It bothers a lot when you finally acquired a rare movie or music DVD, you find it a Region 2 disc that cannot play on your Region 1 DVD player (US & Canada). But that doesn’t mean that you cannot play the DVD on US soil with your Region 1 device.

Today, I’ll help you out of this embarrassing situation of playing Region 2 DVD. I will tell you 3 methods that you can use to play a Region 2 DVD without errors at all. Continue your reading and find out more details.

Play Region 2 DVD

1. Why DVDs have region codes

First of all, the region code is a method that DVD publishers will add on commercial disks to control the global distribution. Disc with a region code can only be played by a Region-free DVD player or a DVD player that has the same region code.

In other words, if you want to watch a movie with a DVD, you can only go to the local store or Amazon (US) to purchase some Region 1 DVDs. You cannot get some secondhand Region 2 discs or ask your European or Japanese friends to send you some unless you have a Region 2 or Region-free DVD player.

In this way, you either get yourself a new Region 1 disc or purchase an expensive Region-free device.

2. How to play a Region 2 DVD

In this section, you’ll find 3 methods that you can use to play a Region 2 DVD. Pick up one that fits you most and play your Region 2 DVD.


Look carefully, you may find a PAL sign under the Region 2 mark.

DVD Region Code 2 PAL

PAL is a TV standard for European TVs, while in the US, the TV standard is NTSC. You buy a TV on US soil, it’s going to be an NTSC one, and in Europe and other parts of the world, it’ll be a PAL TV.

So, most Region 2 discs released in Europe or other regions are also PAL DVDs that cannot play on an NTSC TV.

  • What does that mean? Well, you cannot play a PAL Region 2 DVD with your purchased-in-US TV.

Method 1 Convert the Region 2 DVD to a digital file

If you try to play a Region 2 DVD on a big screen, I guess this is the only way to play it.

Since your NTSC TV is incapable of playing an NTSC DVD, you can use your computer to convert the DVD movie into a compatible digital file that can play on your big-screen. Check out more details below:

Step 1 Download a DVD converter program on your computer


Have no idea which DVD converter program you should use? Try Tipard DVD Ripper. Among tons of DVD converters, this is the one that makes a difference.

Despite the Region codes and all the other DRM methods on commercial DVDs, Tipard DVD Ripper can solve all those protections and convert the DVD content into digital files like MP4, MKV, AVI, and so on. Never have worries about the movie quality since Tipard will convert the DVD movie without any quality loss.

Rip Region 2 DVD

You don’t have to worry about Region codes or anything at all. After using this DVD converter to convert your DVD to a digital file, you’re available to watch the DVD movie through your TV.

Free Download here:

Step 2 Load up your DVD to Tipard DVD Ripper

Launch Tipard DVD Ripper on your computer and insert the Region 2 disc into the disc tray. Click the Load DVD option to import the disc to Tipard.


The DVD drive on your PC might still be Region 1 (USA). By the time you insert a Region 2 disc, it’ll prompt you to change the region code of the drive temporarily. You may set it as 2 for your DVD drive.

No notification pops out? Change the region code of the drive manually. Follow these:

Locate the Windows Logo button and R, hit them together to open up the Run box. Type devmgmt.msc in the Run box, click OK to open the Device Manager.

Open Device Manager to Change Region Code

Locate DVD/CD-ROM drives, below it’s your DVD drive, double-click it to open up the Properties window. Next, on the new Properties window, hit DVD Region.

Now, you’re available to set your DVD drive as Region 2.

Change DVD Drive Region Code

Click OK to confirm.

Be aware that you can only change the region code on your DVD drive 5 times. So be careful when you want to change it back to Region 1. If you have any other Region 2, take them all out, and let’s convert them at once.

Step 3 Decide the profile parameters of the output movie

Next, as Tipard finishes analyzing the DVD, you need to set up a few things.

  • First of all, click the Full Title List button if you want to convert any other clips of the disc since Tipard will only convert the main title for you by default.
  • Then, locate the Rip All to option and choose MP4 – Same as Source. In this way, Tipard will convert the DVD movie into an MP4 video without quality loss.
  • Decide the audio and subtitle of the output video.
  • Finally, decide the destination folder to save the output and you may choose to merge all videos into one file.

Convert DVD to MP4 with Tipard

Step 4 Finish the conversion

When everything is on set, click Rip All button to start converting your DVD into MP4.

The process will be complete in a few minutes. Tipard will open the destination folder by default, check out the DVD movie (.mp4) there.

Locate Ripping Videos

Now, you may upload the MP4 video to your big-screen through a USB flash drive. Or if your TV supports cloud sharing, do it anyway.

Tip: For Apple TV, you can stream the DVD movie.

Method 2 Switch to a Region 2 DVD player

The easiest way to play a Region 2 DVD is to get yourself a Region 2 or Region-free DVD player. A Region-free DVD player means that it carries no region code so it can play any DVDs in any region.

But when you purchase a Region 2 player, remember to get yourself a PAL TV.

Method 3 Change the region code of your DVD Player

There’re ways to make your DVD player Region-free. Check this out:

Step 1 Power on the player

Step 2 Open the tray

Step 3 Push the info on the remote

Step 4 Press 9 on the remote

Step 5 Power off the player

Step 6 Power on the play again

Now, the DVD player should be set in Region 9, the code for Region-free.

FAQ: Can I play a Region 2 DVD on PS4?

Some of you may wonder if you can use your PlayStation 4 to play a Region 2 DVD, the answer is positive.

By the time you sign up with your PSN account, this game will lock to a region that your account belongs. Let’s say you created this account in the US and your PS4 has locked to Region 1 since then.

But luckily, we can change the region code of your PS4 in seconds.

Follow these:

  • Insert the Region 2 DVD into the tray on your PS4.
  • Then, you’ll see the “to play this DVD, change the DVD region code of the PS4” note. Hit Next to change the region code.
  • Then, you’re available to change the region code to 2.

PS4 Region Change


Same as your computer’s DVD drive, you can only change the region code on your PS4 5 times. So if you have multiple Region 2 DVDs, try to convert them all to MP4 files.