Skype, as a popular communicating tool, helps us a lot in contacting others. With it, we can easily have a voice or video conversation with single or multiple individuals for online conferences, lectures or interviews, or just ordinary chatting.

When having a very important voice/video call on Skype, you can record the audio from it for later review. To record a Skype call audio is not difficult at all, you just need an audio recorder to do that.

On this page, you can find 2 very useful audio recorders, one is Audacity and the other is an Audacity alternative, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. From the following content, you will find out the exact steps of using these to record your Skype calls.

Record Skype Calls with Audacity

Part 1: How to use Audacity to record Skype Calls

As an open-source program, you can download Audacity free from the official website. But before we start, it’s necessary for you to know the Audacity’s biggest defect in recording Skype calls.

Audacity record Skype calls:

Audacity is programmed with a single line-in recording capacity, which means you can only use Audacity to record your own voice through a microphone device or other participants’ voice playing through your speaker. You cannot record both sounds together.

Unless you’re the meeting scribe or a student who is recording your teacher’s speech, you’d better try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record the whole Skype call.

Now let’s see the steps of Audacity recording a Skype call audio.

Step 1 Set up for audio recording

You need to set up an audio source in Audacity to enable it to capture the sound from a voice call.

On the interface, change the Audio Host to Windows WASAPI. Then, choose a recording device.

  • If you are about to record your own voice, choose a microphone device.

Windows WASAPI Microphone

  • Or you can choose a speaker or the Stereo Mix device if you want to capture the sound from the other side of the call.

Audacity Windows WASAPI Speaker

Step 2 Start recording a Skype call

Finishing choosing the audio device, minimize Audacity.

Then, open your Skype. Attend a meeting or you can host one. Wait for all the attendees to get in and when everyone is in, you can start your recording.

Press R on your keyboard or click Record on the Audacity window to start the Skype audio recording.

Audacity Start Recording

Tip: Using Audacity to record a Skype doesn’t require the permission of the host, and no one will know that you’re recording.

When the conversation is done, click Stop to finish the recording. Click Play to preview the audio file you just capture.

Audacity Buttons Record Play Stop Pause

Step 3 Save the recording

Go to File > Export, you’ll be given a list of choices, you can export the audio file as MP3, MAV, OGG, or other formats.

Audacity Export File as Choose Format

After you choose the format of the file, Audacity will prompt you to choose the folder to save the file.

This is how you can use Audacity to capture your Skype calls.

Part 2: Audacity Alternative – A better way to record your Skype calls

Since Audacity is only capable of single-line-in recording, it’s not helpful while you want to record all sounds in a Skype call. Here, you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to do that.

About Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

As one of the best screen and audio recorders on the market, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is programmed with the very easy-to-use operation and wonderful performances in video/audio recording.

Record Skype Calls with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Other considerate features of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder:

  • It has a dual ability of recording microphone sound and system sound.
  • Besides audio/video recording, the program also supports webcam recording.
  • It remains active in the background, you can activate an audio/video recording with a keyboard shortcut when you’re having a call.
  • You can trim and edit the output with the in-app tools.

These are what the program can give you, now, let’s try to use it to record a Skype call.

Step 1 Launch the program

Launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer and choose Audio Recorder on the interface.

Then, turn on both Microphone and System Sound to record the whole conversation.

Audio Recorder Decide Audio Source for Skype Calls

Minimize the program’s window after turning on the 2 options.

Step 2 Start recording

Open your Skype and call your friends or colleagues. When the conversation begins, press Ctrl + Alt + S to start recording the Skype call.

Then, the app will work to capture all the sounds from your Skype calls, you can see the length of the audio file from a floating panel.

Recording Skype Calls

In this way, you can record the whole Skype call and all the participants won’t know it.

Step 3 Save the audio file

When it’s complete, use the same shortcut to stop the recording.

Screen Recorder will open a window for you to preview the audio file, you can trim it if you want to. Click Save, the file will be stored on a custom destination.

Preview Save Skype Calls Audio Files


How do I record a Skype video call?

To record a Skype video conversation, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can be the optimal choice.

On its main interface, choose Video Recorder, then, decide the audio source and you can turn on the Webcam option if you want to.

Click REC or press Ctrl + Alt + S to start recording a video conversation. To find out the detailed steps, you can read the page below:

How to fix Audacity not recording mic/computer sound?

There’re multiple reasons for your Audacity not recording sound issue. To find out the detailed fix, you can check here:

All in all, use Audacity to record a Skype call is not a good idea since it has an obvious limitation of single audio-in recording. So, you’d better try an alternative like Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record a Skype conversation.