As one of the most popular Battle Royale games, Fortnite is played and loved by millions of players, including some famous users, like Drake, Travis Scott, Neymar JR, and Antoine Griezmann. I guess you might have seen some great gaming videos on YouTube, so do you want to share some of your gaming performance with others just like those videos you watch?

To record some in-game highlights or funny moments and share the video on Youtube, you should learn to record your Fortnite.

Also, if you’re currently doing bad in the game, try recording your gameplay and later analyze the video to realize your mistakes and shortcomings to finally improve your gameplay performance.

In this article, I will show you 4 very easy and useful ways of recording a video clip from Fortnite on PC. You can pick one and make your own clip.

How to Record Clip Fortnite on PC

Method 1 How to record Fortnite with Xbox Game Bar

You can use Xbox Game Bar, the built-in program in Windows 10, to start a Fortnite recording, Here’s how:

Step 1 Launch Xbox Game Bar

On Windows 10 machines, use the shortcut “Windows + G” to open Xbox Game Bar. Xbox will be activated along with several panels and your screen will grey out a bit.

Tip: If you have an Xbox 160 or Xbox One controller connected to your PC, press the Xbox button on the controller.

Step 2 Set up for recording

Look at those panels, they are Capture, Audio, Performance, Xbox Social, and Settings.

Let’s focus on Settings first.

On Settings, click Shortcuts to customize new key combinations to activate a recording or you can just use the default ones.

Then, move to Audio, 2 modules are listed. On Mix, you can change the volume of the sound playing on Fortnite, and on Voice, you can change the volume of your microphone. If you don’t want to record one or both sounds, keep the volume down to a minimum.

Clip Fortnite Xbox Game Bar Settings

Now, finish setting up, press Windows + G to confirm and close the Game Bar.

Step 3 Start recording

Now, you can launch your Fortnite and begin a new fight.

If you’re going to record the scene that happened in the last 30 seconds, press Windows + Alt + G.

Or, you can press Windows + Alt + R to record a longer video, press again to stop.

Step 4 Locate the output

You can find the gaming clips on Xbox Game Bar.

Open the game bar and go to Capture, click the Show All Captures option. A Gallery window will appear and all the footage you take will be listed there.

Clip Fortnite Xbox Show Captures Gallery

Method 2 How to clip Fortnite Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Supporting lossless recording, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a great gameplay recorder that can give you absolute perfect gaming videos with excellent sound quality.

Besides the splendid recording performance, the program focuses so much on reducing weight, you’ll less likely to encounter a frozen screen compared to those heavy ones.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder offers many convenient features too, like a hotkey activation, on-board editing ability, adjustable configurations, and webcam recording.

Screen Recorder

Let’s try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to capture a Fortnite clip.

Step 1 Install the app on your PC for free

Step 2 Prepare for recording

Launch the program, choose Video Recorder on the interface.

Video Recording Setup

On the Video Recorder window, you need to decide two things about a Fortnite clip, one is the recording area and the other is the audio source.

Recording area:

To take a full-screen capture, click the Full button. Or hit Custom to decide the region specifically.

Audio Source: 

Keep the System Sound option on to capture the Fortnite playback.

If you want to record your own voice through a microphone, keep the Microphone option on. Otherwise, turn it off.

You can now minimize the Video Recorder window.

Step 3 Start recording Fortnite

Launch your Fortnite and start a battle, press “Ctrl + Alt + S” on the keyboard to start a capture, press again to stop the recording.

Record Fortnite Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Step 4 Save the video

When you put an end to the recording, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will open a window to display the video. You may preview the video and clip it.

To preserve it, click Save and choose a folder. You may find your video on the folder that you select.

Save File

Method 3 How to record Fortnite moments with NVIDIA ShadowPlay

There’s a famous screen recorder that most game bloggers will use to record those amazing moments, like kills, victories, or failures, the NVIDIA ShadowPlay.

GeForce Experience has a very considerate feature named Highlights. This is designed for recording some moments on your gameplay. Once you turn it on, GeForce Experience will automatically capture those kill, wins, and other amazing moments. No need to press any buttons or keys, the Highlights will never miss any of your excellent periods.

Step 1 Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience on your PC

Download the software from its official website.

Step 2 Turn on Highlights

Launch the program, go to Settings, and choose NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights from the Highlights Auto Capture option.

Record Fortnite Highlight ShadowPlay

Then go back to the main interface, on the supported game list, click Fortnite and select Highlights. There, you can decide the types of recording you want GeForce to take, like Wins, Deaths, and Kills.

Step 3 Record highlights in Fortnite

Launch your Fortnite then, a notification will pop out and asking for permission to record your Fortnite with Highlights. Click YES to confirm.

Allow Record Fortnite Highlights

Start a battle and just enjoy your game, the Highlight feature will do its job to record those appointed moments.

You’ll see a thumbnail icon of ShadowPlay Highlights on the bottom left corner of the in-game window. When the battle is complete, you can click on the icon to watch the replays or you can just return to the Lobby.

ShadowPlay Highlight Record Fortnite Victory

Fortnite Recording Locations:

To locate the Fortnite recordings, you need to open ShadowPlay and go to Settings > Layout > Highlights. You will see the destination on the Highlights tab, go and find your videos there.


  • ShadowPlay Highlights can record a 3-minute video clip at most. If you’re about to record a longer video, try other programs or you can explore the video recording feature in ShadowPlay.
  • The ShadowPlay Highlights icon will be displayed on the gameplay interface, there’s a small chance that your gaming vision will be blocked and therefore affects your performance.
  • Once a highlight is captured, GeForce takes a few minutes to produce the video. You need to wait for a while before you can preview it.

Method 4 How to clip Fortnite with the in-game Replays

The developer of Fortnite – Epic Games has newly planted an in-app Replay feature in Fortnite.

This is a pretty convenient feature. First, it’s active by default so that you don’t have to turn on the feature by yourself. Also, Replays will automatically record the last 100 games and save them on the cloud storage. You don’t have to worry about missing some great kills or wins that you’ve recently made.

Fortnite Replay Videos

This is how to locate Replays videos:

Open Fortnite, go to Career and click Replays. You can find all the replay clips under this option. Select one and watch it.

Fortnite Career Replays


The videos taken by the Replays feature cannot be saved to your PC. So, if you want to save these videos on your computer, you need to use a screen capture tool to record the videos.

Here, try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record these Replays videos. It’s one of the most powerful screen capture tool in the market, with its splendid effect, you can create a high-quality video with a one-press shortcut. Also, you’ll be given more freedom to decide the formats and quality of your videos.

Screen Recorder

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To record Fortnite gameplay is not difficult at all, you can simply choose one method from above and start your recording. All 4 of them are very easy to use and will give you a decent video.