An Easy Solution on How to Remove Cinavia Protection from MKV or MP4

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Filmmakers keep the copyright of their films, making them use a system of protection to prevent unauthorized copies of their films.

Some movies we download online, like on YouTube, Dailymotion, and other video streaming and downloading sites, are in MP4 or MKV format. Both formats can incorporate audio, video, and subtitles into a single file, making them ideal formats for high-quality movies.

However, you might experience trouble when you try to watch them, or when you try to make your copy. A Cinavia message will pop out on your screen that your copying and watching of the movie stops, or the audio of your movie will suddenly be muted.

These are how Cinavia will reveal itself in the movie you are copying or watching.

This article will discuss all the things you need to know about Cinavia Protection and how to get rid of it.

Remove Cinavia Poster

What is Cinavia Protection

Cinavia is a Digital Rights Management System developed by Verance, which limits unauthorized use of certain films in Blu-ray players.

Cinavia is an anti-piracy technology that works to prevent copying via the detection of a watermark embedded into the analog audio of the films.

These are the signs that the files you download are Cinavia protected your MKV or MP4 file:

  • Message Code 1: Playback stopped– This notice will appear on your screen when you try to playback an unauthorized movie that has been recorded from a public place.
  • Message Code 2: Copying stopped– This notice appears when you try to record audio from a Cinavia-protected movie and the recorder contains a Cinavia detector.
  • Message Code 3: Audio muted– You will see this message after a certain amount of time when watching the video (usually 20 minutes). Then the audio in your video will be muted.

How to get rid of Cinavia Protection

To remove Cinavia protection from your videos, you can use a professional Cinavia Removal program.

Leawo Prof Media, an all-in-one media toolbox, can provide you with the best solutions to eliminate the disturbing Cinavia watermark protection with ease. Not only can it remove Cinavia’s protection. Leawo can also remove AACS, BD+, and MKB protection at the same time.

With Leawo, you can completely and permanently remove Cinavia protection and have no interruptions while watching your favorite movies. You can play your Cinavia-free video in any Cinavia-contained player with the original quality kept and experience Cinavia removal at high speed without loss of quality. With its user-friendly interface and easy access features, removing Cinavia protection MKV or MP4 files will be so much easier with Leawo Prof Media.

With Leawo you can also Burn, Rip, Convert, Create DVD, and Blu-ray videos. It also has an in-app video downloader that makes downloading videos easy. It is packed with lots of amazing and useful features that can help you solve your problems. Click here to download Leawo Prf. Media and start removing Cinavia protection on your favorite movies.

How to remove Cinavia from MKV or MP4

Before you start, we have to make one thing clear. Leawo can only remove Cinavia from Blu-ray discs, so you have to burn the MKV or MP4 files to a Blu-ray disc, folder, or ISO first, then proceed to remove Cinavia protection.

Burn MKV or MP4 to Blu-ray

Before you remove the Cinavia protection on your MP4 and MKV file, you should first convert to Blu-ray.

Step 1: Select Blu-ray Creator.

Select Burn to Blu-ray

And choose Add Video, Add Folder, and select Add, or Add ISO File. Or just simply drag the file to the Leawo interface.

Import Files to Leawo Interface

Step 2: Choose a Disc Menu from different templates. You can choose from the in-app templates, download them online, or create a custom one.

Tip: Click the film sign on the right side of your video to edit. Here you can crop, trim, add effects, and more. When done just tick OK.

Leawo Customize Videos

Step 3: Tick Burn, and click Burn to Folder or ISO file(If you have a blank disc you may also burn it to the disc), then set Disc Label.

Leawo Save as ISO

Step 4: Click Burnand the burning process will start. (This might take some time depending on the length of your video.)

Leawo Burning Process

Remove Cinavia Protection

Follow these steps to remove Cinavia Protection on MKV or MP4:

Step 1: Launch Leawo Prof. Media

Step 2: On the Leawo interface tick Cinavia. Then click Add Blu-ray, and select Add from CD-ROM, Add from Folder, or Add ISO File, and choose the MKV or MP4 video with Cinavia Protection.

Step 3: You can select between Main Movie or Full Movie, and set Subtitle and Audio Track. Once done tick Save.

Leawo Remove Cinavia Decide Movie Audio Subtitle

Step 4: Create Disc Label, then click Remove Cinavia, the tick Start.

Tip: You can save your movie on your hard disc folder or save it as an ISO file.

Remove Cinavia from Blu-ray Setup by Leawo

The process will take several minutes depending on the length of your movie.

After removing the Cinavia Protection, you can now create multiple copies of your movies, and enjoy watching them without disturbances.


Remove Cinavia protection on your files easily with Leawo Prof. Media. If you wish to save on a Blu-ray disc or DVD, you can do it using the DVD Creator or Blu-ray Creator. In that way, you can burn your files in a disc and preserve the quality.

With Leawo Prof Media you can have everything you need in just one program. Try Leawo Prof. Media now.


Both are container formats, and they can be encapsulated in the same audio and video, they are equally the same in many cases.

Blu-Ray has been designed to hold 5 times more information than DVDs. Blu-ray discs are therefore formatted to have High Definition 1080p pictures, whereas DVDs deliver only standard quality images.