How to Factory Reset iPad Without Passcode

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A factory reset will give an iPad new life.

A Forgotten screen passcode, the overloaded system, or undefined bugs will all be gone when a factory reset is complemented. The Apple tablet will then be restored to factory settings. No screen lock, lags, or bugs stop your access and usage.

To achieve a handy factory reset, an iPad owner must pass the lock screen, enter the Settings app, and enter the iCloud password to disable Find My iPad. However, this easy process may be hard to complete if you don’t have the screen passcode or iCloud password.

It may sound a bit impossible but we can use iTunes or iCloud to factory reset the iPad without a passcode or password under certain circumstances. Also, other than the demanding iCloud and iTunes, we have third-party unlocker apps to erase an iPad.

How to Factory Reset iPad Without Passcode

Method 1: Factory Reset An iPad without Passcode via iCloud Find My

To begin with, if you have forgotten the screen passcode on your iPad or the tablet is now disabled (or unavailable), sign in to iCloud Find My on a browser. There, you’re available to reset your iPad without entering the passcode on the iPad screen.

Two Factory Authentification iCloud Login

Also, this is a remote erase if your iPad has been sold or given to someone and you can’t be there to reset the tablet for the person.

Then, on the browser, hit Devices and choose the iPad from the device list. Choose to Erase iPad and hit Erase to complete.

Remove Apple Device from Apple Account


When this iPad is now someone else’s belonging, before clicking the Erase iPad button, you should hit Remove from account first. This will sign off your Apple account from the iPad and keep the Activation lock disabled. So, whoever owns this iPad can use it without any restrictions.

Method 2: Factory Reset An iPad without Passcode via Find My

Do you have an iPhone and log in to your Apple ID on this mobile? If so, iCloud Find My seems complex to you. You can just find the Find My app on your iPhone and complete the reset without entering the password.

Launch Find My and tap Devices at the bottom of the screen.

Then, browse from the device list and choose the target iPad. Scroll down and find Erase This iPad. Hit it and tap on Erase on a pop-out.

Erase This iPad or iPhone Via Find My

This Find My app will start to reset your iPad. You don’t even need to touch it at all.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Method 3: Factory Reset An iPad without Passcode Through iTunes

If you’ve tried to connect your iPad to iTunes for a factory reset, you may have seen the note that iTunes pops out – iTunes cannot restore iPad when Find My iPad is enabled.

iTunes Cannot Restore iPhone

And you can’t disable it when you got locked out of the iPad because of forgetting the passcode. When this happens, we can force reset your iPad using Recovery mode.

This is a system utility designed for a force reset. Owners of Apple devices can press the keys on the tablet to activate this mode and go straight forward to a reset without a passcode.

Step 1:

  • Power off the iPad first.
  • Then, long press the Power button.
  • If you use Touch ID on the tablet, press the Home button along with the Power button.
  • Release the button(s) when you see the Recovery mode screen.
  • Connect this tablet to a computer instead of iTunes now.

iPad Recovery Mode

Step 2:

Immediately, iTunes will detect your iPad and launch by itself. You will see a pop-up on the interface, saying that you can either Restore or Update the device to fix the current issue.

Here, click on Restore to reset your iPad back to factory settings. Then, follow iTunes’ instructions to complete the reset.

Update Restroe iPhone Under Recovery Mode via iTunes


This is an incomplete or abnormal factory reset as Find My iPad is still functioning on this iPad. So when the factory reset is done, the security feature will then activate this Activation Lock screen.

To verify that you’re the legit owner of this device, Apple will ask you to enter the associated Apple ID and password to shut this lock screen down.

Method 4: Factory Reset An iPad without Passcode via 4uKey

No screen passcode and iCloud password? Don’t be disappointed yet, try 4uKey. When all the above methods need the password for an Apple account or an iPhone with the same account, 4uKey is the least demanding.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Interface

This is a professional iPad & iPhone unlocker app that can, at the same time, wipe out the data on Apple devices for safety concerns. It’s famous for its quick and full-scale unlock feature.

For instance, no matter whether your Apple tablet is locked by a Face ID, Touch ID, Pin code, or Pattern lock, 4uKey will remove the lock screen in minutes. Even if the device is disabled, don’t worry, 4uKey has that covered as well.

And talking about the factory reset benefits, 4uKey will clean this iPad completely, data as well as system faults will be erased and cannot be recovered on this tablet. After the reset of 4uKey, you can either give this tablet out or continue to use it without any trouble at all.

Download the program on your computer and let’s start to reset the iPad.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Step 1:

Finish loading this iPad unlocker on your computer and then launch the program.

On the interface of the unlocker, hit Start.

Step 2:

Before starting the unlocking or factory reset, 4uKey will display two precautions to you:

  • The iPadOS will be updated to the latest;
  • The data and settings on the device will be all erased.
  • Hit Next to accept them and begin the unlock.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Connect DeviceStep 3:

It’s time to connect your iPad to 4uKey now. Take out a valid USB cable and connect the tablet to the computer. Note that you need to keep the connection stable during the whole process.


The connection fails because your iPad is locked for too long and 4uKey cannot find your iPad. In this case, don’t worry. 4uKey will give you two solutions to enable the connection.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Prompt DFU Mode

Step 4:

Once detected, 4uKey will display the information on your iPad and ask you to download specific firmware for the following reset. Click Download to continue.

4uKey iOS Unlocker start to DownloadStep 5:

Download done! Hit the Start Remove button on the interface of 4uKey. The program will start to reset your iPad right away.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Remove Successfully

In just a few minutes, the reset will be done and you can disconnect your iPad from the PC. Boot up the iPad and check its status.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16


It depends on which kind of factory reset you’re talking about. A complete and thorough reset is surely enough to wipe an iPhone or iPad for sale. On the contrary, if an incomplete reset is done, this device is not suitable to give away.

  • Complete Factory Reset: Enter the iCloud password on the Settings app to turn off Apple ID and Find My first;
  • Incomplete Factory Reset: Boot iPhone to Recovery mode and reset it via iTunes or any third-party app.

When an iPhone is reset while the Find My iPhone is not signed off, an Activation lock will appear and block any access. Only the correct Apple ID and password can disable this restriction. So, if you know the password of the associated iCloud account, a factory reset is surely enough to prepare your iPhone for sale.

To soft reset an iPhone/iPad when you encounter bugs like a frozen screen or boot loop, try this:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Side buttons at the same time. Don’t release them till you see the White Apple screen.

Yes, you can boot your iPhone or iPad to Recovery mode and connect the Apple device to iTunes. Then, you can factory reset the iPhone/iPad via iTunes.

To enter Recovery mode, you need to power off your device first. Then,

  • for iPhone: press and release Volume Up, press and release Volume Down, long press the Side button;
  • for iPad: long press the Side button.

Release the button when the Recovery mode screen appears. Connect it to iTunes now.

Then, you can hit the Restore button on iTunes to factory reset your iPhone without touching the screen.

If you can’t turn off your via the Turn Off Passcode option under the Face (or Touch) ID & Passcode screen, you can try to disable the Passcode Lock feature on the iPad settings first.

Follow this:

  • Launch Settings;
  • Hit General;
  • Locate Passcode Lock and disable it.

Now, go back to Face ID & Passcode, tap Turn off Passcode to remove it.

There’s no default passcode for iPad. If you choose to add a passcode to your iPad, the digits you create will be its only passcode and there will be no other digits that can unlock this iPad.

If you’re asking this question because you have forgotten the passcode on your iPad, well, the only passcode on this iPad is the one you forget. You can try to use iTunes or Find My iPad to unlock your iPad without a passcode

If you’re talking about factory resetting your iPad with just the home, volume, and power buttons, to be frank, it’s impossible.

You can either reset your iPad through the Settings app on the tablet or use iTunes/iCloud to reset your iPad.

On your iPad, unlock the screen, and open the Settings app. There, go to General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings. Enter your Apple password to start.


When your iPhone is locked, disabled, or bugger, we can connect the iPad to iTunes under Recovery mode. This is a system utility designed by Apple that aims to let owners fix some easy bugs by themselves.

To boot your iPad to the Recovery mode is easy. However, depending on different models, we have different ways of entering the mode.

First of all, power off your iPad.

If your iPad has no home button and is equipped with Face ID, you need to long-press the Sleep/Wake button.

When there’s a home button on your iPhone and you use Touch ID, press and hold the home and Sleep/Wake buttons.

Release the button(s) when you see the Recovery mode screen on your iPad. Next up, take out a USB cable and connect the iPad to a computer that’s installed with iTunes (Windows) or Finder (Mac).iPad Recovery Mode


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