Do you want to draw on a PDF file?

When you’re going through a PDF file, there are some important segments we want to add some annotations or make some markups. Also, when we want to re-create the PDF pages, we can draw some shapes or lines.

To draw on your PDF files, it’s not difficult at all. You just need a PDF editor to draw markups or add annotations on the PDF pages.

Follow the steps below and start to draw on your PDF pages.

How to Draw on PDF

Here, you can use PDFelement to help you draw on your PDF files.

Being famous as the best PDF editing tool, PDFelement is used and appreciated by millions of people.

On the issue of drawing on a PDF file, this software provides you a very easy-to-use interface, you can quickly navigate the editing tools and start your drawing right away.

With PDFElement, you’re available to add multiple images or effects on the target pages. For example,  you can draw some shapes, lines, and stamps on the pages with 2 simple clicks. You may also be able to add annotations by adding some texts or highlights on certain contents.

By the way, you can modify the size, visibility, and color or each markup that you put on the PDF pages.

PDFElement Interface Draw on PDF Files

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How to draw on PDF files with PDFelement

Next, let’s see how exactly we can add some drawings on a PDF file with PDFElement.

Step 1 Open a PDF with PDFelement

Locate your file, right-click it and go to “open with”, then select PDFelement to open your file with PDFElement.

You can also choose to open PDFelement first and then click Open File. Select the file you want to draw on, click Open to run it on PDFElement.

Open File with PDFElement
Step 2 Locate the drawing tools

On the toolbar, go to Comment.

There, 5 drawing options are available to choose, you can select:

And draw on your PDF file. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

1. Pencil (Hand drawing/handwriting)

With Pencil, you can add your handwriting on your PDF pages with all your preferences.

PDF Pencil Eraser Hand Drawing

After you choose the Pencil feature on the toolbar, you can move your cursor to your PDF page and press your mouse to start drawing or writing. Release the mouse left to finish.

Draw on PDF Files with Pencil

To erase some unsatisfying drawings or writings, you can click the Eraser.

2. Markups

The Markups option includes Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline, Squiggly Line, and Caret. With the help of these markups, you can mark some important segments on your PDF as you wish.

PDF Draw Markups

To use Markups, you need to tap on one markup tool, then move your cursor to certain content. Long-press the Mouse Left, and release it. Then you will have an effect of highlight or other markups.

Draw Highlight on PDF File

3. Shapes

The Shapes section includes the rectangle, oval, cloud, line, polygon, connected line, and arrow.

PDFElement Drawing Tool

To draw shapes on a PDF page, you need to choose the desired shape and move your mouse to the page. Long-press to start, and move your mouse to construct your line, oval, or rectangle, release it to complete.

To draw a cloud/polygon, select one and then move your mouse to the page,  click once to start the first circle/line, tap again to finish the first circle/line, and start the next one. Double-tap to complete the cloud/polygon.

PDF Draw Shapes Lines


4. Texts

The Texts feature includes Note, Typewriter, callout, and Text Box. If you want to sign an electronic signature or make some comments, these will be perfectly fit.

PDFElement Text Tools

To add a sticky note, you need to tap on Note and move the cursor to the area you want to add a note, click to insert a note box, and type in the texts.

Add Note on PDF Pages

To add a text line or a text box, you need to select Typewriter or Text Box and move the cursor to the page area. Long-press left to start, and move the cursor to adjust the size of your line or box, release to complete it.

The difference between the Typewriter and Text Box is that the appearance of the Typewriter is invisible, and the Text Box can be seen and adjusted.

Add Typewriter on PDF Files

To add a callout on your page, click on the icon first and locate the content you plan to place a callout. Click on the destination and move your cursor to place the dialog box ina suitable place.

Draw Callout on PDF File

5. Stamps

The Stamps tab includes a few general stamp types:

  • Standard Business,
  • Sign,
  • Dynamic,
  • Digital Stamp,
  • Custom Stamp.

PDFElement Stamps Style

If you want to make some instructions or special marks on the page, Stamps will be great.

To add stamps on PDF pages, you need to go to Add Stamps to choose the stamp you want to draw. Then, move your cursor to the page, tap on the content where you want to place the stamp.

Add Stamps on PDF Files

Or if you want to add a custom stamp, you can click Custom Stamps, go to Create, select the image that you would like to use as a stamp. Tap on OK to create a stamp, the new stamp will be available to add on Add Stamps.

Add Custom Stamp on PDF Files

Adjustment for the added drawing

After finishing your drawing, if you want to have further adjustments on those handwritings, hand-drawings, markups, texts or shapes, you can check out the following content:

  • Delete: Right-tap on the drawing and select delete to undo it when you’re not satisfied with it.
  • Resize: For Shapes, Markups, Text, and Stamps, you can use your cursor to drag the corner of the added drawing to zoom on or out the figure.
  • Reset: Right-click on each drawing, and go to Properties. You’re available to modify the color, font, style, opacity, thickness, and other options on each added figure.
  • Rearrange: Left-click on the image you add and long-press on it, then move your cursor to drag it somewhere you prefer.

PDF Add Text And Notes

To know more about PDFelement

As one of the greatest PDF editing software on the market, it provides customers with multiple functions to meet most of the needs.

Edit PDF enables a non-editable PDF file to be editable so that one can redesign the file.

Create PDF enables you to create a PDF file based on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and image files. Most of the file formats are supported.

Convert PDF is to transform a non-editable PDF into an editable Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.

Multiple PDF documents can be combined as one with Combine PDF.

All in all, if you want to redesign and modify your PDF file, or you got any issues on your PDF file, try PDFelement, it will never let you down.