Making an audio file on Windows 10 is no big deal, you can easily achieve that with the help of a Windows 10 audio recorder.

Using an audio recorder on your Windows 10 computer, you’re able to record the currently running sound and output an audio file, like you can record the sound of YouTube videos, music playback, or an online meeting/interview/lecture.

Also, you can record your own voice with a microphone device as a voice message to your loved ones, the narration of your how-to video, or maybe dubbing of movie clips.

To help you record an audio file on your Windows 10 machine, this tutorial will show you 2 very easy methods. You can pick one and start your audio recording right away.

Windows 10 Make Audio File

How to make an audio file with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can help you make a very high-quality audio file with very easy operation.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a professional video/audio recording application for both Windows and Mac users. Once installed, you can use it to record an up-to-lossless audio file.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Make Audio File Windows 10

Besides the unequaled audio recording performance, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder offers a massive amount of considerate features, including

  • Trimming ability: You can trim the audio file after making one;
  • Hotkey activation: You just need to press certain keys on the keyboard to start recording audio;
  • Quick access to output: There’s no need to worry about missing the audio file;
  • Adjustable configurations: The format, quality, destination of the output are all changeable;
  • Etc.

Now, let’s use the program to make an audio file on your Windows 10 computer.

Step 1 Download Screen Recorder on your PC

Step 2 Start to record audio

Launch Screen Recorder, and choose Audio Recorder.

Aiseesoft Audio Recorder Audio Source
On the Audio Recorder window, you need to decide the audio source for your file.

  • To record the sound playing on your computer, turn on System Sound.
  • Turn on Microphone when you play to record the sound from a microphone device.
  • You can turn on both if you like to.

Finish choosing the source, click REC or press the hotkey “Ctrl + Alt + S” on the clipboard to initiate an audio recording.

The program will open a tiny panel to display the real-time length of the audio file.

Recording Audio Stop Pause Adjust Volume

During the recording, you can

  • Click Pause on the panel to take a break or skip some segments amid the recording;
  • Click Settings to have access to adjust the volume
  • Set an ending time for your audio recording through the Schedule button.

When you finish the recording, click Stop. You are available to check out the audio file on a pop-out window immediately.

Make An Audio File Save Trim

On the window, you can trim the audio file. To save it on your computer, you need to click Save and choose a folder where you can store it.

Quick Access to output files:

You can locate your files by opening the folder directly or clicking the Recording history button on the interface.

FAQs: How to make an mp3 file on Windows 10?

To record an mp3 file, you need to click Output Settings on Audio Recorder. Then, set the Audio Format as MP3. Click OK and Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will make an mp3 file for you.

Record MP3 File Windows 10 Audio Recorder

How to use Voice Recorder to make an audio file on Windows 10

There’s a pre-installed audio recorder on all Windows 10 computer named Voice Recorder. It’s not a desktop application, so you may never see it on your computer or hear of it.

You can use this built-in audio recording tool to record an audio file on your Windows 10 computer too. check out the steps below to locate and use the tool.

Step 1 Launch Voice Recorder

You can use the searching function of Windows 10 to locate the software.

Click the icon of a magnifier on the taskbar of the desktop, and type in Voice Recorder, launch the software then.

Windows 10 Locate Voice Recorder

Step 2 Record an audio file

On Voice Recorder, click Settings to set up the shortcut and other options.

Then, click Record or press the default hotkey Ctrl + R to start the recording.

Voice Recorder Start Recording

Click Stop when you finish the recording.

You can preview and trim the file then, click Save, the recorded file will be stored as an m4a file on your PC. The file will be listed on the left side of Voice Recorder, you may check out your audio there.

Voice Recorder Start Record

Now, the methods for making an audio file on Windows 1o computer are all clear to you. You can start to record yourself a perfect audio file with the above two audio recorders.

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