“How to play Blu-ray on VLC? I got a lot of errors, how to fix those VLC Blu-ray errors, and play my movies?”

Play Blu-ray on VLC without Blu-ray Errors

VLC has dominated the digital media playback for years, especially on desktop – Windows, macOS, and Linux. Compared to Windows Media Player and QuickTime, VLC is the one that can be called almighty, since you can play almost all digital video and audio files on it.

However, you will get troubles when playing Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray ISO file, or Blu-ray folder on VLC.

We should know that VLC doesn’t support Blu-ray discs playback naturally unless we implement some decoding algorithm and key database files for Blu-ray content. On the other hand, due to digital right legality, AACS and BD+ DRM libraries and keys haven’t been shipped on the latest version of VLC. Accordingly, we got errors on VLC when try to enjoy our Blu-ray movie.

The errors that you may receive when playing Blu-ray on VLC:

  • This Blu-ray disc needs a library for aacs decoding, and your system does not have it.

  • This Blu-ray disc needs a library for BD+ decoding, and your system does not have it.

  • Your input can’t be opened: VLC is Unable to Open the MRL

  • Fix no valid processing key found in AACS config file

  • This Blu-ray disc requires Java for menus support

  • Mismatch between disc and player region codes

So, how can we play Blu-ray on VLC without errors? In other words, how to fix these Blu-ray errors on VLC?

How to Play Blu-ray on VLC - Install aacs/BD+ Decoding Library and Fix Unable to Open Problem

Originally, VLC can play non-DRM-protected Blu-ray content like homemade Blu-ray disc, however, when it comes to commercial Blu-ray movies, VLC is at a loss of what to deal with these discs. Most Blu-ray discs that we buy from the market are protected by AACS (Advanced Access Content System), BD+, and even CINAVIA, as a result, to play Blu-ray on VLC you will need some decoding libraries and key database.

As many people want to play commercial Blu-ray disc on VLC with their computer, let us figure how to bring encrypted Blu-ray disc playback capability to VLC on your computer. We will take Windows for instance.

In the following instruction, we need to install two files – libaacs.dll and KEYDB.cfg. You can download them at the below links.


/KEYDB.cfg download

Disclaimer: leave us a message, if you can’t download the above files.

Then, we will put these two files respectively to the directories that VLC can call.

Step 1 Put libaacs.dll into the folder of VLC install directory, it usually looks like this:

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC

Step 2 Create a folder named “aacs” then move the folder to


You can easily open the directory: press Win + R, then type %appdata% into the text field, click OK.

After all this, please make sure that you have done everything right.

Now, you are ready to have your Blu-ray movie on with VLC.

Have Trouble Playing Blu-ray on VLC? Try to Use Our Blu-ray Player Software

Since libaacs.dll and KEYDB.cfg haven’t been updated for a long time, it happens that you can’t play the newest Blu-ray movies on VLC though you have done everything precisely.

In this case, you should try to use our dedicated Blu-ray Player software for Windows and macOS.

With the pre-install DRM decoding libraries, you can play almost all kinds of Blu-ray disc even Blu-ray ISO and Blu-ray folder without any complicated configuration.

Rip Blu-ray disc to Unprotected Videos and Play with Any Normal Players

Besides playing the Blu-ray disc directly on your computer with VLC, you have another option, which is to rip the Blu-ray movie into a regular digital video file, so that you can play the movie on any normal player on your computer, even transfer the movie to your phone.

You do that you will need to install Blu-ray Ripper.

How to Change Region Code of VLC Media Player

Region Code is a kind of digital rights management technique that is used to control the international distribution of a DVD or Blu-ray content.

When you see “Mismatch between disc and player region codes” on the interface of VLC, it means the region code of you VLC and the one of the Blu-ray disc that you want to play are not matched, as a result, VLC can’t play the disc for you. While it is easy to fix the problem.

Step 1 On the interface of VLC, press Ctrl + P to open the preferences box. Then switch from Simple to All at the left-bottom corner.

Change Region Code for Blu-ray on VLC

Step 2 Move to the menu column on the left side, browse to Input/Codecs > Access modules (double clicks to open the drop-down menu) > Blu-ray. You will see a region code drop-down option that you can choose a region code that you need.

Below is a Blu-ray region code international list.

  • Region A: North America, South America, U.S. Territories, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia.
  • Region B: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Region C: Asia (except for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia).
  • Region ABC : Classified as region-free as it applies to countries listed in Regions A, B, and C.

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