There are several reasons why you would want to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio and video. It allows you to practice, to identify and resolve your weaknesses, to overcome any nerves that would typically prevent you from delivering a professional presentation. It also allows you to refine your content to ensure that your messages and themes come to record a powerpoint presentation banner

Record Powerpoint Presentation With Audio

As far as the actual process is concerned, the easiest approach would be to use the tools that PowerPoint has already provided. This involves the following:

1). Open your PowerPoint, go to the ‘Slide Show‘ tab, and select the ‘Record Slide Show‘ option.

2). Powerpoint will ask you to either start your recording from the beginning of your presentation or to start the recording from a particular slide.

3). Once you select the option that suits you, use the ‘Start Recording‘ option to begin.

4). At this point, you can start speaking into the microphone.

5). The recording management mechanisms are just as straightforward. You can pause, close, or use tools like ‘Laser Pointer‘, ‘Eraser‘, and ‘Highlighter‘ to refine your work.

6). You can also choose to delete the entire slide show or specific slides and narrations.

7). If you like what you’ve done, you can proceed to the ‘Save As‘ option to save your recording.

As you have probably noticed, that is a relatively simple, relatively straightforward approach. Using PowerPoint’s own tools, you can successfully record your presentation. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sleek, attractive, professionally made product.

Record Video and PowerPoint At The Same Time on Windows and Mac

If your objective is to create a polished presentation recording with audio and video at the same time, you are better off taking the following approach:

1). Start by identifying a suitable screen recording and video editing program, the kind you can trust to record video and PowerPoint at the same time.

Aiseesoft screen recorder should do nicely. It was designed to capture everything from YouTube videos to lectures, podcasts, Skype Calls, and everything in between.

As such, it gives you plenty of video and audio recording and editing options. You can record your computer’s internal audio, online audio (rather than downloading the files), and voices captured through the microphone.

It will take and save screenshots that you can adjust using the various editing tools at your disposal. You can add arrows, text, rectangles, and ellipses to your work. You can trim certain sections, add labels, and eliminate watermark issues.

You can record all the activity on your computer or limit the recording to specific windows. Simply put, you get a little bit of everything with Aiseesoft.

2). Activate the program and select the ‘Video Recorder‘ option.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the menu. Use it to make adjustments that will affect the final state of your recording. You have to set the right parameters to give the recording the professional sheen you want.Screen Recorder Settings Preferences

3). Once you are done, press the ‘Rec‘ button to start recording. Use the camera to capture footage of yourself. If you want audio, activate the ‘Microphone‘ option and start speaking into the microphone.Turn On Webcam

4). You can stop, pause, and restart the recording at any time. Once you are done, use the preview to analyze your footage. If you like what you see, save the recording in a format that suits you.Screen Recorder Recording Control Bar

5). If you want an audio recording, select the ‘Audio Recorder‘ option when you launch the software. This gives you another menu that you can use to set your parameters before you initiate the recording.


As you can see, the second option is just as simple and straightforward as the first. The only difference is the fact that, in this case, you have to download Aiseesoft on top of PowerPoint. But the process doesn’t change that drastically.

It should be noted that screen recording software cannot turn a bad presentation into a good one. It can only accentuate what you have already done. In other words, before you launch Aiseesoft, you are encouraged to inject significant effort into the preparation of your slides.

Identify the message you want to deliver and find the briefest and most effective method of communicating it. Once you have your presentation, screen recording software like Aiseesoft will merely improve upon it. You cannot rely on the program to build your presentation for you. It is designed to enhance presentations, not to necessarily make them.