How To Fix A Long Distance Relationship (Save the Romance)

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Problems happen in any commitment, especially in long distance relationships. People even say that such trials are what make LDRs stronger and last longer.

Well, it’s not always the case. Some issues are just too big that they could tear apart months or years of romance in a single day. Yes! Not to mention, the long distance relationship itself is already a huge challenge to keep burning.

Now, if you’re in a long distance relationship that’s on the brink of collapse and you want to save it, this article is written for you. This can also help LDR couples who just want to avoid getting into serious and relationship-threatening fights. What are you waiting for? Read on!

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FYI: What Causes Issues in A Long Distance Relationship

Before we dig into the tips to fix problems in a long-distance relationship, you must be aware of what causes such things to occur in the first place. That way, you or your partner won’t make the same mistakes over and over again until both of you are tired of LDR.

Here are the most common causes of problems in a long distance relationship:

Lack of Trust

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Without it, your long distance partner would feel insecure, as you perceive them as susceptible to temptations/failures. In effect, conflict may arise.

Another way that shows a lack of trust is by overthinking. It’s normal to have fears about your long-distance relationship. More often than not, most people have thoughts of their partners lying or whatnot.

Texting Long Distance

It’s okay, but if that keeps piling up and you don’t have any reason to think about them, that could start a series of misinterpretations. And such would surely result in a fight because your partner would feel less trustworthy.

No Plans for The Future

One of, if not, the primary cause of significant conflict in a long distance relationship is if there are no plans for the future or if only one of you is planning. If you or your partner don’t look forward to moving in and making life with you, it could make either of you feel stagnant or trapped.

You may even feel that there’s no progress and you’re just wasting your time. Eventually, one of you will slowly give up, which is manifested through constant fighting, doubts, and cold wars. In some cases, other people just wake up and just feel totally indifferent about the relationship.

Lack of Communication

This depends on your relationship. But one thing is sure, without regular communication and constant conveying of honest feelings and thoughts, one of you will accumulate anguish, which would explode into misunderstanding and unwanted fights.

Another side of it is how often the both of you communicate with each other.

  • You are too clingy online. You always text or call your partner even during busy hours.
  • You may also have little to no updates or replies for long periods, especially when the message is urgent.

Lack of physical communication is a culprit of LDR issues, too! Even though you’re on LDR, you need to consider how long since the both of you met or went on an actual date. Being able to talk in person is much better when it comes to making decisions and fixing problems in the relationship.

Suspicions of Cheating

Of course, cheating is bad and more often than not, unforgivable. It’s a serious crime in any relationship. In the same way, accusing your long distance partner of cheating is a big deal, especially if you don’t have proof at all. Such a move could potentially turn into a huge fight or breakup.

Now that you know the possible causes that put an LDR at risk, below are the things you can do to save your long distance relationship.

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Tip 1: Put More Trust

In case the issues are caused by a lack of trust by either party in the relationship, Investing in more trust is the right course of action. For example, if you tend to be doubtful about your LDR partner’s decisions on work or life in general, try not to shove your doubts on them, especially if they did not ask for your opinion.

Just be there and let them know you trust them and that you support their endeavors. Doing so will eventually undo all the fights you had over trust issues and such. Believe in your partner and be good support.

Long Distance Relationship Couple

Another perspective on trust in LDR is when you or your partner hangs out with nearby friends. Of course, since you’re both not physically together, you both need some company from time to time. And that’s where friends come in.

Avoid guilt-tripping your partner that they’re hanging out with their friends because they got bored of you. No, it’s not always the case. In fact, letting your partner socialize and trusting that they’re doing what’s best for them is healthy for both of you.

Tip 2: Look Forward to Your Relationship’s Future

If you don’t have plans to meet your LDR partner when you can or you have no plans to be with them soon, it can make them feel less of a priority. Such a feeling could snowball into them being cold and less interactive with you. More often than not, it could start a fight that could end the relationship.

So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Talk about your plans with your partner.
  • Ask your partner about their plans for the relationship.
  • Discuss moving in together or whatever kind of setup you like

By knowing that both of you are committed to meeting and being together, you give hope to the success of the relationship. This can resolve doubts about each other’s seriousness and even eliminate unnecessary conflicts in this regard.

Tip 3: Communicate More or Less

Regardless of your LDR setup, we can all agree that open communication is a vital factor in fixing relationship problems. As long as both of you are communicating your feelings, grudges, etc. openly to each other, you can overcome any issue that comes your way.

But how about day-to-day communication? In LDR, you will have to text, call, chat or video call your partner to be with them. However, the way we communicate can be the cause of issues at times.

Some people tend to spam their partners to death. Being virtually clingy is uncool. Your partner has things to do as well and they can’t be on the phone 24/7. While others tend to be less consistent with their daily or weekly updates to their partner.

Long Distance Communication

In LDRs, it’s an unwritten rule to at least update your partner about you and your day. You need to reply to them even if it takes hours or a day. And the less the interaction, the more the other party overthinks or feels indifferent toward the relationship.

So, if you don’t want your relationship to get into trouble because of such issues, discuss and agree on how you should communicate. Compromise and find out if communicating more or less is best for the relationship.

Nevertheless, maintaining balanced communication where you’re not too clingy but you’re interactive when necessary.

Tip 4: Avoid Overthinking Things

There’s a lot to overthink when you’re in a long distance relationship. You’d wonder about who your partner is hanging out with or where they are. They’re just two examples. And they could slowly erupt into a misunderstanding between both parties. Misunderstanding while both of you are away from each other is dangerous to the relationship.

Aside from that, you should also avoid:

  • Overthinking your partner’s actions
  • Putting words into your partner’s mouth like misinterpreting their words.

If your partner did or said something that has many meanings, don’t interpret it into what you want or hate to hear from them. Always base their statements on the situation and context. Otherwise, you’d be lost in translation.

If that’s the case, always ask your partner what they mean. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for clarification. Don’t get offended right away. If you want to save the relationship, understanding more and overthinking less should be your goal.

Tip 5: Do Not Accuse Your Partner of Cheating without Proof

The most common cause of why long distance relationship gets at risk is cheating. Yes! Cheating is very likely for those LDRs who can’t just keep their hands to themselves. However, it’s a different story if you accuse your partner of cheating without proof.

Doing so will not only endanger the relationship, but will also exhibit trust issues, overthinking, jealousy, and more. Such things are big red flags in any relationship, especially LDR.

Long Distance Relationship Fight

If you don’t have evidence that your partner has been disloyal to you, do not attempt to bring it up to them. It’s just wrong on so many levels, especially if you’re suspicion is incorrect. And even if it’s true but you’re unsure, you just can’t risk it. Because they’ll be able to twist it and make it your fault.

How to Catch Your Long-Distance Partner Cheating with mSpy

Well, if you don’t have enough proof that your LDR partner is cheating or cheated at some point, don’t worry! There’s a spy tool for Android and iPhones that you can use called mSpy. It can remotely monitor all your partner’s phone activities without them knowing. After all, what better place to look for evidence than their smartphone, right?

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All you need to do is find a way to install mSpy on your partner’s phone when you meet. After that, you can check all their phone data anywhere. And these are the following features that you can use:

  • SIM Activities – mSpy can spy on your partner’s SMS, contacts, and call logs. You’ll know if they have been in contact with someone else in secret.
  • Social Media Chats – You can also check messages on Social Media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Cheaters usually use such apps to hide their dirty affairs.
  • GPS Location – If you want to know if your partner is in a hotel or if they always lie about their whereabouts, mSpy can locate their phones. You will know the exact address and the time & date they visited the place.
  • Installed Apps – There will be a list of all the installed apps, too. This can help you find out if your partner has installed dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, etc.

Apart from those promising features that can help you catch a cheater, there are more functions that you may find useful for monitoring your partner’s actions. mSpy can hack their calender, keywords, photos, videos, and more. If you want to use mSpy, just click on the banner above to get started.


There’s no manual on how to fix a long distance relationship. After all, every LDR has unique setups and situations. Not to mention, having problems in a long distance relationship is inevitable.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your best to solve the issues together. If you really want your long-distance relationship to survive the test of distance and time, we recommend that you refer to the general tips above. By being aware of the things you can and can’t do, you will be able to eliminate the things that could threaten the relationship.


Yes. There are many successful long-distance relationships. Studies suggest that people who are in long-distance relationships get the same amount of contentment as those who are close together. In fact, most couples in LDR are less likely to feel trapped in the commitment.

There are two major factors that make long-distance relationships fail– cheating and lack of planning. The former is pretty much self-explanatory. When someone cheats big time, it can hurt so much that your love and trust toward each other can no longer be relied on. The latter leads to failure because you have to move in together at some point. If you don’t have plans, then you’re not taking the relationship seriously enough.

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