Fascinated by Destiny 2 and the magnificent world it preforms, avid fans of this first-person shooting game are eager to find a way to record the Destiny 2 gameplay and share their wonderful performances.

As Destiny 2 becomes the normality among gamers, the need for recording gameplay and sharing on YouTube seems to be vital. However, if you’re a newbie to Destiny 2 gameplay recording, you may encounter the Destiny 2 recording failure problem which is that no matter what screen recorder you use like OBS or ShadowPlay, the output will be complete darkness or even the recorder cannot start to record anything.

To help you grapple with the problem, I will tell you why your recording is unsuccessful and how to fix it, eventually, you will know how you can record Destiny 2 with OBS/ShadowPlay.

Record Destiny 2

1. Why OBS or ShadowPlay is not recording Destiny 2

To help ensure that all the players can have fair and clean combat in Destiny 2, the producers of this game have limited attempts by third-party software to insert code to the game.

However, such restriction leads to incompatibility between Destiny 2 and some screen recording programs, like OBS, ShadowPlay, XSplit, and so on. So, none of these programs can be used to record the in-game frames.

The good news is that the producers have considered the users’ desire for recording the gaming performance and allow players to manually adjust the setting on the game to regain compatibility.

Here’s how you can modify the setting:

On your Destiny 2, go to your character sheet and open Settings, go to the Video tab.

Locate Window Mode, 4 options are listed:

  • Choose Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen, or Borderless Windowed to enable your OBS to record the gameplay with OBS.
  • Or, you can set Window Mode to Fullscreen so that you can record Destiny 2 with ShadowPlay.

Destiny 2 Window Mode

Finishing the modification, we can start to record Destiny 2 with OBS or ShadowPlay now.

2. How to record Destiny 2 with OBS

Now, you’ve set Windowed mode on your gameplay, you can use OBS to record it.

Step 1 Launch OBS on your PC

Step 2 Prepare for the capture

On your OBS, add a new scene. Then, move to Source and click Add, choose Window Capture, or Display Capture to record your gameplay.

OBS Window Capture Destiny 2


You cannot record your Destiny 2 with OBS Game Capture, a mode that will insert code to Destiny 2. Therefore, the game will not allow OBS to record any content of the gaming moment.

Step 3 Start capturing your gameplay

On the Controls section, click Start Recording to initiate a game recording.

You can start a new fight with your friends and community, OBS will record all the content. Once completed, click Stop Recording to end the capture.

OBS won’t display the footage to you, which means you have to locate the video on your own.

On your OBS, click File and go to Show Recordings. OBS will open a folder where it stores all the recordings. Locate the Destiny 2 recording and watch it.

OBS Recorder Destiny 2 Locate Files

OBS Troubleshoot:

Tips: OBS alternative

If still, OBS is not working, you can try some alternative programs to do the Destiny 2 recording. Here, you can try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to replace OBS.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is an easy and powerful screen capture application. It features convenient usage and efficient recording, it takes only a handful of clicks to create a 1080p/60fps video.

And you will never have to worry about stutters or lags since the program takes so little of CPU usage.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Now, let’s see how you can record your Destiny 2 gameplay with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1 Download the app on your computer

Step 2 Get everything ready for the game capture

Launch it and choose Video Recorder from the interface.

Here, you can turn off the Microphone option if you don’t want your voice to be recorded. You may also turn on the Webcam option to display your image through an inserted camera device.

Video Recorder

Minimize the Video Recorder window, it will keep active in the task tray.

Step 3 Start recording

Open your Destiny 2 and start a fight then, use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + S” to capture the gameplay.

Press the same shortcut to stop the process, it will open a new window where you can preview and trim the video.

Click Save to export the video to a custom folder.

Screen Recorder Preview Destiny 2 Recordings

3. How to record Destiny 2 with NVIDIA ShadowPlay

You can use ShadowPlay Highlights to record some amazing gaming moments after you choose Fullscreen on Destiny 2.

Step 1 Launch NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Step 2 Set up for Highlights

First, open ShadowPlay and go to Settings. Locate Highlight Auto Capture, and choose NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlight from the drop-down list.

Record Destiny 2 Highlight ShadowPlay

Then, go to Settings > Overlay > Highlights, select a folder where you save the highlights files.

Back to the main interface, choose Destiny 2 on the supported game list and click Highlights. There, you can decide the types of recording you want GeForce to take, like Wins, Deaths, and Kills, etc.

Step 3 Enjoy your game

Launch Destiny 2 and just enjoy every fight. ShadowPlay Highlights will automatically detect the current states of your gameplay and record those excellent moments.

You can find the replays on the folder you set up before.

Here is everything you should know about Destiny 2 gameplay capture. Now you know how to record Destiny 2 with OBS or ShadowPlay. Try it yourself and do enjoy your combat.