An Easy Tutorial on How to Extract Audio from DVDs

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Do you still keep a bunch of audio DVDs on your shelf? Though online streaming services are now very popular, still DVD is one awesome way to enjoy some contents that are hard to find on the Internet, like your favorite playlist of songs, documentaries, or the performance of your favorite stand-up comedian.

But DVDs are not always that perfect, for instance, we can’t play them on our devices if we’re not at home and we need DVD players just to play them. In addition, DVDs are a bit fragile, so scratches and dirt may cause your DVD not to play or to malfunction. But there is one thing you can do to solve that problem. And that is to extract the audio from the DVD and convert it into a digital format.

How to Extract Audio from DVD Poster

By extracting audio from a DVD, apart from helping you save your favorite audio, you can also listen to them on your devices like phones, MP3 players, portable speakers, and more, together with your loved ones and spend a great time together.

But the question is, how to extract music/audio from DVDs? You can do that by ripping the DVD using a DVD ripper program. In this article, we are going to present you with everything that you need to know when it comes to extracting music from a DVD.

How to Extract Audio from DVDs

To successfully rip audio from DVD, you will need a powerful DVD ripper program that can smoothly extract audio from DVDs. echoshare DVD Ripper is exactly what you need.

High Compatibility

echoshare DVD Ripper is a reliable DVD ripping program that can extract audio to any format like MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and a lot more. You can enjoy your favorite songs from your devices and share them with your friends. In addition, echoshare can also rip DVD Folder and ISO from DVD and remove DVD protections such as DRM and more.

Play your Favorite Songs Anytime and Anywhere

Save your favorite playlist and extract them from DVD to digital audio with ease. By doing this you can listen to your favorite songs and audio any time of the day and wherever you are.

Top-notch Outputs with Minimal Efforts

echoshare DVD Ripper guarantees zero quality loss when you extract your audio from a DVD. This amazing program also supports Dolby Surround Sound which results in top-notch audio outputs. Rip high-class audio quality with the help of echoshare’s user-friendly interface and easy access features.

Steps on How to Rip Audio from DVD

Follow these easy steps to extract audio from DVD.

Step 1: Launch and install echoshare DVD Ripper, and insert the DVD you want to extract the audio from.

Select DVD Audio and Import

Step 2: Import the DVD file to echoshare by clicking Load DVD and select Load DVD Disc.

Step 3: Tick the Rip All drop-down button and select your preferred audio format.

Tipard DVD Ripper Choose Audio Format

Tip: The recommended format is MP3. But if you prefer to use another format here is a list of the top recommended audio formats and their attributes.

Audio Formats  Compression File size (based on 4-minute audio) Compatible Devices
MP3  Lossy 3.73MB Phones, tablets, laptops, MP3 Players, etc.
AAC  Lossy 3.43MB Apple devices, Nintendo, DivX Player, etc.
OGG, OGA  Lossy 3.26MB  Devices supported by Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac
FLAC Lossless 20.77MB  Car devices, portable players and stereo, phones and tablets, etc.
M4A  Lossy 3.84MB Android phones (VLC Media Player)
WAV Uncompressed 41.13MB Suitable for Windows computers.

Step 4: After choosing your preferred audio formats, if your DVD has multiple audio tracks, tick the Audio option and select the audio track you want to extract/rip.

Step 5: Click the Rip All button and wait for the ripping process to finish.

Tipard DVD Ripper Select Audio

The process may take some time depending on your file size.

Tipard DVD Ripper Ripping Process

After the process is done you can now listen to your favorite audio on your devices.

Final Thoughts

Listening to our favorite songs relieves our stress, and sometimes if we are on a long trip by listening to music, we can hardly notice that we have already arrived at our destination. Having to listen to music makes us relax, that is why echoshare DVD Ripper is a big help in letting us extract and rip our favorite audio from DVD easily and without hassle. So why don’t you download the echoshare DVD Ripper now? And listen to your favorite DVD audio anytime and anywhere.


AAC is the format of choice used by Spotify, Android devices, iOS devices, iTunes, YouTube, and Tidal (lossy streaming). Like MP3, its maximum bitrate is 320kbps, and like MP3, streaming services often use a lower bitrate.

Lossy compression is the method that eliminates the data which is not noticeable and it is a file that does not restore or rebuilt in its original form. While Lossless Compression does not eliminate the data which is not noticeable and can be restored in its original form.