YouTube is the world’s greatest platform for ordinary people to express feelings and show creativity. Avid YouTube users spend hours watching videos on it when video publishers can win audiences’ appreciation and have millions of followers, becoming an influential and maybe rich online celebrity.

Do you follow some great creators on YouTube? Have you ever dreamed about being a YouTuber just like those people you follow?

If you plan to begin your YouTube creating a career, this guide will tell you everything it takes to become a YouTuber and how you can record a video for YouTube.

Record Video for YouTube

Part 1 What you need to record a video for YouTube

Before moving to the how-to of recording a YouTube video, you need to make all the essential preparations first.

1. YouTube channel

You need a YouTube channel to upload and publish your video. If you don’t have one, go and create one now.

Create a YouTube channel:

  • Visit and locate Settings on the tab. Then, you can create a channel for your account.

Note: If you haven’t signed in to your YouTube account or you don’t have an account yet, click the blue Sign In button to log in or register your YouTube account first.

  • Next, click the Create a new channel option, you need to decide the name of the Channel and click CREATE CHANNEL to complete.

Create A YouTube Channel

Now, you have a YouTube channel where you can share your creations.

2. Video topic

There are so many video categories on YouTube, like:

  • Gaming, music, and movie sharing;
  • Commentary of gameplay, matches, animates, and movies;
  • How-to videos about makeup, computer skills, and cooking;
  • Knowledge sharing including science, art, and daily techniques;
  • Amusing clips like Reactions, pranks, and challenging;
  • Talent sharing, like singing, speed painting, instrumental performance, etc.

YouTube Video Decide Topic

You need to ask yourself what kind of video you want to create and think about your strength and purpose.

Also, you have to locate your audiences and think about your audiences’ intentions of watching a good video as well as what you can bring to your audiences.

Then, you can come up with a topic that fits you best.

3. Equipment

You are going to need help from some devices to make a video.

  • Computer

There’s a whole lot of stuff that a mobile device is incapable of, you’d better get yourself a computer to handle the video-making process.

Also, take into account that high-quality video production is a huge challenge for low-end computers. When you try to record a video and edit it for YouTube on an inferior machine, stutters and gaps are more likely to appear on the video since the ineligible hardware fails to encode the video perfectly.

So, it’s better to equip yourself with a powerful computer, laptop or desktop, Windows or Mac are all fine.

  • Webcam

While recording a video, you may want to input your image on the video.

For instance, when you are recording a reaction or commentary video, you can display your facial expression along with the frames to make your video more interesting.

In this case, you need to insert a webcam on your computer.

Computer Microphone Webcam for YouTube Video

  • Microphone

Also, a microphone device is a necessity when you want to add your voice in the video. Narration is very important for a tutorial, commentating and knowledge/skill sharing the video.

So, if you plan to add a narration to your video or dub for it, plug in a microphone or a headphone with a microphone to your computer to catch your voice.

4. Screen recording tool

To record a decent YouTube video on your PC, you need to install a powerful screen recording app. Here, I will tell you one helpful program for your YouTube career, the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

This is a very popular screen capture program on the market, you can use it to record all contents on your computer very easily.

Once installed, you can start a high-quality video/audio recording due to its lossless recording ability. Also, you’re available to create a video with multiple custom configurations.

  • Case in point: you may decide the record a lossless mp4. or wmv. video in 60fps without stutters at all.

Also, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can be helpful when you want to record audio or webcam images solely.

There are more considerate and efficient features that Aiseesoft Screen Recorder offers, You can download a free trial on your computer and have a go.

5. Video editing tool

After you record a video, you can turn to a video editing tool to make your video more productive. Here, you can use Video Converter Ultimate. This is an integrated video converting and editing tool. With it, you can convert your video to a suitable format and improve the performance of your creation.

Video Converter Ultimate for YouTube Video

Specifically, you can optimize the brightness and contrast of the video, or add filters and effects to make it more colorful. To avoid people plagiarizing your video, Video Converter Ultimate helps you add a custom and awesome watermark on your video.

Anyway, you’d better get yourself a video editor to improve the performance of your video. You can take the Video Converter Ultimate to do the video editing.

These are all the essential items that you are going to focus on and prepare.

Part 2 How to record high-quality audio and video for YouTube

Recording a video for YouTube is not difficult at all when you pick up a nice video recorder. Here, I will tell you how to record a perfect video for YouTube with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1 Launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer

Launch the app on your PC, select Video Recorder on the interface to create a video.

Step 2 Set up for your YouTube recording

Here, you need to set up for the recording.

  1. Captured content:

First of all, you need to decide the region that Video Recorder will capture from your screen.

Click the Full button to take a full-screen recording, or you can click Custom to record a selected area.

Screen Recorder Decide Region for YouTube Video

Or, you can click Advanced Recorder and select the “Lock and record window” option to choose a certain app window. In this way, the Video Recorder will only capture the content from this selected window.

Screen Recorder Decide Window for YouTube Video


If there’s some important information on the screen you don’t want to share, like the chatting history on Whatsapp, Facebook, or something else.

You can click Advanced Recorder and hit the “Exclude window and record” option.

In this way, you set one or some windows as unrecordable even though it’s running on your computer.

  1. Audio source:

Next, you need to decide the audio source of the video.

Turn off System Sound when you’re unintended to record the sound playing on your computer, or you can turn off Microphone when you don’t want to record your voice.

Screen Recorder Decide Audio for YouTube Video

When you decide to record both sounds simultaneously, just keep the two options on.

  1. Webcam:

Turn on the Webcam option if you tend to record your real-time image through a webcam.

Screen Recorder Turn Webcam for YouTube Video

  1. Video configurations:

You can click Output Settings to open the Preferences window and adjust the video configurations.

Open Output Settings for YouTube Video

There, you may set the video format to mp4. or wmv. which are both compatible with YouTube’s uploading system. To have a smooth and clear video, you can set the frame rate as 60 and improve the video quality to Lossless or High Quality.

Change Video Settings for YouTube Recording

Step 3 Start a recording

Run the content you want to record on your computer, and click REC on the Video Recorder window to initiate a recording (you can use a keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT +S as well).

Video Recorder will work to record the content and produce a video.

Record Video for YouTube with Screen Recorder

During the recording, you can click Pause on a floating panel if you want to take a break or take advantage of the in-app editing tools to add annotations to your video.

To stop the recording, click the Stop button on the panel or press Ctrl + Alt + S.

A new window will pop out to display the footage. You can preview and trim it, click Save to export it to a custom location.

Trim Save Video for YouTube

Step 4 Edit the footage

If you’re satisfied with the captured video already, skip this step.

Open Video Converter Ultimate, choose the Convert tab.

Then, click the Add button to input the footage to the app. You can add several clips and merge them after editing.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert Video YouTube

To beautify the video, click the Edit button. Then, you are free to:

  • Rotate and crop the video;
  • Add effects and filters on it to make your video look better;
  • Modify the audio of the video;
  • Add watermarks or subtitles.

Video Converter Ultimate Edit YouTube Video

Click OK to apply these adjustments. Next, click Convert All to export the edited video to a custom folder.

Now, after all these, you have a pretty high-quality video along with audio that you can put on YouTube.

Tips: How to put your records on YouTube?

If you want to upload your video to YouTube, click the Create button from the top right corner on and choose Upload video.

Upload Video YouTube

To warp up:

These are the tricks for you to record a perfect video for YouTube. To be clear, the way to become a YouTuber is never tough but the one to become a famous and successful one. All that matters is your courage and persistence.

Now, do not hesitate, just start your YouTube career and make your first step of becoming a YouTuber.

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