“Hey, Rob. I got piles of music and movie DVDs in my basement, which you’ve already known. Recently, I think it’s such a waste to leave them there. And it occurs to me that I have an iPad lying idle. So I’m wondering if you can help me transfer all those movies and music from the DVDs to this iPad. Thanks a lot, buddy.”

A friend of mine texted me this, asking me if I can help him put his DVD collection onto his iPad. I guess, in this way, he could enjoy the disc music and movies without a DVD player and a big screen.

To be clear with you all, it’s not tough work to transfer DVD to an iPad and I’ve helped Dave out of this situation. Now, he’s probably enjoying the DVD movie with his iPad.

Interested in the DVD-to-iPad conversion? Check out the following section and see how to play a DVD on your iPad.

Part 1.DVD Copy Protection

When you insert a DVD into your computer and use the Copy&Paste feature of your computer, you may find out the duplicate you just made is unplayable.

Take out a disc and check carefully, you may find a Copy Protected sign on the surface that stands for Copy Protection.

DVD Copy Protected

To restrict unauthorized copy and even piracy, disc producers will apply multiple DVD copy protection methods on most commercial DVDs, which is quite useful.

However, such copy protection does stop piracy on the one hand and prevents us – the rightful owner of the disc, from making a disc backup and copy.

Luckily, we can use the professional DVD ripper software to bypass those copy protections and copy the disc successfully. Have no idea how to choose one? Use the recommended Tipard DVD Ripper.

About the Tipard DVD Ripper:

Known as one of the most popular and powerful DVD ripper tools, Tipard DVD Ripper is capable of solving all DVD copy protections. No matter what discs you import, Tipard will decrypt it and give you the availability to make a lossless copy of the disc.

Rip DVD for iPad

Also, for DVD-to-iPad conversion, Tipard supports to rip the DVD content into dozens of digital formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MP3, etc. Besides the digital formats, Tipard allows users to convert the DVD movie based on the target devices.

To find out more about it, click the button below to download it on your computer.

Part 2. Steps to put DVD onto iPad

To put a DVD onto your iPad, you need to do these 2:

1. Rip the DVD for iPad

Step 1 Load up the DVD to Tipard DVD Ripper

Insert the target DVD into the disc tray on your computer and launch Tipard DVD Ripper. On the initial interface, click the center big blue button to import the disc to Tipard.

Step 2 Decide the profile parameters of the output DVD movie/music

By default, the program will only rip the main movie from the disc, so if you want to convert some or all of the disc content, click the Full Title List and check the rest titles.

Next, you need to decide the audio channels and subtitle tracks (if there’re any) for each video or song.

Convert DVD to iPad Setup

Then, click the Rip All to option and decide the format for the disc content.

  • For movie DVD: Go to the Device tab and choose the Apple list, scroll down and find the 3 iPad-related options including iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPad Air. Choose one model based on your device.

Rip DVD for iPad Decide Format


You can lower the video quality of the DVD movie when there’s no enough storage space on your iPad.

Hit on the Custom Profile button to decide the resolution of the output. Click on the list under Resolution, choose one value depending on the valid space of your iPad.

Custom Profile for iPad-to-DVD

  • For music album: Go to the Audio tab and locate MP3, select the Same as Source option to rip the DVD music without quality loss.

Rip Music DVD for iPad

Step 3 Start to rip the DVD

Tick the Merge into one file when you plan to combine all the target titles into one digital file.

Now, you may click the Rip All button to start ripping the DVD for your iPad. When the process is complete, Tipard will open the output folder automatically. You may check your output file there and preview it.

2. Transfer the DVD movie/music to iPad

Now, we have the perfect DVD copy stored on our computer’s hard drive. The next thing we need to do is to put the DVD content onto your iPad. There’re multiple ways to transfer video and audio files from a computer to an iPad. One of the most common ones is using iTunes.

Method 1 Transfer DVD to iPad via iTunes:

Launch iTunes on your PC/Mac, locate File and choose the Add File to Library option from the drop-down list. Browse and locate the DVD movie/music and add it to the iTunes Library.

iTunes Add Files to Library

As iTunes finishes processing the import files, you may:

  • Go to the Movie Library and locate Home Video to check out the DVD movie.
  • Go to the Music Library and select the Unknown Album under the Recently Added tab. You can find the uploaded DVD music under Unknown Album.

Now, sync your iPad to iTunes via a USB cable. Drag the DVD content to the Devices list to put it onto your iPad. You can find the DVD movie in the Videos app and DVD music in the Music app.

Upload DVD Music to iPad iPhone

Method 2 Watch the DVD on iPad via iPhone Transfer

You may use some iTunes alternatives to transfer files between your computer and iOS devices, like the useful iPhone Transfer.

With the iPhone Transfer, you can easily transfer files from your computer to iPad without signing into your Apple account and waiting for the syncing.

All you need is to connect your iPad to the computer and one-click to transfer the DVD content to your tablet.

To warp up:

Now, all the details of transferring DVD to iPad are clear to you. You may start to convert your DVD for iPad right away. And all that matters is that you should pick up the right tool like Tipard DVD Ripper.