Today we’ll look at one of those everyday PDF problems: “How Do I Cut, Copy And Paste Pages in PDF Document?

That will be simple if you have a strong PDF tool at your disposal. And PDFelement by Wondershare is one of the best choices you can count on. With its powerful ability to edit and convert any PDF file regardless of it’s a regular one or simply scanned file, it becomes the best free PDF reader and editor in the PDF industry. With that clear, we’ll take a closer look at how to duplicate a page in PDF with PDFelement.

How to Duplicate Pages Inside a PDF

While something as common as copy-pasting can prove to be confusing on your average PDF reader, with the help of Wondershare it’ll be notoriously easier.

Step 1. Open the file

To make a duplicate page in the same file, the first step is to install the program on your PC and open the desired document with it.


You can launch the program and drag the file into the application window to open. Or, you can Right-click the pdf file and select Open With> Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2. Switch to Thumbnail Mode

Next, you will have to locate the thumbnail buttonpdfelement-thumbnail-button, it looks like two pages one above the other, and is by default located on the left side of the screen. Click on it and then move to the page thumbnail panel on view.


Alternatively, you can click on Page in the menu.


This way you’ll have a preview of all pages in the document all at once, making our task so much easier.

Step 3. Duplicate Page in PDF

And once we are here, it’s as easy as any other copying and pasting you have ever done on a pc. Just click on the page you want to copy and press on your keyboard Ctrl+C, as fast as that the page will be copied. You can even copy multiple pages if you hold Ctrl, a great way to speed up your process and simplify your task greatly.

Now, to paste it you need to click on another page and press Ctrl+V. The copied page will be added after the one selected.


How to Copy Pages From One PDF into Another

Now, let’s try to handle a copying task that might prove impossible on your average PDF editor. And that is to copy a page from one PDF file to a completely different one. See when it comes to how to duplicate a page in PDF across different documents there’s more than one way to go around it using PDFelement.


Option One

    1. Open the target PDF document you want to paste the page into with PDFelement.
    2. Click on the thumbnail button pdfelement-thumbnail-buttonor Page tab to switch to page thumbnail mode.
    3. Right-click on a random page. However, if you have already had the new page order on your mind, just right click on one adjacent page of the imminent pasted pdf page.  Select Insert Pages > From PDF. Browse, select the pdf you want to copy from, then click “Open“.pdfelement-insert-pages-from-pdf
    4. Form the pop-up Insert window, you can:


    • Confirm the file name of the pdf you want to copy from. If you change your mind or choose the wrong file, you can click on the “Three dots” button to browse and select a new one.
    • Select All or the Page Range to insert to the target file. If you can’t remember which pages to insert, you can select to insert all pages and delete those unwanted pages later on.
    • Set the location to paste the pdf page. Also, you can rearrange the page by dragging.

Option Two

  1. Simply launch the program, click on the Open File button, browse, then press Ctrl to bulk select two or more pdf files and click open.pdfelement-open-file
  2. Select View on the menu and click the Tile button. You can choose Horizontally or Vertically to tile the files windows for better comparison.pdfelement-tile
  3. Click on the Edit tab and the Selection tool for text and imagespdfelement-Selection-tool-for-text-and-images button. Now, the software will convert the pdf file to a format that can be edited, and you can simply copy and paste the text and images directly, or even to other formats. If you want to copy from a scanned pdf, you can go to Convert and use the OCR pdfelement-ocrto recognize the scanned pdf as searchable and editable texts.

Option Three

The other more automatic option is to use the accompanying PDF Converter by PDFelement and uploading your desired file in it. This will allow you to convert the file to any format, including word, allowing to extract individual pages and then converting them again into PDF which in a sense is another way on how to duplicate a page in PDF, Making sure any page in any document can be copied and then paste into other files.

The result will largely be the same, allowing you to copy any given page to another document, but it also showcases the flexibility PDF element brings by the table, by allowing any file to be PDF file to be converted and edited regardless of origin.
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How to Duplicate Pages in a Password Protected PDF

If you happen to download an encrypted pdf and you want to copy or duplicate pages from it, you should either enter the right password to enable the editing or remove the pdf restriction with a third-party password remover. Luckily, PDFelement has a powerful plugin named PDF Password Remover.

Remove PDF Password in a Second

  1. Just Download and install the plugin on your PC.
  2. Launch the program and click on the Add Files… button to load encrypted pdf files.
  3. Click on the Start button to decrypt the locked pdf file.
  4. With this password remover, you can unlock up to 200 pdf files at a time.

After removing the password, you can follow the instruction above to duplicate page in pdf or copy and paste pages between different pdf files.