Everyone loves using Facebook to share him/herself and connect with friends. Facebook allows us to post pictures, words or videos, but what about posting pdf on Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t support uploading pdf in your Profile Page.  And you cannot post a pdf on Facebook directly. This inconvenience is caused by the limit of Facebook about pdf-sharing service on Profile pages.

However, on some occasions, we hope we can share pdf on Facebook. Just imagine, what if you want to share the pdf certificate you just obtained on Facebook? What if you would like to post one graph in a valuable report in pdf format? As an industry-standard format, pdf supports secure encryption for document flow. Thus, sharing pdf to others means providing more useful information to them.

So, in this article, we will walk you through some ways to attach pdf to Facebook post.

Five Ways to Share PDF on Facebook

Facebook allows users to post images, words, and links. Thus, to transfer a pdf to a shareable edition, you need a strong pdf editor and format converter. Luckily, pdfelement is an All-in-one tool helps you better edit and convert pdf files. Let’s see how it works to help you share pdf on Facebook.


#1. Transfer pdf to images to post on Facebook Profile

With the ‘Convert’ function of pdfelement, you can transform your pdf file into other formats, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Image, etc. Thus, for pdf documents like single-page posters or forms, you can use pdfelement to convert it as a JPG photo to post on Facebook Profile.

  • Download and launch pdfelement on your PC.
  • Drag the pdf file you want to post on Facebook to the program window.
  • Go to Convert, then select To Image.


  • To convert your pdf file to image, choose a location to save the converted pdf file, then you can add pdf to Facebook in image format.


#2. Extract words or images from pdf to share on Facebook

If you want to extract useful information from a scanned pdf and post it on Facebook, OCR function is necessary for you. With its strong technical support, pdfelement helps to recognize and convert scans into multilingual documents. Amazingly, pdfelement can use ORC to keep the layout and formatting elements of scans. Thus, you can extract target text from a file and share it on the Facebook profile. Apart from this, pdfelement also provides a convenient way to extract embedded images from pdf to separate image files. With these files, you can edit them freely and post on Facebook profile.

  • For a regular pdf file, you can launch the pdfelement program and click on the Selection tool for text and images button pdfelement-Selection-tool-for-text-and-images to enable text selection and copy.
  • For a scanned pdf, you can go to Convert, then choose the OCR buttonpdfelement-ocr to recognize scanned file as searchable and editable texts.

Depending on the file size, the process of ocr may take one or two minutes.

  • However, if you want post an encrypted pdf file to Facebook and you can’t remember the password of it, then you can use the pdf password remover to remove the restriction and follow the instruction above to put pdf on Facebook.

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#3.  Post pdf on Facebook by posting a link

What if you want to share the whole document with over 100 pages or a part of it? When the pdf file is too large, it’s unwise to convert the file to an image or extract all words to share. Luckily, Facebook allows you to share a link. So, you can store the file on some free file-sharing websites like fileden.com, box.net, sendspace.com, dropbox.com and post the link on Facebook.

Before transferring a pdf to a shareable edition, you may need to shorten, edit or add watermark on the document first. As a strong pdf editor, pdfelement provides an enjoyable experience for users to edit pdf files. With a few simple clicks, you can delete, cut, copy, paste, and insert words and images into a pdf file, even it is a scanned one.edit-text-in-pdfPages management is also one brilliant feature of pdfelement. It allows you to insert, reorder, crop, extract, delete and rotate pages to meet the diverse needs of users.pdfelement-edit-inserted-picture

#4. Upload pdf to Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business page supports users to upload pdf files as a menu. So, you can make use of this feature to upload the file in pdf format. Just open your Facebook page, click the ‘About’ button at the upper left side of the interface to load your page information. Then, find ‘more info’ tag and then click the ‘Add menu’. A pop-up like below will appear to let you share pdf on Facebook.

What if you find some mistakes in the forms of pdf file? Don’t worry, because pdfelement has provided good support for forms in pdf. You can fill pdf forms, extract data from digital and scanned pdf in bulk, and even insert a form into pdf files. The picture below shows an example of how to exact data from pdf files.

#5. Share pdf in a Facebook Group

If you were in a Facebook Group, you can also share a pdf file with the people in the same Facebook Group.

To do that, you just need to visit the Group page, click the ‘More’ button.

By selecting ‘Add File’, you can choose the target pdf document to upload. By the way, on the left side of the Group page, you can also click ‘Files’ > ‘Upload File’ to add the pdf files.

For the pdf will be shared in a Facebook group, you maybe do not want others to change the file or misuse it. Pdf Protection function of pdfelement helps to add restrictions preventing actions such as printing, editing, copying, etc. By clicking ‘File’>’Properties’>’ Security’, you can do more detailed settings about pdf file permissions. The picture below shows some detailed permissions you can set.


Above are simple methods to help you post pdf on Facebook. By making good use of strong and reliable pdf editing tools (e.g. pdfelement), sharing pdf on Facebook is just a piece of cake.