How to Disabled Restrictions on iPhone

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The Restriction Mode on iPhone can help eliminate unhealthy and risky content on the device. By setting up a Restriction passcode (or Screen Time passcode), no one can change their preferences over the banned content.

For parents, this Restriction setting is a big helper. With a simple setup, no more inappropriate websites and apps will be found on the Apple device. Besides, if you’re trying to be self-disciplined, it helps you stop indulging in games, porn, and more.

However, the Restriction passcode is mostly entered once every few days or weeks, a lot of iPhone owners will forget their Restriction passcode. In this case, when you’re in need of visiting a website or an app that’s considered risky, you will be rejected by iPhone Restriction and can’t access the content.

If this is what happens to you – you forget the Restriction passcode on the iPhone, you need to find a way to remove or disable the Restriction for a while. Later you can set up a new passcode or not depending on your will. And in this article, we will take a look at 3 methods to remove the Restriction, let’s see how to.

How to Remove Restriction on iPhone

Method 1: How to Disable Restriction Passcode on iPhone via Apple ID & Password

If you forgot the Restriction passcode to disable the setting, Apple provides another access – we can disable the Restriction via the preset Apple ID & password.

Check this out:

On the iPhone, visit the Settings app. And hit Screen Time. Tap on the Change Screen Time Passcode option.

Two more pops out and you need to tap on the lower one: Turn Off Screen Time Passcode.

On the entry screen, tap on the Forget Passcode option. And iPhone will prompt you to enter the Apple ID and password to turn off the Screen Time.

Change Turn Off Screen Time Passcode on iPhone

Complete the entry and then, the Screen Time and the subordinate Restriction setting will be turned off.


If the Restriction setting is set by someone else with his/her Apple ID, iPhone will ask you to enter the target Apple ID and password instead of yours. In this case, you may ask the person to disable the iPhone restrictions or keep reading.

Method 2: How to Remove Restriction Passcode on iPhone via Factory Reset

A factory reset puts your iPhone back to the factory settings. Nothing will be left including the Restriction passcode. However, you must keep your data safe using iCloud before the reset since a factory reset will erase all iPhone data as well.

NEVER use iTunes to save your date though. iTunes will keep both iPhone data and settings and restore them to the iPhone. If you restore this iPhone from a previous iTunes backup after the reset, the Restriction will have its rebirth.

So, iCloud will be our one and only choice here. Check this out:

  • Setting –  Apple IDiCloudiCloud BackupBack Up Now.

iCloud Backup

Done! The data is safe and we can move to the reset part.

On your iPhone, still Settings, tap on GeneralTransfer Data & ResetReset All Content & Settings. Enter the iCloud password if the Find My iPhone is on.

Erase iPhone

Then, iPhone will boot itself into a white Apple screen – a restoration screen. When the processing bar is done, the reset is complete and you can launch your iPhone. Set it up again and restore data from iCloud.

iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery

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Method 3: How to Remove Restriction Passcode on iPhone with 4uKey iPhone Unlocker

Third-party apps help to remove the Restrictions on an iPhone completely as well. Here, 4uKey iPhone Unlocker will be our go-to option for the removal.

4uKey is an all-in-one iPhone unlocker program that can get iPhone users out of all kinds of passcode and password issues including:

  • a forgotten screen passcode,
  • a disabled iPhone,
  • a locked Apple ID,
  • and most importantly, a Restriction passcode.

With 4uKey, you can disable the Restriction settings and remove the Restriction passcode on the iPhone in minutes.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

Compared to a factory reset, 4uKey will not erase your iPhone data but only the Restrictions. In this case, you won’t worry about data loss. 4uKey will present you with an iPhone without Restrictions while all data is perfectly stored.

If the Restrictions are created by another person without your Apple ID and password, 4uKey will still help you out. You can get rid of the Restrictions without entering the target Apple ID and password that you can never get.

Now, download the program on a computer and let’s start the removal.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

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*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Step 1:

Launch the iPhone Unlocker program on the computer and hit the Remove Screen Time Passcode tab to start.

Step 2:

Next, on the interface, the program prompts you to connect the target Apple device to the computer. Do it then. And remember to unlock the iPhone to allow this connection.

Connect Device

Back to the program and hit the Start Remove button to launch the removal right away.

Step 3:

Now, we have two situations:

  • If Find My iPhone is disabled: 4uKey will remove the Restrictions directly;
  • If Find My iPhone is on: you need to turn off this feature first. Go to Settings on the iPhone, hit the Apple ID tab, and go to Find My. Locate Find My iPhone and turn it off. 4uKey launches the removal after that.

Turn Off Find My

Step 4:

When the removal is complete, you can restart your iPhone and finish the setup process.

Removing Screen Time

Note that when iPhone asks you to restore this iPhone from any backup, choose Don’ Transfer Data. 4uKey will not delete your data, if you choose to recover an iTunes or iCloud backup, the backup files will cover all current data on this iPhone. There might be data loss.

Also, if it asks you to enable Screen Time, choose Set up later in Settings.

Set Up Screen Time

Done, the iPhone is now free from any restrictions and you can use it with full-featured.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16


If you’ve set up a Screen Time passcode for this feature, you need to enter the passcode to turn off Screen Time. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the Enter Screen Time Passcode screen.

When you forget the 4 digits, you may fail to turn off this feature. If so, you can also enter the Apple ID and password to remove Screen Time.

If you create this Screen Time for your child’s iPhone, you can simply go to Screen Time on your iPhone Settings app. There, hit Turn Off Screen Time and enter the 4 digits to complete.

However, if you’re the poor child whose iPhone is installed with Screen Time, you can try to factory reset the iPhone to remove the Screen Time.


If you enter the wrong Screen Time passcodes 10 times, the entry screen will restrict all typings to 60 minutes. This means you can’t unlock the Screen Time in an hour and can’t use any restricted apps.

60 minutes later, the Screen Time feature is open for your new attempts.

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