How to Get Into A Locked iPhone Without Password

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No one will ever doubt the security of the iPhone. That unbreakable screen lock stops every unauthorized access with bad intentions if you keep your passcode a secret.

However, on the other hand, the firm and solid screen lock will also be an obstacle that stops us from getting into the iPhone if we forget the passcode. The situation gets worse when the Face ID is not working properly.

Recalling the screen passcode seems to become the one and only key to getting into your iPhone, which is, of course not. We have other methods to get into your locked iPhone without the passcode. In this post, we will unveil 4 methods to get into a locked iPhone. You can easily pick one and try it on your locked iPhone.

How to Get Into A Locked iPhone Without Password

Quick FYI: What It Takes to Enter A Locked iPhone Without Passcode

There’s this crucial thing that iPhone users need to know. Once you forget the passcode on your iPhone and you cannot retrieve it, the only solution left to get into this locked iPhone is a factory reset.

Due to the strong protection that Apple security offers, no official or third-party tools can get you into the locked iPhone without a factory reset.

A factory reset conducted by specific tools can erase everything on the iPhone including the lock screen, passcode, and all personal data. This is inevitable.

To avoid possible data loss caused by the factory reset, you’d better try to back up your locked iPhone. Then, move to a factory reset.

Method 1: Get into A Locked iPhone with iTunes/Finder

iTunes is the first tool that pops into our minds when there’s any issue with an iPhone. And iTunes can surely help us get into a locked iPhone if we don’t have the passcode.

To use iTunes to get into your locked iPhone, we need to first boot the handset into Recovery mode, a preset mode planted on iPhone for force connection and factory reset.

Recovery Mode Is A Must

  • It may confuse you why Recovery mode is so important. Well, first of all, your iPhone will not be recognized by iTunes and the computer when the handset is locked for more than 60 minutes.

Unlock iPhone to Use USB Accessories

  • Also, the original Restore iPhone feature of iTunes cannot unlock a handset with Find My iPhone activated. You have to disable the feature on the iPhone settings then iTunes can help.

These are the same rules that go to Finder on Mac, too. So, booting up the Recovery mode is a necessary step to unlock your iPhone. Let’s start!

Step 1: Boot Up Recovery Mode

  • Power off your iPhone first.
  • Then, locate the Volume Up key, press it, and quickly release it.
  • Repeat the press-and-release on the Volume Down key.
  • Hit and hold the Power key. Don’t release it till you see the Recovery mode screen.
  • Take out a valid USB lightning and connect the iPhone to the computer now.

iPhone Recovery Mode

Step 2:

iTunes (or Finder if you use a Mac) will then start up by itself and begin to scan your locked iPhone. It will open a prompt window telling you that to fix this iPhone, you can either Restore or Update it.

Unfortunately, the Update is never going to help. To get into the lock iPhone, we will have to reset it through the Restore feature here. Hit Restore to proceed.

Update Restroe iPhone Under Recovery Mode via iTunes

Next, iTunes will start to download the firmware package that will be later used for the restoration. When it’s done, you may need to hit the Restore button again.

iTunes will then start to unlock your iPhone. You can get into the unlocked iPhone soon.


When Find My iPhone is activated on this iPhone, you will have to enter your Apple ID and password after iTunes restores your iPhone. The Activation Lock screen will be turned on and there’s no other way to get rid of it. Simply enter your Apple account details to disable this screen.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Method 2: Get into A Locked iPhone with iCloud Find My

You may misunderstand Find My iPhone as trouble as it stops us from using iTunes to unlock an iPhone. Well, it is actually a pretty good official utility for iPhone users to get into a locked iPhone. All it takes is a browser on any PC, mobile, or tablet.

Read on:

Step 1:

Visit iCloud Find My and enter the credentials of the Apple ID that you’ve signed in on the locked iPhone.

The browser will ask you to enter a 6-digit code to pass the verification. When your iPhone is locked, you can’t get the code from the iPhone screen. Try to hit the Didn’t get a code option on the login page. Then, ask Apple to send you to code via a trusted phone number or email.

Two Factory Authentification iCloud Login

Get the 6 digits and enter it on the login page. Verified!

Step 2:

Next, iCloud Find My will display a map where your locked iPhone will be shown. Choose it and hit Erase iPhone.

Erase iPhone with Find My iPhone

Hit Erase on the pop-up to confirm.

Method 3: Get into A Locked iPhone with 4uKey iPhone Unlocker

Want to get into a locked iPhone without a passcode and iCloud password? Sure, try a third-party unlocking, 4uKey.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Interface

If you got locked out of your iPhone, 4uKey will be the perfect troubleshooter. It’s easy, handy, and efficient. After you download the app on your computer, it helps you remove the lock screen in minutes without entering any digits. All you need to do is to do some clicks on the program. You won’t have to suffer from complex and demanding verification at all.

Whether your iPhone is locked or even disabled, don’t worry. 4uKey will remove every kind of screen that stops your access. Face ID, Touch ID, pattern lock, pin code, or disabled screen will be removed in bulk. You won’t have to repeat any operation. Clear all locks in one click.

Download the program and let’s see how 4uKey helps us get into the locked iPhone.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Step 1

Complete loading 4uKey on your computer and launch the program afterward. To get into your locked iPhone with this iPhone unlocker, hit Start on the initial interface to activate the Unlock iPhone feature.

Next, the program will list some consequences of using 4uKey to unlock your iPhone, including:

  • All content and settings will be erased when the unlock is complete;
  • The iOS version will be refreshed to the latest.

Click Next if you’re okay with both.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Connect Device

Step 2

Then, connect your locked iPhone to this computer using a USB cable. Make sure the cord on the machine and the wire are both valid. Keep the connection stable.

4uKey will take a second or two to detect your iPhone. However, if is says No Device Detected, you’d better follow its on-screen resolution to boot your iPhone to DFU mode or Recovery Mode.

4uKey will find your iPhone and sync to it when the mode is activated.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Prompt DFU Mode

Step 3

Once detected, you will be moved to the next step. There, 4uKey will ask you to download the firmware that will be later used for unlocking. Hit Download to load the files.

4uKey iOS Unlocker start to Download

Step 4

Loading done! 4uKey will immediately prompt you to start unlocking your iPhone. Click on Start Remove on its interface to enable the unlock.

Within minutes, 4uKey will finish the process and you will see the sign Screen Lock Removed Successfully on its interface. Disconnect your iPhone from the machine and boot your iPhone.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Remove Successfully

This time, you’re able to get into this iPhone without a screen lock.

Method 4: Get into A Locked iPhone with Find My

Do you have other Apple devices, like an iPhone or an iPad? If you do, this method may help you. Read on.

Since a lot of people have multiple Apple accounts for individual, business, or academic needs, it’s very important to make this straight. When the locked iPhone and your second Apple handset or tablet share the same Apple account, the Find My app on your second device will help you.

Apple Find My App

Unlock your second Apple mobile or tablet, launch the Find My app, and hit the Devices tab at the bottom.

From the device list, select the locked iPhone you’ve forgotten the passcode on. Then, scroll down and find Erase This iPhone. Tap on the option and the app will start to wipe out the lock screen of your iPhone.

Erase This iPad or iPhone Via Find My


iTunes will not recognize any iPhone that’s locked or disabled for more than one hour. If you still want to use iTunes to fix your iPhone, you need to activate the Recovery Mode on your iPhone.

First of all, power off your iPhone. Next, depending on your iPhone model, we have different steps.

When you’re using iPhone 8, X, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Pro/Max/Plus), or anything newer:

  • Press the Volume Up key and release,
  • Press the Volume Down key and release,
  • Press and hold the Side button.

When you’re using iPhone 7 (Plus):

  • Long press both the Volume Down and Side buttons.

If you’re using iPhone 6, 5, SE (1st Gen), or anything earlier:

  • Long press both the Home and Side buttons.

Release the button(s) when you see the Recovery Mode screen. Take out a USB cable and connect your iPhone to iTunes now. iTunes will detect your iPhone this time.

Sometimes when we are about to turn off the screen lock passcode function on our iPhone, we will fail to do it. Because the Turn Off Passcode option is greyed out. No matter how hard we tap on it, it won’t work.

If this is what bothers you, you can fix it by resetting your iPhone settings. Follow this path: Settings > General > Reset (or Transfer or Reset iPhone) – Reset – Reset All Settings.

Reset iPhone Network Settings

Then, restart your iPhone and try to disable the passcode again.



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