It’s such an enjoyment to watch a DVD movie sitting on the couch at home or use a game disk to play a video game. However, the delicate DVD will always bring you a bummer, one of which is the scratched surface.

Frequent use, mistreatment, improper storage, and pointy stuff, are all possible causes of a scratched DVD. Some DVD lovers might be lucky that those scrapes aren’t deep enough that the DVD is still readable and playable with a built-in fault-tolerant chip. However, some viewers can no longer play this badly damaged DVD.

To regain the movie/game/music, continue your reading on this tutorial and find several positive methods to fix your scratched DVD.

How to Fix Scratched DVD Poster

Tips for Removing DVD Scratches

Before starting to check out all the possible methods, there are a few things that you should know.

1. Check if the scratched DVD is repairable

Hold up the DVD in bright lights, and any light penetrates, or worse, goes through the disk, don’t waste your time on the disk anymore. Buy a new one because the data storage layer gets pierced.

2. Unbend your DVD

If the scratched DVD is also bent, flatten it first. Put your DVD into a paper bag and lay it on a level surface like a table. Then, place a pile of books in the bag and wait for one day or two. The DVD will be unbent after that.

3. Ready some soft cloth

All the methods you find later require wiping the disk. To avoid further damage, you’d better prepare a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Some lens cleaning paper or eyeglass cloth will be good, too.

Soft Cloth for Cleaning DVD
Caution: Don’t use tissues that you think are very soft, however, in fact, it’s pretty rough from the micro view.

4. Prepare some fillers

DVD scratch removal is all about filling up the scratches with some fillers like:

  • Vaseline
  • Peanut butter (must be the creamy not, crunchy ones will damage the disc)
  • Toothpaste
  • Rubbing compound
  • Furniture cleaner
  • Wax materials or professional DVD scratch remover

Be cautious that don’t apply any stuff that has alcohol or gasoline that will further destroy the DVD layers.

Peanut Butter

5. Clean the DVD

Clean all the possible dust and fingerprints with a window/glass cleaner or just some water spray and a soft cloth.

How to Remove DVD Scratches

To fix a scratched DVD, take out the filler and soft cloth.

To begin with, you need to resurface the disc. Use filler like Vaseline, toothpaste, or others. Rub the filler on the scratches and gently smear it from the center to the edge in a circular motion to cover up the entire surface. Make sure every single scratch is full.

Next, wait for 10 minutes to let the filler fix the scratches. Then, spray water, disc cleaner, or glass cleaner to remove the filler.

Use a soft cloth to wipe out all the water left. Till no water and filler stay, take a closer look at the disc surface. See if the scratches are removed or not.

Clean Polish DVD Disc

If some scratches remain, repeat the same process till the surface is 100% fixed.

Bonus: Back Up DVD Content to PC or Cloud

DVDs are just too fragile, so why not make a copy of the disk content and store the duplication on a computer, portable hard drive, cloud, or another DVD?

With the backup, we shall no longer worry about the possible data loss due to a scratched, bent, cracked, or expired DVD.

Besides, we can easily stream DVD movies and music on any device without popping the disc anymore. Also, we won’t have to wait for the loading process of analyzing the disc when we use a DVD player.

How to Back Up DVD Content

To make a copy of the DVD, we will need help from your computer and a DVD copy program. Since most DVDs are copy-protected to stop piracy, only a powerful DVD copier helps us bypass the protection and back up the disc.

In case you don’t know much about the DVD Ripper, try the popular and easy-to-use Tipard DVD Ripper.

DVD Ripper

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  • Remove DRMs and Region Code

*Support All DVD Formats

It’s an all-in-one DVD manager that helps you rip, copy, create, clone, and convert a DVD. With its copy feature, you can easily back up your DVDs on a computer in just a few minutes. The duplication is available to transfer to multiple devices with its great DVD protection removal capacity.

To warp up

To fix a scratched DVD, you can use the previous methods with those tools that are easily accessible. However, if the disk is damaged so badly that nothing can fix it, simply purchase another one.

Also, it’s vital to make a backup of the DVD on your computer. Try the ripper tool I introduced above.

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