Spotify Offline Mode: How to Listen to Spotify Offline (Without Premium)

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What is the worst blow to a music fan?

It’s when you’re standing in the middle of nowhere that has a poor Internet connection or no WiFi, like a mountain cabin, plane, metro. or ocean liner, and you cannot stream your Spotify music properly.

As the music stops, happiness fades.

Spotify Offline Mode Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium

So, music fans, do you want to enjoy your Spotify music offline on your phone or other devices no matter where you go?

In this tutorial, I’ll tell you how to listen to Spotify music offline without WiFi or data. No matter you’ve signed up for the Premium plan or still use the free plan on Spotify, you’ll find a way to enjoy Spotify offline.

Listen to Spotify Offline:

Solution 1: Spotify Downloads – How to Listen to Spotify songs and podcasts offline

Solution 2: Spotify Music Downloader – Listen to Spotify offline without Premium

Solution One: Spotify Downloads – How to Listen to Spotify Offline

Spotify allows users to download music and podcasts on private devices.


Only those who have upgraded to Premium have the availability to download all the music items.

As for free-version users, you can only download Podcasts from your library.

Follow these to download Spotify songs and podcasts on your device.

Step 1

Launch Spotify on your phone, PC, or other devices.

Step 2

Locate the target playlist, album, or podcast.


You cannot download one song specifically. Either you choose to download a whole album or a playlist. But you may create a playlist that has only one song.

Step 3

Over the playlist or album, turn the Download button into Downloaded. On some devices, you may find a Download button like this: Spotify Download Button.

Download Spotify Music on Android Phone Offline

When the download is complete, those songs or podcasts are now saved on your phone or PC and ready to be played offline.


When you’re disconnected from a WiFi network, Spotify will continue to play all items under the current queue including those downloaded and not by using mobile data.

To avoid wasting the mobile data and causing extra fees, you’d better switch to Offline Mode on Spotify.

FYI: Turn on Spotify Offline Mode to Use Spotify Offline without WiFi

The Spotify Offline Mode is so convenient and considerate.

Once you enable it on your device, whenever you’re out of WiFi connection, Spotify will never stop the playback.

Instead, Spotify will start to play those songs or podcasts that you’ve downloaded on the device, never giving up on delivering you acoustic pleasure.

This feature even prevents the app from wasting mobile data on your phone to play songs. So, with this Offline Mode on, you should never worry about running out of mobile data and having extra bills.

Steps to use Spotify Offline Mode

On your phone, launch Spotify. Locate Settings > Playback. Find the Offline option and turn it on. Exit the interface then.

Turn on Spotify Offline Mode

From now on, your Spotify will start to play the downloaded items when you’re using cellular data on the phone. When you’re on WiFi, Spotify will automatically run in Online Mode.


After you’ve set Spotify in Offline Mode, make sure your Spotify goes online at least once every 30 days. Otherwise, those downloads are no longer playable on your device.

Solution Two: Spotify Music Downloader – Listen to Spotify songs offline without Premium

Given that only the Premium users can download songs on Spotify, those who are using the free plan may want to know how to listen to Spotify offline without Premium.

  • The answer is to use a Spotify downloader program to get the songs from Spotify to your device.

A Spotify downloader is the kind of software that can help you bypass the restrictions of Spotify and download the songs from Spotify onto your computer.

In this way, you can listen to Spotify music offline. You should neither pay for the Premium nor worry about your mobile data drain.

So, how to pick up a Spotify music downloader? Try the recommended Musify.

Musify – A perfect Spotify music downloader

To download music without Premium, Musify got you covered.

Capable of encrypting those protection methods of Spotify, Musify gives you full access to Spotify’s music library and you’re available to download whatever song, playlists, albums you like within seconds.

Save Spotify on PC/phone

Musify helps you save the Spotify music on your computer hard drive. For mobile playback, transfer the songs to your phone. Then, you can listen to the Spotify songs on your phone offline.

Output format

With this Spotify downloader, you can save the Spotify music on your computer as MP3 files which is the most compatible audio format that runs on every phone and player.

Moreover, Spotify supports 7 more output formats including WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc.

Output quality

As a music fan, what do you care about most? The quality of the music file, right?

Musify will preserve the original quality, audio tracks, subtitles, and album cover for you. Basically, you will have a complete duplicate of the Spotify song on your device.

Customized download

To further optimize the quality of the output Spotify music, you’re available to decide the bit rate, sample rate, and channel of the files.

Now, click the button below and get Musify to save Spotify music on your computer.

Steps to listen to Spotify songs offline without Premium

Step 1Import Spotify music to Musify

Visit Spotify Web and sign in with your account. Locate the song or playlist on the Web version, copy the URL.

Copy Spotify Song URL

Launch Musify and click the Paste URL button.

Paste URL Down Musify Import Song Playlist

Step 2 Start the download

Then, this Spotify downloader will process the link and get you every song from this link.

  • When this link contains only one song, Musify will start to save the song on your computer.
  • If you insert a playlist, you may need to select the target songs from it. Click Download to start.

Import Playlist to Musify Decide Songs

Step 3 Locate the Spotify music

When the download is complete, you may go to the Downloaded tab on Musify and find all the songs there. To locate the music files on your computer hard drive, click the Open the file button.

Open File Location Musify

From now on, you’re available to listen to Spotify music without WiFi or data. Most importantly, you don’t need to pay for the Premium.

FAQs for Spotify

It’s hard to tell.

Based on your Spotify streaming quality settings, you may burn dozens of megabytes from hundreds of megabytes a day. When you set the audio stream as the highest quality, you may burn 2GB or more data in a week.

Spotify Data Usage

There are two reasons for this: neither you’ve not signed up for Spotify Premium nor you have a bad Internet connection on your device.

For the first reason, you may choose to upgrade to Premium or download the Spotify songs via a Spotify downloader.

As for the second one, try to reconnect your WiFi connection or restart your mobile data.