How to Remove Device from Google Account The Right Way

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To remove device from Google account means that you’re removing all the perks and services exclusive to Google. This is very evident on Android phones. But of course, Google accounts can be connected not only to smartphones but also to Android tablets or even PCs, making your Google experience much more seamless.

Although syncing your Google account has many benefits, there are a few situations where removing the device from the account is a good idea such as:

  • Your device has been stolen and your Google account is still logged into the device.
  • You gave or sold your old phone, but you forgot to remove your Google account.
  • You’ve reset your phone, and you’re dealing with Google FRP lock because you forgot your Google account. Somehow, your account is still logged in on your other device. You wonder if you can remove the device from there.

In case you share the same experience as the scenarios above, then you’ve just found the right page. Below, we will help you remove device from Google account. Stay tuned!

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Method 1: Remove Android Device from Google Account via Phone/Tablet Settings

The simplest way to remove or unlink the device from the Google account is by signing it out on your Android phone’s settings. This can work if you still have full access to your device. By the way, the location of Account settings may differ slightly depending on the brand of your Android phone or tablet, but the process is pretty much similar.

Step 1

On the app drawer, launch Settings. Then, go down to Accounts.

Step 2

There, you can find all the accounts registered on the device. Select the Google account/s in question.

Recover Files From The Recycle Bin

Step 3

Lastly, tap on the Remove Account or Sign Out button to unlink both the device and the account. In some cases, your phone may ask you to enter your PIN.

That’s how simple it is. However, please do note that removing the Android device from the account or vice versa could lead to missing Google photos and other synced data. If you have no plans to use the Google account or sign in to the phone again, we suggest that you use Android Backup to avoid data loss.

Android Data Backup & Restore

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Android Data Backup & Restore

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Method 2: Remove Android/PC from Google Account on a Web Browser

You can remove your device from Google account on an extra phone or PC. Although the location of some buttons varies on both devices, the removal process works the same way. You just need to log into your Google account on a web browser and remove the device from there.

Step 1

Open a web browser on a phone or PC. Then, log in to your Google account on the My Google Account page.

Step 2

Once signed in, look for the Security tab. You can see Your Devices. At the bottom of the list of devices, click on “Manage Devices”.

Manage All Devices On Google

Step 3

Look for the phone, tablet, or PC that you want to remove. Select it and go to More Details. There, clickSign Out” and the device should be removed from the Google account.

Manage All Devices On Google Sign Out

If you forgot your Google account password, you may try recovering it by using the Forgot Password? option. You just need to provide the recovery email or phone number that you set up before and Google will send you a link to create a new password.


This method can also be used to bypass FRP lock. It happens when you forget the Google account that was previously used on your Android phone after a factory reset. Removing the device from the Google account may deactivate FRP. However, that is if your Google account is still logged into your extra phone or PC.

Bonus: What to Do if I Can’t Remove Android Device from Google Account

Removing your device from Google account doesn’t work all the time when it comes to bypassing Google FRP. If you’ve already tried it and FRP is still bugging you after resetting your phone, you may try using a Google Lock Removal tool. One of the most effective ones out there is Tenorshare 4uKey.

4uKey Android Unlocker

Fast Android Unlocker

Perfect Solution for Android Lock Screen and Google FRP

  • Erase Pin, patterns, Fingerprints, and face recognition
  • Remove early Samsung lock screen without data loss
  • Bypass Google FRP lock on Samsung in a minute
  • Unlock 6000+ Android mobiles (up to Android 13)

This program can disable Google FRP on your phone in just a few clicks. However, 4uKey only supports Samsung devices for now. But the good news is that it supports a wide range of Android OS versions. As long as your Samsung phone is within Android version 6-13, you can truly rely on this app to effortlessly remove the FPR lock. Pretty cool, right?


Removing a device from the linked Google account is the only to resolve the situations we’ve mentioned. If by any chance you don’t know how to do it, just check out the methods above. But if you’re hesitant to try them on your own, you may ask a trusted, tech-savvy friend or family member to do it for you.


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