As a lightweight app for both voice and text chat, Discord provides both high-quality and low-latency communication experience and is popular among lots of gamers. Although it contains affluent functions, Discord doesn’t support audio and video recording. Maybe you would like to save funny video segments as material for a vlog, or you eager to record online courses to review in the future. So, how to record a Discord call with the help of external tools? Don’t worry, the following will introduce how to record Discord calls with the best Discord Recorder efficiently.record discord calls banner

Best Way to Record Discord Calls

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a professional recording software which contains affluent functions. It not only provides videos and audios recording function but also contains rich features for users to edit video and audio easily and friendly.


Here are detailed steps to record discord calls by this program.Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Record Discord Gaming Chat on Screen

1) Install and launch the Aiseesoft screen recorder on your computer. In the meantime, run Discord software and open the chat interface you’d like to record.

2) If you want to record video, click the ‘Video Recorder’ button in the main interface of the screen recorder, then you can choose the screen size and audio source of the video to be recorded.

For recording Discord chats(text message, image, or gif), you may need to select the Discord chat window or the specific chat tab as the screen recording region.

Screen Recorder Decide Region OBS Window Capture

Then turn on the ‘System Sound’ option and ‘Microphone’ at the same time to make the program capture the conversation with your friend.

Screen Recorder Decide Audio Source for Meeting Recording

3) Click the ‘REC’ button to start recording the screen on your computer. Thanks to the Aiseesoft screen recorder’s strong features, you can edit videos and add marks to recorded videos freely.

4) After captured the video you need, just click the ‘Stop’ button to preview it. You can save the video on your computer by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

Record Discord Voice Chat

What if you just want to record audio without image? Just click ‘Audio Recorder’ in the main interface, you will see a similar menu interface letting you choose the audio source. Don’t forget to choose the ‘Microphone’ source to record your voice. The way to start, stop, and save audio recording is similar to video recording. Besides, Aiseesoft also provided audio edit tools, which makes the audio edition process enjoyable.

Apart from basic audio and video recording function, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder also allows you to:

  • Add annotation while recording Discord
  • Schedule your Discord call recording
  • Set record length
  • Lock or exclude window record
  • Follow or around the mouse record
  • Take snapshots and edit them

If you are a professional media worker, Aiseesoft Screen Soft may be more suitable for you, because it provides six levels of video/audio quality, as well as almost all popular video/audio formats to let you share your works everywhere.

How to Record on Discord with OBS

OBS is an open-source streaming tool, which makes recording audios and videos from Discord possible. If you would like to share your Discord conversation or game video segments, OBS could do you a favor. The following will tell you how to record on Discord calls or videos.

1) Download OBS on your PC from its official website, and then install it to the target path. Run Discord on your PC and make a call to your friend or in a group. When the Discord is running background, you can prepare to set OBS to start recording.

Please pay attention to the item you would like to record. If you’d like to only record voice, you need to turn off the camera and vice versa.

2) Run the OBS program you have installed. You will find some settings about recording. For example, if you want to set the output file format, you can find it by clicking File->Settings->Output to do some changes.

3) After setting the OBS program, you can start to record chat on Discord by pressing the ‘Start Recording’ button on the lower-left corner of the main interface. Then you will find OBS start capturing audio.

By the way, OBS does not provide audio or video edit functions. If you want to edit your recorded videos or audios, you need to turn to another program to do that.


Above are two simple ways to record Discord calls, in which OBS is free with only basic functions. If you are looking for an ‘all-in-one’ or more professional tool, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can be a better choice.