted.

To make it useful, let’s unlock this stolen iPhone without the passcode and remove the screen lock first.

Unlock A Stolen iPhone without Passcode

We don’t have the exact digits to unlock the screen. So, we need to use something robust to reset the iPhone. To achieve this, a third-party lock remover for iPhone is a good helper.

To make it quick, we will use 4uKey iPhone Unlocker, a program that can solve your trouble with a few clicks. This is exactly the one that you need to unlock an iPhone without a passcode. It needs only a computer, a USB cable, and the target iPhone. You won’t have to enter any digits at all.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Remove Successfully

Besides, if you’ve tried iTunes or other iPhone unlockers, connection failure happens all the time. But with 4uKey, the connection between the locked stolen iPhone and the computer will definitely be successful. Even if your computer and 4uKey fail to detect the stolen iPhone, don’t worry, 4uKey provides you with tricks to enable the connection.

Now, download the program on your computer, and let’s start to unlock this stolen iPhone.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Step 1:

Start the program after the download and setup. Hit the Start button on the interface to begin our unlock.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Interface

Step 2:

Then, connect the stolen iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Hit Next to proceed.

If 4uKey says no device is detected. Don’t worry, boot your iPhone to Recovery or DFU mode. 4uKey will provide the related tutorials for these two modes. Follow either of them and enable the connection.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Prompt DFU Mode

Step 3:

Under connection, 4uKey will prompt you to download firmware for unlocking. Click Download to continue.

By the way, the file size of the firmware reaches 2GB. It can be a burden to your PC storage, you may click on Browse and select a folder that you can find easily. So, later after the unlock, you can remove the file.

4uKey iOS Unlocker start to Download

Step 4:

4uKey will instantly ask you to unlock your iPhone when the loading is complete. Hit Start Remove. And there you have it. 4uKey will give you a clean and unlocked iPhone in minutes.

4uKey iOS Unlocker download Firmware

Start the iPhone and set it up like a new one. No screen lock, no data, and no previous settings on this iPhone will stop your fun.

Caution: Restriction of Activation Lock on Stolen iPhone

When this iPhone is registered to an Apple ID and the Find My iPhone or Lost Mode is activated, a lock screen of Activation Lock will appear after you reset the iPhone.

This screen is very annoying. To use the iPhone, you can only enter the Apple ID and password to disable the lock.

When this is a stolen iPhone, there’s no way that you can get the password. To use the iPhone, try to jailbreak this iPhone and apply a perfect lock bypasser. Try 4Mekey.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16


If what you mean is to restore this stolen iPhone to factory settings, yes, you can do it when you’re the legit owner who gets it back. You can simply do it by entering the screen passcode.

However, if you’re not the legit owner but someone who got fooled to buy a secondhand iPhone, you can’t restore this iPhone back to its original status. It’s not a total brick though. Try to jailbreak this iPhone and you can still log into your Apple account on App Store. But iCloud and Sim services are likely unsupported.

If this factory reset is implemented by Recovery mode or any third-party tools, yes, this locked iPhone can still be tracked as the Find My iPhone is still functioning. However, if this iPhone is jailbroken, the Find My iPhone will be blocked and this device can no longer be tracker. Unless its jailbreak status is removed.

If an iPhone has the Lost Mode activated, this iPhone restricts any access including inserting a new Sim card. So, it can’t be used with a new Sim card.

When you force reset this iPhone and disable the Lost mode by jailbreaking, this iPhone will likely reject all Sim cards.

But if this iPhone has no Lost Mode and Activation lock screen activated, a new Sim card is surely helpful. Just remember to check if there’s a carrier lock on this iPhone. Use a Sim card from a specific carrier.


There’re posts teaching iPhone/iPad users to bypass the Activation Lock by changing the DNS settings.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in most cases. And we haven’t found any solid proof or case for this method. But of course, as a free method, it is worth a try.

Nope, the Activation lock on iPhone or iPad will not be removed when you jailbreak it. Jailbreak itself is incapable of doing so. You need to apply extra tools to remove the lock.

A factory reset for iPhone varies based on the tool that we use to reset the iPhone.

If we do a factory reset to iPhone with Find My iPhone’s Erase This iPhone feature, yes, the factory reset will be disabled. This is the same when we reset iPhones with the Settings app.

But if we connect the iPhone to iTunes with Recovery mode and do a factory reset there, the Activation lock will be turned on.

I‘m afraid not. You need either the password of the target Apple account or the solid proof of purchase like a receipt. Otherwise, you can’t prove yourself as the legit owner of this iPhone. When this is a secondhand iPhone, ask the previous owner for the exact proof of evidence.

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