Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, AKA CS: GO, is currently the hottest first-person shooting game in the world. In the game, you can choose to become a terrorist to plant bombs and destroy the target, or you can become a counter-terrorist to stop terrorists’ malicious actions. Loved and appreciated by millions of users, CS: GO is so thrilling that every time you put on your headphone and hold the mouse in your hand, the intensity will always come along.

Avid for CS: GO, you surely want to record a video to analyze and improve your gameplay performance, or you want to keep your amazing moments for the record and share it with others. To record your CS: GO moments, 2 simple but effective methods will be listed below.

How to Record CS GO Gameplay

1. Record CS: GO gameplay with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Programmed with excellent recording ability, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder serves as a powerful gameplay recorder. With the program installed on your computer, you can easily start to record your CS: GO gameplay in 60fps with high definition.

The program supports hotkey activation, so you can start a gameplay recording with keyboard shortcuts when you’re in-game.

Also, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder provides users with multiple custom configuration, you can decide the fps (up to 60 fps), quality (up to lossless), and format (WMV, MP4, etc) of the file with all your preferences.

Screen Recorder

Let’s see how to record your CS: GO gameplay with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1 Download the program on your PC

Step 2 Prepare for recording

Launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and choose Video Recorder on the interface. There, you need to choose the audio source for your video.

  • To record the sound from the CS: GO gameplay, turn on System Sound.
  • If you want to record the conversation between you and your teammates or you want to add a narration to the video, turn on Microphone.
  • Turn on both audio sources if you want to.
Tip: Want a 60-fps video? Click Output Settings to change the fps of the output file, click OK to confirm.

Output Settings

Now, finish setting up, minimize the program in the task tray, it will remain active in the background.

Step 3 Start recording

You can now get back to your game and start a new fight and press Ctrl + Alt + S to start recording the gameplay. A tiny panel will pop out where you can find some editing tools to add annotations to your video.

Tip: If you think the panel is disturbing, you can minimize it then.

Recording CS GO Gameplay

Step 4 Stop recording

Once completed, click the Stop button on the panel or press Ctrl + Alt + S on your keyboard to stop the recording.

Next, the app will open a window to display your video, you can preview the footage there and clip it if you want to. Click Save to choose a folder for saving the video.

Preview Save Trim CS GO Recordings

2. Record your CS: GO with OBS

OBS, short for Open Broadcaster Software, is a popular screen recording and streaming tool among many game bloggers and Youtubers.

With OBS, you’re available to create a video with multiple professional configurations, like an audio mixer, transitions, audio sources, and scenes, etc.

To use OBS to record your CS: Go, follow these steps.

Step 1 Download OBS on your PC

Visit the official site of OBS and download it on your PC.

Step 2 Launch it and set up for recording

You need to do some preset first to allow OBS to record your gameplay.

On OBS, go to the Sources section, click the plus icon (+) to add a video source. Choose Window Capture/Game Capture, rename the source, then choose to capture the CS: GO window.

Add Video Source

Go to the Audio Mixer section, mute Audio Input Capture if you don’t want to record microphone sound.

Mute Audio Input Mixer

Step 3 Start recording

On the Controls section, click Start Recording, OBS will begin to record your CS: GO.

Click Stop Recording to complete the process.

Step 4 Locate the recordings

The video will be exported to the default folder.

To locate the folder and preview your video, you can go to File on the OBS’s interface and choose Show Recordings.

Then, OBS will open the folder for you.

OBS File Show Recording

Note: During the OBS recording, your CS: GO might be laggy.

That’s probably the default video settings is not compatible with OBS, you can adjust the settings in your CS: GO and solve the lagging problem.

In CS: GO, press Esc on the keyboard to open Menu, go to Help & Options > Video Settings.

  • Set Multiple Rendering to disabled,
  • And choose None on Multisampling Anti-aliasing Mode.

Click OK to apply. Once you change the two settings, there’ll be no lags in your CS: GO anymore.

Video Settings No Lag

Tips: You can also choose to record a demo on CS: GO

You can use the CS: GO gameplay console to record a demo for analysis when you don’t need to post or share it.

Tip: The demo will be a dem. format video which is not compatible with some media players. If you want to run the demo on your computer or share it with friends, you’d better convert it into an mp4. or wmv. file.

Now, let’s start by opening the console in CS: GO.

Launch CS: GO, go to Game Settings at the left bottom of the window, click Enable Developer Console, and set it to Yes.

Click Apply to confirm your action.

CSGO Demo Enable Console

The console is enabled, we need to set a shortcut for it.

Still, on Game Settings, go to Keyboard and Mouse, search for Toggle Console. Click it and you need to enter the key you want to set a shortcut to open a console. Again, click Apply to confirm the setting.

Next, you can start a new battle in CS: GO.

When you decide to start recording a demo, press the hotkey to open a console, then type in record xyz, CS: GO will record a demo for you. Type stop when you want to end the recording.

CS GO Demo Open Console

You can preview the demo via CS: GO too. On your console, enter playdemo xyz, the demo will be played in a full-screen window.

Where to find the demo file?

The demo file will be saved on a default folder named csgo.

To locate it, go to Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo, there, you can find your demo file in dem. format.

All in all, it’s not difficult to record your CS: GO gameplay when you use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder or OBS. Both gameplay recorders have pretty high-quality performance, you’ll have a great gaming video eventually. Also, to record a demo, use the CS: GO console.